French Horse Names And Meanings (120 Ideas)

One of the most difficult things about getting a new horse is finding the perfect name. This is especially true for those who have an idea of what they would like the name to be but just can’t come up with any they truly love.

One popular option for horse names is those in French. If you are looking for some great French horse names, then you are in the right place.

Do you love horses? We do, and that’s why we feel it is important for anyone who loves their horse or horses to have the opportunity to give them great names.

You may choose strong, sleek names for the males, beautiful heroin names for the females, sweet cutsie names, or those from famous artists and historical figures.

Whatever your preference, if you are looking for a good name for a horse, we have you covered.

Ardennes Horse

We have compiled a list of 120 French names that would be perfect for just about any horse especially those with French origins.

Lets dive in.

20 Male French Horse Names

If you have a beautiful stallion and want to give him a firm, unique name, here is an excellent list of 20 french names for a male horse.

  1. Gabriel– Man of God
  2. Arthur– Bear or king
  3. Alexandre-Defender of Man
  4. Victor– Conquerer
  5. Jules– Youthful
  6. Lucas– Light or man from Lucania
  7. Antoine– praise-worthy
  8. Henri Matisse– Famous french painter
  9. Sacha– Defending warrior
  10. Noah– Peaceful or wanderer
  11. Liam– Resolute protector
  12. Adrien– Dark
  13. Axel– My father is peace
  14. Enzo– Happiness or bliss
  15. Basil– Regal
  16. Charles– A free man
  17. Mathis– Gift of God
  18. Theo– a gift of god
  19. Felix– Happy
  20. Flan: a caramel custard dessert

Female French Horse Names

If you are looking for a pretty name for a gorgeous mare, the French language will not disappoint.

Here is a list of 20 female horse names derived from the most romantic country in the world.

  1. Camille– Young ceramonial attendent
  2. Madeleine– Woman from a high tower
  3. Petit Noir– Small black drink
  4. Rosalinde– Beautiful rose
  5. Olive– Olive tree
  6. Rachelle– Like a rock
  7. Rosa– Rose or flower
  8. Clarisse– Gentle
  9. Bisou: Kiss
  10. Peppina– Another name for Josephine
  11. Mademoiselle– Miss
  12. Belle– Beauty
  13. Jolie– Pretty
  14. Floriane– Flower
  15. The– Goddess
  16. Carmel– Garden or Orchard
  17. Isabelle– Pledge to God
  18. Sylvie– Forest
  19. Edwige– Female Worrier
  20. Faustine– Fortune one

French Horse Show Names

If you plan to enter your horse into horse shows, you will want a unique name that truly stands out and will make you memorable.

Here are 20 French names perfect for show horses.

  1. Amour– Love
  2. Maxime– The Greatest
  3. Augustin– Great
  4. Aurore– The Dawn
  5. Estelle– Star
  6. Oscar– Champion Warrier
  7. Blanc– The color White
  8. Lune or Luna– The moon
  9. Noir– The color Black
  10. Rouge– The color Red (Perfect for a red roan horse)
  11. Romain– Citizen of Rome
  12. Phillipe– Friend of Horse
  13. Rasse– A lesser civet
  14. Lucien-Light
  15. Concorde– Harmoney or Union 
  16. Crème de la Crème– The absolute best
  17. Hadrien– Enjoy today
  18. Ulysse– To hate
  19. Achille– Thin lipped
  20. Celeste– Heavenly or celestial

Famous French Horse Names

If it is celebrity status you are looking for, we found some of the best names that will steal the show.

Here are 20 great famous French name possibilities for your horse.

  1. Beau– Beautiful
  2. Leo– Lion
  3. Rafael– He has healed
  4. Raymonde– Protector
  5. Chérie– Dear
  6. Marie-Antoinette– Last Queen in France before the Revolution
  7. Reine– Queen
  8. Charlotte– Petite
  9. Giselle– Beautiful like the stars
  10. Juliette– Young
  11. Jean– God is gracious
  12. Fleur de sel– French Sea Salt
  13. Raoul– Red wolf or Wolf council
  14. Anne-Sophie– Famous French Chef
  15. Beatrice– Blessing or bringer of joy
  16. Celine Dion– Famous Singer 
  17. Coco Chanel– Famous clothing designer
  18. Baptiste– To dip
  19. Vadim– To rule
  20. Esmée– Beloved

Cool French Names For Horses

Do you feel you have the coolest horse in town? If so, he or she will need the perfect name to match the status.

