Arabian Horse Names (350 Awesome Ideas For Males And Females)

Horses are powerful and magnificent animals that are known for their strength, speed and loyalty. A favorite amongst horse breeders, an Arab horse has a long arching neck, finely chiseled head and a high tail carriage.

From straight Egyptian to Egyptian Arabian horses, these animals are popular all over the Middle East as pets and even race horses.

Now, such an Arab horse or Arab mare deserves a name as powerful and magnificent as they are. Arabian horse names can be quite powerful and mystical and choosing one such name from the Arabic language is an excellent choice. 

Whether you have a pet horse or a horse that runs races, you must name your Arab horse something elegant and beautiful.

If you are looking for beautiful Arabian horse names, here’s a list of 350 amazing names for you to choose from.

Let’s dive in.

Arabian Horse Names

Female Arabian Horse Names With Meanings

The Arabic language is one of the most beautiful languages in the world. It offers some of the most magnificent names from a Bay Arabian, Purebred Arabian, Arabian Filly or any other kind of female Arabian breed of horses.

Here are the 100 amazing female Arabian names with meanings for you to choose from:

  1. Damira, meaning “long live the world”.
  2. Saud, meaning “one who belongs to the Saudia”.
  3. Pegah, meaning “new dawn”.
  4. Leila, meaning “one who is born at night”.
  5. Aadab, meaning “perpetual hope”.
  6. Cala, meaning “castle.”
  7. Aaliya, meaning “high social status”.
  8. Chelam, meaning “pampered”.
  9. Adeeva, meaning “pleasant gentleness”.
  10. Badra, meaning “full moon”.
  11. Muna, meaning “little child”.
  12. Almaas, meaning “as bright as a diamond”.
  13. Kalilah, meaning “beloved one”.
  14. Nadima, meaning “companion”.
  15. Tabana, meaning “bright moonlight”.
  16. Malak, meaning “angel”.
  17. Deemah, meaning “beauty of rainwater”.
  18. Fadela, meaning “excellent”.
  19. Daima, meaning “one who stays forever in your life”.
  20. Sabeen, meaning “gentle breeze”.
  21. Sofia, meaning “wise and intelligent woman”.
  22. Eira, meaning “snow”.
  23. Benazir, meaning “royal princess”.
  24. Fauzia, meaning “successful person”.
  25. Dalila, meaning “gentle”.
  26. Cantara, meaning “a small bridge”.
  27. Hooda, meaning “the right guidance”.
  28. Reem, meaning “gazelle”.
  29. Hanam, meaning “someone who is merciful”.
  30. Azhar, meaning “beautiful blossoms”.
  31. Shakufa, meaning “beautifully emerging flower”.
  32. Alima, meaning “the wise one”.
  33. Wabisa, meaning “something bright”.
  34. Amal, meaning “hopes”.
  35. Zahra, meaning “a vast desert”.
  36. Salima, meaning “flawless”.
