German Horse Names And Meanings (95 Cool Ideas)

Germany has always held horses in the highest regard and respect. From workhorses to riding horses to show horses and racehorses, Germany has a deeply rich and proud equestrian history. It is responsible for many of the most elegant horse breeds we have today.

Germany is a gorgeous and versatile language and has produced some of the most renowned, catchy, impressive, and memorable names in the equestrian world. From the mighty Stein and delicate Yara to the mysterious Wanda and the famous Rhein—we owe much to Germany when it comes to the rich history of horses.

Part of what makes the German language so ideal for naming horses is that it has a range of names for any personality or even type of horse.

There are delicate and soft names for mares. Strong and bold names for stallions and geldings. Show-stopping and attention-grabbing names for show horses and dressage horses. And, of course, just plain cool names in general or famous from history.

 A horse’s name means a lot! So let’s take a journey through the ultimate guide to German horse names.

Hanoverian Horse

German Horse Names For Mares

Mare is the technical term for a female horse or other equestrian animals that are three years or older. Before the advent of castration, mares were preferable to stallions (male horses) because they were considered to be much more even-keeled and less volatile in their temperament. This made them much easier to train and utilize for work.

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting German names for mares:

  1. Annike – Grace or graceful
  2. Lilli – A type of flower
  3. Freda – Peaceful Ruler
  4. Anja – From a German Mountaineer
  5. Britta – Strength
  6. Bertina – Bright and illuminated
  7. Ozzy – Divine spear
  8. Leslie – A small meadow
  9. Greta – A Precious or rare gem
  10. Kiera – Of a dark beauty
  11. Gerhardina – Mighty with a spear
  12. Irmina – A War Goddess and powerful woman
  13. Lorelie – Alluring, named after a specific part of the Rhine River
  14. Bavaria – A famous region in Germany
  15. Beatrix – One who brings joy and happiness
  16. Ursula – A female bear
  17. Bernadine – To have the courage of a bear
  18. Evelyn – Means little bird (also great if you are a Bob Marley fan!)
  19. Ida – Hardworking
  20. Elsa – Pledged to God
  21. Gunnel – Battle Maiden
  22. Yara – Small butterfly

German Horse Names For Geldings Or Stallions

Opposite the mare, a stallion is a technical term and name for an ungelded male horse. Stallions are renowned and notorious for their strength, vivacity, stamina, endurance, and even wild nature. The stallion is a symbol of strong will, resolve, and unbridled determination.

A gelded horse, on the other hand, is the term used for a castrated horse. Gelded horses are much more tame, calm, and with a much milder disposition. This temperament makes them much easier to manage and train, and therefore makes them much better suited for everyday working horses.

Here are some great names for either your gelding or stallion to call their own:

  1. Eberhard – A brave boar
  2. Hedwig – Strong fighter
  3. Herman – Warrior
  4. Gunther – Warrior
  5. Fedde – Peace
  6. Kaspar – Treasurer
  7. Alaric – Leader
  8. Kiefer – pine tree
  9. Loring – Famous for battle
  10. Egon – Of fire and flame
  11. Johann – The grace of God
  12. Florian (male) – With blond hair or flowering
  13. Carsten – Christian
  14. Lothar – Army of Fame
  15. Valentin – Strong Heart
  16. Leonard– As bold and fierce as a lion
  17. Barnard (male) – As strong as a bear
  18. Helmut – Brave
  19. Koen – Wise
  20. Wiley – Brilliant
  21. Hulbert – Elegant
  22. Manfred – a man who is peaceful

German Show Horse Names

A show horse is a type of horse that is bred to compete and perform in horse shows –unlike the workhorse, which is bred for daily work. Horse shows can consist of a variety of disciplines or competitions for horses to compete in. Names for these types of horses tend to be dignified or something that really grabs the audience’s attention.

When picking a name for a show horse, be sure to make it either really catchy or mean something for a lot of people, or even just you.