Here are 20 cool French names that are absolutely charming.

  1. Moussa– Drawn out  
  2. Festin– Destiny, powerful 
  3. Marceau– Little Worrier
  4. Gustave– Glorious Guest
  5. Questa– One who seeks
  6. Chantilly– White 
  7. Elegance– Grace  
  8. Force– Living by a fortress
  9. Frenchie– From France
  10. Froufrou– Ostentatious decoration 
  11. Pate a choux– Cabbage Paste
  12. Cyclone– Tropical storm
  13. Manon– Bitter
  14. Astrid– Devinley Beautiful
  15. Napoleon– Emperor of France in the past
  16. Blaise– To stutter or have a lisp
  17. Alize– Noble One
  18. Dom Pérignon– Famous Monk and Champange
  19. Monet– A famous artist
  20. Jacques– Jacob

Cute French Names For Horses

There is nothing cuter than an animal named after a delicious pastry or a cartoon character known for swooning the ladies.

Here are 20 “cute” French names for your adorable horses.

  1. Milo– Soldier
  2. Baguette– A breadstick
  3. Pierre– Stone or rock
  4. French Toast– Breakfast made from bread dipped in an egg batter
  5. Mousse– Foam or froth
  6. Éclair– Flash of lightning
  7. Cabernet– Varietal of wine
  8. Merlot– Wine and flowers
  9. Café– Cafe
  10. Gaspard– Bringer of treasure
  11. Hugo– MInd
  12. Soufflé– A delicious french dish
  13. Brie– Region of France, type of Cheese
  14. Truffle– A sweet treat
  15. Pepé Le Pew– A suave cartoon skunk
  16. Ratatouille– A French stew
  17. Crème Brûlée– Custard sprinkled with sugar and slightly burnt
  18. Biscuit– Bread or dough
  19. Bronze– a copper and tin metal given in a competition
  20. Parfait– Perfect

Horse Name Inspiration

If you are looking for inspiration in choosing the perfect name for your horse, consider choosing a name that stands out to a crowd.

Some great examples are as follows:

  • A celebrity name
  • Something silly
  • Deep meaning (Warriors, Gods, Goddess)
  • The name of a country, city, or state
  • Something that reminds you of your childhood

Inspiration for the perfect horse name can come from just about anywhere. The internet can be your best friend if you know what to look for.

Try googling for precisely what you want (i.e., Strong, independent female names in French.)

Help Choosing The Right Name 

Are you looking for help in choosing the right name for your horse?

Here are some suggestions that may help you find what you are looking for. 

1. Who Is Your Horse?

Start with his or her color, characteristics, personality.  (Blanc-white, Belle-pretty, tête de mule-stubborn.)

It can be fairly easy to pick a great name if you match it with who your horse truly is. The name should fit the horse in every aspect.

2. Watch a Movie

Sometimes the easiest way to name just about anything is through watching movies or television.

If you are looking for a famous French name,  grab a few videos based in Paris or London and enjoy a night in; while watching movies and creating a list of your favs.

3. Get Outside Help

If all else fails, you can always use the internet, books about horses, or the opinions of friends and families. There are online name generators designed to combine a few of your favorite names to get something new and unique.

You can also get some great ideas from family and friends who can offer up older names that go back generations throughout your family’s (or their families) history.

4. Test Them Out

It is also a good idea to try each name out for a few days to get a feel for it and make sure it fits. You may notice you don’t like the way it sounds, your horse doesn’t respond well to it, or it simply is not right.

You may notice that even though you love a name, it isn’t right for your particular horse.


There are many French words in the French language, and many of them can make the most fantastic name for any horse. All it takes is some patients, a list of your top favorites, and a few days to really get to know your unique horse inside and out.

If you’re still looking for more inspiration, check out these awesome lists of horse names!

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