  37. Hina, meaning “mehendi”.
  38. Neema, meaning “God’s blessings”.
  39. Sumaaya, meaning “endless joy and pride”.
  40. Ziah, meaning “light in the dark”.
  41. Qadira, meaning “someone who is capable”.
  42. Mona, meaning “a wish”.
  43. Taima, meaning “sound of thunder”.
  44. Zara, meaning “magnificence of a rose”.
  45. Sadaka, meaning “kind charity”.
  46. Qamara, meaning “the moon”.
  47. Balqis, meaning “Queen of Sheba”.
  48. Falak, meaning “a star”.
  49. Aini, meaning “a flower from the spring season”.
  50. Fellah, meaning “Arabina jasmine”.
  51. Thurayya, meaning “a star”.
  52. Ghadah, meaning “beautiful one”.
  53. Johara, meaning “precious jewel”.
  54. Latifah, meaning “kind and gentle”.
  55. Ablah, meaning “perfectly formed”.
  56. Zahira, meaning “shining brightly in the night”.
  57. Vida, meaning “beauty in the small things”.
  58. Sabeen, meaning “morning breeze”.
  59. Reeda, meaning “devotee of God”.
  60. Onima, meaning “analysis and research”.
  61. Tehzeeb, meaning “someone who is elegant”.
  62. Siddiqa, meaning “one who keeps her promises”.
  63. Saida, meaning “someone with good fortune”.
  64. Naazwa, meaning “secret whisperer”.
  65. Leena, meaning “one with a kind and tender heart”.
  66. Mahaala, meaning “someone who oozes femininity”.
  67. Mallika, meaning “royal Queen”.
  68. Nabila, meaning “happiness”.
  69. Haifa, meaning “tender and slender body”.
  70. Rana, meaning “to gaze”.
  71. Daisy, meaning “day’s eyes”.
  72. Farah, meaning “joy that cannot be contained”.
  73. Hurriyah, meaning “an angel from heaven”.
  74. Yakootah, meaning “an emerald”.
  75. Farida, meaning “the unique one”.
  76. Bahira, meaning “dazzling one”.
  77. Nuha, meaning “the intelligent one”.
  78. Almas, meaning “a brilliant diamond”.
  79. Fanny, meaning “the free one”.
  80. Yasmine, meaning “the jasmine flower”.
  81. Sana, meaning “brilliant to look at”.
  82. Khalida, meaning “eternal”.
  83. Hadiya, meaning “the gift of righteousness”.
  84. Imaan, meaning “having faith”.
  85. Khatija, meaning “the trustworthy one”.
  86. Yamaha, meaning “mountain blade”.
  87. Fadela, meaning “excellent”.
  88. Aurora, meaning “dawn”.
  89. Farida, meaning “the most precious daughter”.
  90. Elijah, meaning “smart and pretty”.
  91. Badiah, meaning “the knowledgeable one”.
  92. Dahab, meaning “gold”.
  93. Dania, meaning “God is my judge”.
  94. Janan, meaning “beloved one”.
  95. Labeeb, meaning “sensible or wise one”.
  96. Hurrah, meaning “that feeling of success”.
  97. Noor, meaning “ray of bright light”.
  98. Badreeya, meaning “light of the full moon”.
  99. Fayza, meaning “one who always brings victory”.
  100. Intisaar, meaning “victory”.

