Spanish Horse Names (223 Awesome Ideas)

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Horses are magnificent creatures and one of the proudest pets one can have; therefore your horse also deserves a name that befits its personality. In the pages of history, horses have always been symbols of power, status, honor and agility.

Along with the great historical figures, their horses were also immortalized in the pages of history whether it is Alexander the Great’s horse Bucephalus, Napoleon’s horse Marengo or Rajput King Maharana Pratap’s horse Chetak.

The thing with names is that they transcend languages and places. However, have you explored Spanish horse names?

Spanish is one such language which may seem like music to the ears and is full of beautiful names with beautiful meanings behind them.

So here is a list of Spanish horse names for you to choose from both masculine and feminine, along with their meanings. Give your horse a name in pure Spanish and revel in the sheer personality it displays.

Spanish Horse Names

Male Spanish Horse Names

There is no shortage of masculine and historically symbolic Spanish names for your horse:

  1. Abogado: Lawyer
  2. Abran: After Biblical Abraham
  3. Agustin: Grand, majestic, royal
  4. Alejendro: Alexander in Spanish, Defender of mankind
  5. Anastasio: Resurrected
  6. Andres: Manly
  7. Angelino: God’s messenger
  8. Arturo: Noble
  9. Bartoli: Ploughman
  10. Bartolome: Ploughman
  11. Basilio: Noble
  12. Bonifacio: Benefactor
  13. Buinton: Born fifth
  14. Carlomagno: Charles the Great
  15. Carlos: Manly
  16. Casimiro: Peaceful
  17. Cesar: Long haired, Ceasar
  18. Conrado: Able counsel
  19. Cristofer: With Christ inside
  20. Damario: Greek Damaris gentle
  21. Danilo: God is my judge
  22. Diego: Supplanter/Substitute
  23. Duardo: Prosperous guardian
  24. Edmundo: Wealthy protector
  25. Eduardo: Prosperous guardian
  26. Everardo: Brave
  27. Faron: Pharoah
  28. Fausto: Lucky
  29. Federicko: Peaceful ruler
  30. Feliciano: Happy
  31. Felippe: Variant of Phillip
  32. Felix: Lucky
  33. Gabriel: God is my strength
  34. Gabrio: God is my strength
  35. Gilberto: Hostage
  36. Godfredo: Friend of God
  37. Gualtero: Strong warrior
  38. Guido: Guide
  39. Guillermo: Protector
  40. Hector: Tenacious
  41. Hernan: Adventurous
  42. Horado: Spanish variant of Horace the time keepers
  43. Hugo: Intelligent
  44. Humberto: Big/Bright
  45. Ishamel: God listens
  46. Ivan: Archer
  47. Jacinto: Hyacinth
  48. Jacobo: Supplanter
  49. Jago: Supplanter
  50. Javier: Variant of Xavier, bright
  51. Joaquin: Jehovah has established
  52. Josua: Variant of Joshua
  53. Juan: Variant of John
  54. Lazaro: Help of God
  55. Leon: Lion
  56. Leopoldo: Bold man
  57. Lisando: Liberator
  58. Luciano: Light
  59. Luis: Variant of Louis
  60. Macario: Happy
  61. Manolo: God is with us
  62. Manuel: Abbreviation of Emanuel
  63. Marco: Warring
  64. Marquez: A title below duke and above earl
  65. Miguel: Archangel
  66. Naldo: Strong
  67. Noe: Variant of Noah, Noah of the Arc
  68. Norberto: Heroic
  69. Normando: Man of the north
  70. Oliverio: Affectionate
  71. Orlando: Renowned in all lands
  72. Pablo: Little one
  73. Pepe: Variant of Joseph
  74. Peter: Variant of Peter, a rock
  75. Rafael: God has healed
  76. Raul: Wolf
  77. Reyes: King
  78. Ricardo: Strong ruler
  79. Roderigo: Notable leader
  80. Sabino: A sabine
  81. Sal: Savior
  82. Salbatore: Savior
  83. Salomon: Peace
  84. Sebastiano: Sebastian the revered
  85. Sein: Innocent
  86. Silvino: Greek god of trees
  87. Tadeo: Praise
  88. Tajo: Day
  89. Taurino: Bull-like
  90. Tomas: Twin
  91. Tulio: Lively
  92. Ulises: Variant of Odeyssus, the Greek hero
  93. Urbano: From the city
  94. Valentin: Valiant, the Roman Emperor
  95. Vicente: Conquering
  96. Victoro: Victor
  97. Xalbadore: Savior
  98. Yago: Supplanter
  99. Zacarias: Remembered by God

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Female Spanish Horse Names

A suitable feminine name for your horse will not only display its fierceness but also bring about a womanly feature:

