Latin Horse Names And Meanings (171 Awesome Ideas)

Horse lovers all over the world are always on the lookout for Latin horse names. It’s a great way to find a name that is unique and has an interesting meaning behind it.

In this blog post, we will be going through 171 Latin horse names and their meanings!

Let’s dive in.

Horses Eating Grass

Best Latin Horse Names And Meanings

If you want your horse’s name to stand out from the crowd, then look no further. Our list of the best Latin horse names has everything you could dream of, from strong names like Stella to unusual and unique names like Mika, we have plenty of inspiration for you to get stuck into.

  1. Kamilla – Servant of the temple
  2. Alban – White, fair (Perfect for a white horse)
  3. Taurus – The Bull
  4. Dora – Gift, an abbreviation of Dorothy
  5. Mercedes – Merry
  6. Octavius – Eighth child
  7. Carrissa – Very dear
  8. Benecia – Blessed one
  9. Quies – Tranquility
  10. Agacia – Good
  11. Yulia – Young
  12. Rosabel – Beautiful rose
  13. Trinity – The holy three
  14. Gabriela – God’s able-bodied one
  15. Virdis – Young and budding
  16. Zaniel – Angel of Mondays
  17. Laurel – Symbolic of honor and victory
  18. Dionysia – God of Wine
  19. Perry – Foreigner, stranger, pilgrim, traveler, wanderer
  20. Irish – Bringer of joy
  21. Capricornus – The Sea-Goat
  22. Augustus – Majestic, magnificent
  23. Carly – Little, womanly
  24. Regine – Queen
  25. Minty – Protector
  26. Farrar – Blacksmith
  27. Templa – Sanctuary
  28. Caesar – King
  29. Jynx – Spell
  30. Mika – Gift from God
  31. Panya – Crowned in victory
  32. Ollie – Symbol of peace
  33. Deloros – From the seashore
  34. Amara – Beloved
  35. Ursa Minor – The little bear
  36. Modred – Brave counselor
  37. Lamia – Daughter of Poseidon
  38. Dextra – Adroit, skillful
  39. Equestris – Venus’ surname
  40. Jetta – Jet black
  41. Patti – 7th-century patron saint of Naples
  42. Stella – Star
  43. Serpens Cauda – Serpent’s tail
  44. Octavian – Someone who is always on the right path
  45. Nikki – The spirit of triumph
  46. Miksa – He who resembles God
  47. Fleda – A fast-moving, swift, and nimble-footed person
  48. Fauna – Lover of Hercules
  49. Befle – Beautiful, loving
  50. Vivian – Living, lively
  51. Calyce – Mother of Cycnus
  52. Gracie – Favour, blessing
  53. Hector – Anchor, steadfast
  54. Veta – Life
  55. Mabel – Beautiful, loving, lovable

Latin Horse Names For Males

Stallions are strong and wonderful animals, so it’s only right you give your Stallion a name to reflect that. There are many amazing Latin names, some of which date back to ancient Rome and the bible.

Your stallion’s name will stick with him throughout his life, so it’s important you go for something as amazing and powerful as he is.

  1. Thiago – Supplanter
  2. Isaias – Salvation of the Lord
  3. Pluto – Roman God of the underworld
  4. Belvedere – A beautiful sight
  5. Cornelius – Horn of plenty
  6. Prince – Chief
  7. Amadeo – Lover of God
  8. Milo – Soldier or merciful
  9. Maximus – Greatest
  10. Giuliano – Youthfulness, playfulness
  11. Justin – Fair, righteous
  12. Kato– Good judgment
  13. Benedict – Good, well-spoken
  14. Ace – One, unity
  15. Cassius – Hollow
  16. Xavier – The new house
  17. Marcello – Derived from Mars, the Roman God of war
  18. Titus – Title of honor
  19. Felix – Happy, fortunate
  20. Nero – Ancient Roman emperor
  21. Remus– Oar
  22. Adrian – Man of Adria
  23. Leviticus – Descendent of Levi
  24. Adamaris – Noble of the sea
  25. Atticus – From Attica
  26. Silas – Wood, forest
  27. Griffith – Strong lord
  28. Sage – Wise and knowing
  29. Bennett – Little blessed one
  30. Santiago – Saint James, patron saint of Spain
  31. Leo – Lion, ferocious, strong
  32. Vincent – Conquering
  33. Fabian – Bean grower
  34. Jude – Praised
  35. Dominic – Belonging to the lord
  36. Cecil – Sturdiness, sense of adventure
  37. Fons – Noble, honorable
  38. Grase – Blessed and beautiful
  39. Marcus – Warlike
  40. Dante – Everlasting
  41. Achillies – He who embodies the grief of the people
  42. Thiudoricus – First of the people, king of nations
  43. Zoroaster – Pure as the stars
  44. Oceanus – Personification of the Ocean
  45. Patroclus – Glory of the father
  46. Justus – Just, fair
  47. Kantus – Knot
  48. Ludo – Famous warrior
  49. Evander – Good man
  50. Fulvius – Yellow
  51. Georgius – Earth worker, farmer
  52. Herbertus – Bright army
  53. Maximo – The greatest of men
  54. Zoilos – One who is vivacious
  55. Montel – Little mountain
  56. Alastor – (A black horse owned by Hades)

Latin Horse Names For Females

Finding the perfect Latin name for your female horse can be difficult. With a number of stunning options out there, it can be hard to choose. Your horse’s name will stick with her throughout her long life, so it’s important you go for one that shows her personality and temperament.