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Male Arabian Horse Names With Meanings

Male Arab horses are very popular amongst horse breeders since they are perfect for winning races.

Here are the 100 best Arabian names to give to any breed of a Arab horse including quarter horse, Egyptian Arabian, Arabian Filly or Purebred Arabian:

  1. Fahd, meaning “lynx”.
  2. Salim, meaning “the flawless one”.
  3. Azzam, meaning “someone who is very determined.”
  4. Wasim, meaning “handsome and honest”.
  5. Malik, meaning “owner”.
  6. Farid, meaning “the unique one”.
  7. Adel, meaning “someone who is just”.
  8. Omar, meaning “powerful”.
  9. Abeer, meaning “fragrance of the roses”.
  10. Laziz, meaning “pleasant one”.
  11. Fakhir, meaning “someone who is excellent”.
  12. Labeeb, meaning “the sensible one”.
  13. Aftab, meaning “light of the Sun”.
  14. Aadil, meaning “the virtuous one”.
  15. Wahid, meaning “singularly unique”.
  16. Ahmed, meaning “someone who is always praised”.
  17. Lahan, meaning “the bright one”.
  18. Dalil, meaning “a trusted mentor”.
  19. Saqr, meaning “the falcon”.
  20. Babr, meaning “tiger”.
  21. Makin, meaning “firm and strong”.
  22. Tariq, meaning “the name of a star”.
  23. Kasib, meaning “the fertile one”.
  24. Anwar, meaning “light”.
  25. Abbas, meaning “the ferocious lion”.
  26. Lutfi, meaning “kind and friendly”.
  27. Yamir, meaning “the moon”.
  28. Cyrus, meaning “the King”.
  29. Chirag, meaning “the lamp”.
  30. Omair, meaning “one with brilliant knowledge”.
  31. Kamil, meaning “the perfect one”.
  32. Khalid, meaning “the eternal one”.
  33. Emaan, meaning “the pious one”.
  34. Zehaan, meaning “the prosperous one”.
  35. Zayn, meaning “one who is very graceful”.
  36. Daniyal, meaning “the handsome one”.
  37. Samir, meaning “someone who is very jovial”.
  38. Ali, meaning “excellent one”.
  39. Muti, meaning “obedient one”.
  40. Muntasir, meaning “victorious”.
  41. Daler, meaning “courageous one”.
  42. Khali, meaning “a good friend”.
  43. Usman, meaning “the chosen one”.
  44. Shihab, meaning “a bright flame”.
  45. Zahir, meaning “radiant one”.
  46. Ali, meaning “ultimate champion”.
  47. Salman, meaning “safe and secure”.
  48. Cairo, meaning “victorious”.
  49. Parwez, meaning “the successful King”.
  50. Ubaid, meaning “the faithful one”.
  51. Ejaz, meaning “full of miracles”.
  52. Tahaan, meaning “merciful”.
  53. Jabbar, meaning “the mighty one”.
  54. Sadiq, meaning “trustworthy and honest”.
  55. Ehsaan, meaning “the kind one”.
  56. Farooq, meaning “someone who knows it all”.
  57. Fahad, meaning “panther or leopard”.
  58. Faidh, meaning “one who has an abundance”.
  59. Tahir, meaning “one who is pure”.
  60. Samir, meaning “an entertaining companion”.
  61. Zaid, meaning “to prosper”.
  62. Tajj, meaning “the authority of the crown”.
  63. Yakub, meaning “God will protect”.
  64. Taimur, meaning “made of steel”.
  65. Qadim, meaning “the ancient one”.
  66. Rafeed, meaning “the kind one”.
  67. Saif, meaning “the sharp sword”.
  68. Hani, meaning “delighted”.
  69. Emir, meaning “to command”.
  70. Iyan, meaning “era”.
  71. Tabassum, meaning “happiness”.
  72. Hussain, meaning “the handsome one”.
  73. Baha, meaning “the magnificent one”.
  74. Nuri, meaning “to shine brightly”.
  75. Saleh, meaning “someone who is good”.
  76. Rahat, meaning “to feel rested or safe”.
  77. Halifa, meaning “a friend”.
  78. Qasim, meaning “kind enough to share with all”.
  79. Faris, meaning “the brave knight”.
  80. Naem, meaning “a joyour person”.
  81. Imam, meaning “the chief”.
  82. Mahboob, meaning “beloved one‘.
  83. Sufian, meaning “the devoted one”.
  84. Kardal, meaning “mustard seed”.
  85. Nasir, meaning “one who brings victory”.
  86. Idris, meaning “the studious one”.
  87. Mustafa, meaning “the chosen one”.
  88. Kadir, meaning “ray of light”.
  89. Junaid, meaning “a soldier or a warrior”.
  90. Nabeel, meaning “elevation of mind”.
  91. Hakam, meaning “the judge”.
  92. Ghalib, meaning “victor”.
  93. Aziz, meaning “precious one”.
  94. Elyas, meaning “God is my Lord”.
  95. Hayat, meaning “life”.
  96. Qaabil, meaning “the capable one”.
  97. Altaf, meaning “kindness”.
  98. Rajah, meaning “the King”.
  99. Firdaus, meaning “paradise”.
  100. Hadiqa, meaning “garden”.

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Authentic Arabian Horse Names

Whether you have an Arabian mare or a male Arabian horse, Arabian horses owners love giving their horse authentic Arabian names to add to their personality.

Here are 25 trueblue Arabian names for you to choose from:

  1. Miriam
  2. Rashid
  3. Laila
  4. Aziza
  5. Tariq
  6. Abdullah
  7. Naim
  8. Imad
  9. Faizal
  10. Aziz
  11. Zaheer
  12. Imran
  13. Adab
  14. Aidah
  15. Daria
  16. Ghushan
  17. Jannat
  18. Malaysia 
  19. Gulshan
  20. Sarah
  21. Shaheen
  22. Veeya
  23. Hussain
  24. Jafar
  25. Iago 

Good Arabian Horse Names

Looking for good Arabian names for your beloved horse?