If you are looking for great German show horses names, we have compiled a list of some of the best German-language names for show horses:

  1. Adalard – Courageous
  2. Duncan (male) – brown warrior
  3. Berg – mountain
  4. Konrad – brave counsel
  5. Theobald – courageous people
  6. Bren – A burning flame
  7. Delmar– One who came from the sea
  8. Adawolf – A noble or respected wolf
  9. Baldwin – Brave
  10. Hardy – Strong and resilient
  11. Karl – Strong and fortitude
  12. Ryker – A popular name that means rich in German

Cool German Names For Horses

There is no doubt that the German language has given us a lot of cool names in general, but especially when it comes to horse names. A big part of naming your horse is choosing something that is memorable but also suits your horse’s personality. Whether your horse is male or female, for show or for work, a horse’s name means a lot to him/her and to you!

So if you are looking for just some really cool names for your horse that are a part of the German language, then we definitely have a list of them for you.

Remember, sometimes you can pick the name, or sometimes the name picks you. Let’s see if you choose any of these cool German names…. or if any of these cool German names choose you:

  1. Valentin – strong heart
  2. Griswold – Gray forest
  3. Donner – Thunder
  4. Wolfgang – Path of the wolf
  5. Magda – Meaning high tower, with some biblical connotations as well
  6. Louana – Graceful Warrior
  7. Tilda – Mighty and robust in battle
  8. Loring – A figure of fame in war and battle
  9. Kiefer – Pine Tree
  10. Gerhardina – Mighty with a spear
  11. Franz – Freeman or French Man
  12. Adawolf – Noble Wolf
  13. Neva – A leader, usually of a tribe
  14. Brock – A German word for Badger
  15. Stein – Stone
  16. Frederika – Peaceful Ruler
  17. Adette – sweet and noble
  18. Semra – Dark Beauty
  19. Win – White and smooth

Famous German Names For Horses

When picking a name for your horse, sometimes you might want it to be named after somebody famous. This can be for any number of reasons, but most probably, the reason is that you know that your horse is destined for equestrian greatness! So, to match that greatness, they need a great name—Right?

Well, what better way than to take inspiration from German names that have already achieved their own respective fame and fortune, either from history, entertainment, philosophy, among others.

Well, we made it easy by making a list specifically of famous German names for you to choose from:

  1. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – Famous German writer and critic
  2. Kriemhild – From Germanic heroic legend
  3. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart–  Famous German composer who is commonly considered one of the greatest composers of all time
  4. Johannes Gutenberg – Inventor who created the original printing press
  5. Ludwig van Beethoven – Another famous German composer who, despite being deaf, was also considered another one of the greatest composers in history
  6. Johan Sebastian Bach – Yet another famous German composer of the Baroque era
  7. Friedrich Nietzsche – A famous German philosopher who challenged contemporary philosophy of his time.
  8. Franz Kafka – Famous German writer
  9. Karl Marx – Another famous German philosopher and political theorist, well know for his ‘Marxist’ ideology
  10. Albert Einstein – Famous German physicist
  11. Otto von Bismarck – Prussian born German politician and writer
  12. Angela Merkel – Current Chancellor of Germany
  13. Sigmund Freud – Famous doctor and psychologist. He is considered the father of psychoanalysis

German Dressage Horse Names

Similar to show horses, dressage horses are bred and trained for exhibition and competition. Competition levels range anywhere from amateur to national, to internationally, including events at the Olympic games.

Dressage demonstrated not only the horse’s athleticism but, just as importantly, its capacity to train and follow orders, especially in front of a large group of spectators. During the events, the horses themselves are usually dressed and groomed very ornately. This style is also known as the horse’s turn out— some of these include a braided mane, a tail with bangs, and polished hooves.

With such dignity and grace, a horse should have a name to reflect it, or, again, something that catches the eye that makes them memorable to both the audience and the judges alike. Here is a list of some German dressage horse names.

  1. Porsche – Famous Luxury Brand from Germany, especially known for their vehicles
  2. Maus – The German word for the mouse in English. Usually used ironically given the size of horses
  3. Hase – Derived from the word Hare in English, it means the equivalent of a bunny in German
  4. Frau – German equivalent similar to Mr. and Mrs. in English
  5. Rhein – Named after the Rhein River, is one of the most famous rivers in Europe
  6. Wanda – Wanderer
  7. Ziggy – Protector


And there you have it, the ultimate guide to German names for your horse!

The German language has given the equestrian world a lot, and this is true even when it comes to the names of horses too. From fancy and graceful, funny and weird, to strong and powerful, part of what makes the German language so great is its versatility.

If you’re still looking for more inspiration, check out these awesome lists of horse names!

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