  1. Gemmula – Little jewel
  2. Mirandus – Wonderful, magnificent
  3. Pollux – Name of a mythical twin
  4. Mia – Beauty, beloved, mine
  5. Tracy – Fearless warrior
  6. Sabrina – Boundary line
  7. Regina – One who is queen
  8. Natalie – One who is born on Christmas day
  9. Plena – Abundant or complete
  10. Valeria – Strength and health
  11. Zerlina – Gorgeous, dawn
  12. Neonella – Beautiful, cute girl
  13. Marina – Woman of the sea
  14. Aitamah – She who is helpful
  15. Delicia – Delightful one, the person who gives pleasure
  16. Katharina – The pure and true one
  17. Beatriu – Travel through life
  18. Medusa – A cunning female, protector
  19. Primina – Firstborn, little one
  20. Loryn – One who is from the bay
  21. Gladys – Sword
  22. Julee – Jove’s child
  23. Challita – The most beautiful of all
  24. Adamaris – Noble of the sea
  25. Cand – On who dazzles bright light a glowing light
  26. Filisia – One who is happy
  27. Maybelle – A woman who is easy to love
  28. Resa – Laughter, harvester, guardian
  29. Salva – A wise young girl
  30. Titania – Queen of the fairies
  31. Veronica – She who brings victory, true image
  32. Challita – The most beautiful of them all
  33. Floretta – Made of flowers
  34. Klara – The clear and bright one
  35. Marcee – A woman who is a warrior
  36. Nonnie – Creator of the new world
  37. Crystina – Follows Jesus
  38. Tulia – Boundary of beauty
  39. Valentyna – Strong, healthy and brave
  40. Reneta – Dignified and young woman
  41. Selena – Goddess of the moon
  42. Crystina – Follows Jesus
  43. Prosper – Fortune, Roman goddess
  44. Latonia – Goddess, mother of Apollo
  45. Maricris – One who swims in the sea of sorrow
  46. Lefquenn – Darling and beautiful
  47. Genesia – Newcomer to family or society
  48. Aurele – Gold haired
  49. Dahlia – Dwells in the valley
  50. Antionette – Flourishing, praise, priceless

Horse Name Inspiration

Horse names can be found everywhere, from books and movies to mythology and everyday life. Some horse owners might choose a name based on their horse’s personality, while others may select a moniker with historical significance or personal meaning. No matter where your horse’s name comes from, it’s important that it fits the horse well.

One popular source for horse names is Greek mythology. Horse owners might consider naming their horse after a character from this ancient lore. For instance, Poseidon was the god of the sea, and his horse name could be perfect for a water-loving steed. Other Greek gods with powerful equine counterparts include Apollo, Hermes, and Zeus.

If you’re looking for a more traditional horse name, there are plenty of options to choose from. For instance, consider breeds such as the Morgan horse, which was named after General Daniel Morgan, or the Clydesdale, named for the Scottish river Clyde. Other popular horse names include Blaze, Mustang, and Raven.

No matter where you find your horse’s name inspiration, it’s important that the horse name fits your horse. Therefore, it’s critical that you spend time thinking about what words and phrases resonate with you before deciding on a horse name.

Help Choosing The Right Name

Here are some tips to help you choose the right horse name.

1. Consider Your Horse’s Personality

When you’re picking a name for your horse, it’s important to find one that fits their personality. If your horse is spunky and full of energy, consider names like Bolt or Blaze. If they’re more laid back, try something like Misty or Storm.

2. Think About What You Want Your Pet To Be Called

Do you want them to have a show name and a barn name? Or just one name? There are no rules here, so pick whatever you think sounds best!

3. Be Creative And Have Fun With It!

If you find a couple of names that you like try combining them to make something new! Or, if you want to use a name that’s already been taken, add or subtract a letter or two and make it your own.

The most important thing is to have fun with it! Picking the right name for your horse is an important decision, but it should also be enjoyable. So relax and take your time, and you’ll find the perfect name in no time.

4. Avoid Names That Are Offensive Or Too Long

When naming your horse, avoid offensive names or ones that are too long. You’ll also want to make sure the name is easy to say and spell.

Some good horse names include Blaze, Smokey, Star, Pepper, and Misty. These names are all easy to say and spell, and they’re not too long or offensive.

5. Make Sure Your New Name Is Unique So You Don’t Confuse Them With Other Pets In The House

One of the most important things to consider when picking a new name for your pet is making sure that it doesn’t sound too similar to other pets in your house. This can be confusing for everyone and can lead to some frustrating mix-ups.

So, take the time to choose a unique moniker for your furry friend and avoid any potential naming mishaps.

6. Pick A Name That Suits Their Size, Breed, Or Coloration Because They’ll Probably Respond Better To It If It Sounds Like Their Own Kind

Be sure to pick a name reflecting your horse’s breed, size, or coloration. For example, naming a horse “Buddy” because it’s an American Quarter Horse will probably work better than calling it “Spot.”

You may be surprised how much your horse responds to being called by name – they really do seem to know who they are!

Tip: If you are struggling to come up with a name on your own, there are plenty of horse name generators online to help you out.


If you’re struggling to name your horse, this article has plenty of Latin names for horses with meanings and personality types. The most important thing is to pick a unique name that suits their size or breed so they’ll respond better.

If you need help coming up with the perfect moniker for your furry friend, there are online generators that can help! So take some time to find just the right fit – it’s an important decision but should be enjoyable too!

If you’re still looking for more inspiration, check out these awesome lists of horse names!

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