Blazer Horse Facts And Information – Breed Profile

Blazer horses are a one-of-a-kind breed with a gentle and willing disposition. They are intelligent, versatile, and athletic and will make a wonderful ranch horse. By the way, a Blazer horse is also great at sport competitions and does well in the Equine Trail Sports events, barrel racing, endurance racing, cow penning, and gymkhanas.

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The story of this beautiful breed goes back to the 50s and 60s. Back then, in northwestern America, Neil Hinck, a descender of Danish horsemen and Mormon pioneers, produced the Blazer. 

The horse trainer combined the Morgan horse and the American quarter horse with the blood of the thoroughbred and Shetland pony.

The breed traces back to a gorgeous chestnut stallion named Little Blaze.

In 1967, the Blazer Horse Association was founded. In 2006, it became a non-profit and was renamed ‘the American Blazer Horse Association’. The main aims of the organization are to preserve the breed and maintain its history.

The association has its headquarters in Nampa and is governed by a nine-member board.

Registered Blazer horses must have at least one parent that has documented lineage to Little Blaze.


Blazers are gentle and intelligent. They have bold eyes, a refined head, short backs to carry weight, extreme sloping of the shoulders, long hips for more power, round croups, and thick bone.

There are only a few associations out there that mandate a gentle and willing disposition as a registerable trait. The American Blazer Horse Association is one of them.


The horse should not exceed 15 hands (60 inches) at full maturity. Some of the Blazers can be as small as 13 hands (52 inches).

The smaller size helps keep the horses within the bounds of nature. And even though the breed is rather ‘compact’, a Blazer will easily carry a grown-up man over steep mountainous terrain for many miles.


The Blazer horse comes in black, chestnut, palomino, bay, buckskin, and in quite a few shades of dun.

The majority of solid colors are acceptable for registration. Do bear in mind that any white marking should be limited to the legs (below the hock) and face.

What Are They Used For?

They are amazing at doing daily ranch work. However, the breed is also versatile at various sports competitions. Moreover, they will do well in any type of riding that they were trained to do.

It is a truly useable horse that loves people and is a quick learner.

Blazers were bred specifically to have willing and gentle personalities. No wonder they make wonderful mounts for both kids and adults.

By the way, this is one of the horse breeds that is suitable for English and western riding.

Are They Good For Beginners?

It is a wonderful breed for beginners due to its docile personality and the ability to learn.


The gentle and willing Blazer horses will do practically anything that they were trained to do. These lovely horses make fantastic ranch workers and are also great at sport competitions.

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