American Warmblood Horse Facts And Information – Breed Profile

American warmblood horses, as its name suggests, are bred in the USA and are usually warmblooded sports horses. These horses are mainly bred to be used in performance events such as sports, jumping, dressage, and combined driving.

These horses are born in either the USA, Mexico, or Canada and get official approval from the registry associations.

American Warmblood Horse


This breed of horse was initially bred for sporting purposes, similar to several other warmblood horse breeds. These horses in particular are believed to have been influenced by several breeds that include: European Warmblood, the Arabian horses, Thoroughbred, and a bunch of other draft horses.

These horses are now also considered a separate breed of horse. This happened because every USA breeder came to the conclusion that the European Warmbloods have been aggressively intermingled. Therefore, the European Warmbloods do not have any particular breed, but many different types of horses.

Currently, there are two registries present in the USA that recognize the American Warmblood breed: the American Warmblood Society and the American Warmblood Registry. These two entities also work towards building similar types of performance registries particularly for sport horses in North America, in their respective registry books.

Let’s take a closer look at these two associations. The American Warmblood Registry was founded way back in 1981. After their inception, both registries got recognized by the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH).

It is quite interesting how these associations do not have pre-defined or acceptable bloodline guidelines that help record horses as American Warmbloods. Instead, these associations take the type into account. This helps them to register only high-quality sport horses, to produce a much better diversity in the sporting horses’ genetic pool.

Also, these two associations currently have their open books for American Warmbloods, similar to the ones for European warmbloods.

However, before any horse is considered to be a part of the American Warmblood breeding stock, it has to be officially approved by the studbook inspection. The mares and the stallions that are going to be bred undergo rigorous examination and performance criteria.

All the individual horses that pass the performance criteria of walk, trot, and canter, are considered eligible for registration. Hence, they are approved to be included in the breeding stock.


These horses are usually around 60-68 inches in height and may have different colors, but the most common colors are solids.

Did you know? Horses of all bloodlines are eligible to be registered as American Warmblood. Of course, as long as they pass all the performance criteria and are sport and warmblood horses. These horses undergo careful examinations conducted by studbook as mentioned above.

Both associations emphasize more on the quality of the horses for registration as well as breeding approval. However, the individual horses that are either 100% hot or cold-blooded are usually not eligible for registration. But they may get nominated if they meet the standards set by the associations.

Talking about these horses’ physical characteristics, their heads are quite similar to the Thoroughbred horse. The shoulders of these horses are very strong, sloping and the hindquarters are muscular and strong. Some horses in this breed have short backs, this helps them to excel at sporting games.


These warmblood horses are usually fed a nutritionally balanced diet that helps to fulfill their nutrition-based idiosyncrasies. This is the first step towards maintaining and building high-quality athletic horses.

However, some young American warmbloods can sustain their healthy and speedy body condition with just high-quality hay and pasture, instead of concentrates of nutrients. Breeders and owners should offer a balanced diet to ensure the horses get proper protein, vitamins, and minerals.


As already mentioned above, these horses are usually 60-69 inches in height (or 152 to 175 cms). These horses are also on the average to heavy weight side.

At their adult age, they reach the grand size (between 15 about 17 hands).

Some of these horses are also seen with short backs, this offers them to have higher efficiency at sporting events.

What Breeds Make Up The American Warmblood? 

This breed of horse is not restricted to any one bloodline. The horses are classified as American warmbloods based on whether they pass the strict examinations and inspections done by studbook.

Only the horses approved by the studbook can be included in the breed stock of American Warmbloods.


There is no particular color associated with this horse breed. Horses of many different colors are in this breed. However, the most common type of colors seen are solids.

What Are They Used For?

These horses are mainly bred in the USA for performance events like sports, dressage, showing events, show jumping, and endurance.

These horses are not your everyday horse, but they are bred and trained for performance and show events.

Where Do They Live?

These horses are bred only in the USA, Mexico, or Canada. However, before including any horse to the breeding stock, the breeder has to get official approval from either the American Warmblood Registry or the American Warmblood Society.

How Much Do They Cost?

If you want to get your hands on a quality American Warmblood horse, then it will cost you around $25,000-$60,000.

Are They Good For Beginners?

These horses are not temperamental and are attentive, wilful, active, calm, and well-mannered. All these qualities make American warmblood horses quite good for beginners.


These horses are an excellent breed, especially for performance events. We also cannot stress how well-mannered and non-temperamental behavior they display. However, these horses are also found on the expensive side.

But once you own one of these horses, you’ll enjoy every moment with them. However, you should also be prepared to train and spend time with them because event-oriented horses generally require it.

Another great thing about these horses is that some have a shorter back. So if you’re looking for an endurance event-specific horse, then American warmblood will be your best bet to win it.

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