  1. Abril: April month
  2. Acacia: Honorable
  3. Adalia: bobility
  4. Adonia: Beautiful lady
  5. Adriana: Dark
  6. Agnese: Pure
  7. Alandra: Defender of the mankind
  8. Alda: Wise
  9. Alita: Noble
  10. Amanda: Lovable
  11. Angela: Angel
  12. Bella: Beautiful
  13. Benita: Blessed
  14. Berta: Blessed
  15. Blanca: White
  16. Calandria: Lark
  17. Camila: Attendant
  18. Candie: Glowing white
  19. Carla: Feminine of Charles
  20. Carola: Joy
  21. Cassandra: Unheeded prophetess
  22. Cierra: Saw
  23. Clementia: Merciful
  24. Crista: Appointed one
  25. Dilila: Delicate
  26. Damita: Little noble
  27. Dani: God will judge
  28. Delicia: Charming
  29. Delinda: of beauty
  30. Delphia: Dolphin
  31. Dia: Day
  32. Dolores: Sorrow
  33. Dona: Lady
  34. Earlena: Shield
  35. Elbertina: Noble
  36. Elisa: Consecrated to God
  37. Elvira: Truth
  38. Emerald: The gemstone
  39. Estefana: Crowned with laurels
  40. Ezmeralda: Emerald gem stone
  41. Faustina: Lucky
  42. Felicita: Happy
  43. Fermina: Strong
  44. Florecia: Blooming
  45. Franscisca: Free one
  46. Galena: Small intelligent one
  47. Garabina: Purification
  48. Guadalupe: Virgin Mary
  49. Graciana: Grace
  50. Gregoria: Vigilante
  51. Henriqua: Ruler of the home
  52. Hermosa: Beautiful
  53. Hortencia: Garden
  54. Idoia: Virgin Mary
  55. Idurre: Virgin Mary
  56. Ignacia: Fire
  57. Illeana: Variant of Elena
  58. Iluminada: Illuminated
  59. Isabela: Devoted to God
  60. Itsaso: Sea
  61. Izar: Star
  62. Jacinta: Purple
  63. Jade: Jewel
  64. Jakinda: Hyacinth
  65. Javiera: Feminine of Javier
  66. Jimena: Heard
  67. Joaquina: Prepared
  68. Jordana: Down flowing
  69. Josefa: God shall add
  70. Jovanna: Female of Jupiter the father of sky
  71. Julieta: Loves child
  72. Karmen: Variant of Carmel
  73. Landra: Counselor
  74. Lara: Protection
  75. Laurencia: Covered with Laurels
  76. Lavina: Variant of Levinia
  77. Leonor: Light
  78. Liana: Youthful
  79. Luella: Feminine of Luis
  80. Luz: Brings light
  81. Madalynn: Variant of Madeline
  82. Madena: Woman from Magdala
  83. Nalda: Strong
  84. Narcisa: Feminine of Narcissus the Greek character
  85. Olivia: Olive
  86. Pabla: Little one
  87. Palmira: City of palms
  88. Ramona: Wise defender
  89. Reya: Queen
  90. Sabana: From the open plains
  91. Salma: Ambitious
  92. Sancha: Holy
  93. Telma: Variant of Thelma
  94. Vina: From the vineyard
  95. Xalvadora: Savior
  96. Yadra: Mother
  97. Yoana: God’s gift
  98. Zamora: From Zamora
  99. Zandra: Feminine of Alexandra

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Famous Spanish Horse Names

  1. Anibal:  which means “graced by God”
  2. El Fuego: means “the fire”. One of the best names you will find
  3. Felipe: is the classic Spanish name Felipe itself
  4. Feliz:  means “happy”. You will surely want to name your male horse Feliz
  5. Fresco: meaning “cool”
  6. Jarron: meaning “vase”
  7. Lorenzo: means “Lawrence”
  8. Magnifico: meaning “magnificent”
  9. Maximo: meaning “full or maximum”
  10. Miguel: meaning “who is like God?” in English
  11. Ocaso: meaning “sunset”. A wonderful name to give to a male horse
  12. Pablo: meaning Paul which is derived from the Saint Paul in the New Testament
  13. Poderoso: meaning “mighty and powerful”
  14. Raro: means “rare”
  15. Rubio: meaning “blond male”
  16. Adelita: meaning “nobility”
  17. Agua:  meaning “water”
  18. Alba: meaning “sunrise”
  19. Alegria: meaning “cheerful”
  20. Angel: this name from Spain means “angel”
  21. Aurora: meaning “dawn”
  22. Bonita: meaning “pretty”. Surely a name everyone will like
  23. Cielo: meaning “heaven”
  24. Damita: meaning “little lady”
  25. Descarada: meaning “cheeky/sassy”

Horse Name Inspiration

Finding inspiration to name your horse must come from understanding your horse and its personality. Its color, its gait, the behavior and your dynamics with your horse, it all counts while giving your horse the right name. For example if your horse is dark, find inspirations in names representing black or dark features such as Lela (dark haired beauty).

Find inspiration in the minutest of its features such as any marks on the body or color of its hair while getting familiar with the animal first.

Pronounce the name again and again so that you get familiar with it.

You can go by what your horse is—a bit of an alpha mare, a rather quiet gelding—and choose a name that reflects that. It is all about choosing the name which will reflect the energy and good vibes onto your animal.

Or you can give your horse a name that denotes a quality you would like him to have. These lists are just the beginning—use them as inspiration!

If you do not speak or understand Spanish, you are advised to make use of Spanish Thesaurus. It will help you find simpler alternative names for the meaning of what you intend to convey.

If you love the Spanish language, and you do not understand the language or your vocabulary is terrible, you can head over to Google translate to get more exciting names. Type in the word(s) you wish to translate and search for it in Spanish, it will translate. You can make use of the speaker icon to learn how to pronounce the word.


Your horse is no less than a member of your family.

Therefore it is really important to choose a name which the animal can get used to as well as you. Out of the sea of such names, a beautiful Spanish name for your horse is what can bring out its true personality.

Make sure that you choose a name which is easy to pronounce and gives off good vibes. The energy you project onto your animal is really important and therefore a suitable name is a must.

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