Here are 50 amazingly good Arabian names for you to choose from:

  1. Ugbaad 
  2. Zuhra 
  3. Abirah
  4. Uthal 
  5. Tahani 
  6. Zeenat 
  7. Afridi
  8. Zubaydah 
  9. Tabana 
  10. Ubaida 
  11. Taha 
  12. Reema 
  13. Suhana 
  14. Uhud 
  15. Taibah 
  16. Suraiya 
  17. Inzamam
  18. Utayba 
  19. Suhira 
  20. Tajammal 
  21. Zuhur 
  22. Taban 
  23. Urwa 
  24. Suwera 
  25. Tabinda 
  26. Shoaib
  27. Talah 
  28. Zuha 
  29. Tamir 
  30. Aafiya
  31. Ula 
  32. Tahoora 
  33. Surur 
  34. Zohair 
  35. Tahsin
  36. Suhair  
  37. Aaqil
  38. Usama 
  39. Amaan
  40. Zoha
  41. Umaiza 
  42. Sultan 
  43. Tahira 
  44. Raaya 
  45. Zubi
  46. Sufi 
  47. Ummeed
  48. Surosh 
  49. Tabrez 
  50. Sydeek 

Grey Arabian Horse Names

A grey Arab horse is one of the most popular horse breeds amongst horse breeders. If you are wondering what to name your grey horse, your search is finally over.

Here are 15 best names for your grey Arabian horse:

  1. Azeena
  2. Daania
  3. Falica  
  4. Dough
  5. Bahria 
  6. Cream
  7. Pine 
  8. Azyaan 
  9. Jupiter
  10. Mars
  11. Bariat
  12. Banjo
  13. Cedar
  14. Fainan
  15. Nutmeg

Black Arabian Horse Names

A black Arab mare makes for a magnificent beast who can win races and astonish the audience easily.

Here are 15 best black Arabian horse names:

  1. Ashi
  2. Asra
  3. Layal
  4. Raina
  5. Sanja
  6. Belma
  7. Isria
  8. Laleh
  9. Hazar
  10. Bulbul
  11. Fia
  12. Kyra
  13. Yami
  14. Zulf
  15. Alma

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White Arabian Horse Names

If you are looking to own pure and beautiful horses, chances are you have a white Arabian horse that is a beauty to behold.

Here are the 15 best white Arabian horse names:

  1. Rim
  2. Afra
  3. Alba
  4. Nawr
  5. Tiha
  6. Yara
  7. Afera
  8. Akr
  9. Muzn
  10. Leban
  11. Baydun
  12. Sukkar
  13. Tuhinsurra 
  14. Rabab
  15. Naase

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Brown Arabian Horse Names

Looking for beautiful and gorgeous Arabian names for your brown fur horse?

Here are the 15 best names for a brown horse that would suit your horse amazingly:

  1. Don
  2. Sumrah
  3. Taquez
  4. Ambar
  5. Hazel
  6. Sumaira
  7. Shehla
  8. Ida
  9. Maya
  10. Ramad 
  11. Milla
  12. Awamila 
  13. Shatara 
  14. Hafil
  15. Mahir 

Red Arabian Horse Names

Red horses are some of the most magnificent creatures you will ever come across. They are powerful, mighty and very beautiful, here are 15 best red Arabian names:

  1. Adam
  2. Rohi 
  3. Fadi
  4. Russ
  5. Ruby
  6. Fida
  7. Faadi
  8. Rukhsar
  9. Rubina
  10. Roza
  11. Suri 
  12. Muhja 
  13. Manik
  14. Ridhan
  15. Numaan

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Horse Name Inspiration

Whether horse breeders or just horse owners, giving your Arabian horse a gorgeous name is always important.

We recommend closely following your horse’s personality and giving it an Arabian name accordingly. You can also have a look at the names of famous Arab celebrities to get inspired from.

Help Choosing The Right Name

When trying to look for the best Arabian horse names, it is important that you look for sources that are authentic. Ensure that the meanings provided are correct and only visit trustworthy websites for information. This ensures that you are doing justice to your horse by giving it an authentic Arabian name.

If you have any contacts that belong to the Middle East, we recommend checking in with them as well.

No matter what, you must make all efforts to ensure that your horse has an amazing Arabian name.


It is difficult to quickly pick one wonderful name for your horse so remember to take your time and not get stressed about it.

Checking for your horse’s personality, naming them something after the color of their fur or just picking an Arabian name that you love are all excellent ways of picking a name for your horse.

If you’re still looking for more inspiration, check out these awesome lists of horse names!

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