Evil Horse Names (85 Corrupt Choices)

One of the first responsibilities of being a horse owner is deciding what to call them. The name you pick will say as much about you and your relationship to your pet as it says about the animal, so you must take time to think about it.

There are plenty of evil horse names out there to suit many different types of horses, from names inspired by Greek mythology to spooky names inspired by book characters. You can’t go wrong when your horse’s name is inspired by some of the most iconic evil characters.

If you wish to name your horse an evil name but are stuck with ideas, then check out our lists below that should inspire you!

Evil Horse Names

Best Evil Names For Horses

If you want your horse’s name to make a statement, then look no further. Our list of the best evil names for horses has everything you could think of, from cliches like Reaper right down to unique names such as Astor (inspired by the villain in legends of Zelda games).

Whether you’re looking for a name that contradicts your horse’s personality or wants to show off your gothic side, this list gives 25 of the best evil names for your horse.

  1. Pennywise – Evil clown from IT movie franchise
  2. Freddy – Krueger, Nightmare on Elm Street
  3. Spike – Vampire from Buffy the vampire slayer
  4. Salem – City in Massachusetts known for witchcraft
  5. Lucifer – Devil
  6. Dracula – Most famous Vampire from Romania
  7. Wolverine – X-Men franchise
  8. Cactus – Prickly plant
  9. Gomez – Character from Addams family
  10. Phobos – God of terror and fear in Greek Mythology
  11. Reaper – Grim visitor
  12. Randall – Flag, a fictional character from Stephen King novels
  13. Sauron – Second dark lord from the lord of the rings franchise
  14. Vlad – The Impaler ruled Romania in the mid-1400s and believed to be the inspiration behind Dracula
  15. Nosferatu – Famous vampire
  16. Deimos – God of Panic in Greek Mythology
  17. Hannibal – Cannibal from movie franchises
  18. Phantom – Ghost
  19. Raven – Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem
  20. Norman – Bates, main antagonist in Psycho
  21. Astor – Legends of Zelda Villain
  22. Ratched – Nurse from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  23. Spooky – Commonly associated with Halloween
  24. Trunchbull – Nasty headteacher from Matilda
  25. Wolf – Scary and evil creature that only comes out at night

Evil Mare Horse Names

Whether you have a mare with a dark side or own a horse breed that is synonymous with acting erratically, such as a Mustang, you may find that an evil name inspired by some famous female villains fits your horse perfectly.

If your horse has a dark side and likes to push the limits, the below names would be a great choice.

  1. Jadis – The white witch of Narnia
  2. Medusa – Evil monster from Greek mythology that can turn someone to stone with one look
  3. Bellatrix – Le Strange, evil witch from Harry Potter
  4. Winnie – Sanderson, horrible witch from Hocus Pocus
  5. Pandora – The first person to unleash evil on the entire world
  6. Hecate – Greek goddess of the underworld, demons, graves and witchcraft
  7. Kasdeya – Demon specialising in poisons, commonly referred to as the fifth Satan
  8. Villanelle – Fictional character from Killing Eve
  9. Prosperine – Princess of hell
  10. Banshee – Female spirit in Irish folklore
  11. O-Ren Ishii – Female assassin in Kill Bill
  12. Lilith – Night monster
  13. Nightmare – Evil spirits that infiltrate our dreams
  14. Sonja – Vampire from the Underworld series
  15. Nyx – Incarnation of darkness and night
  16. Mara – Primary cause of nightmares in children
  17. Cruella – Evil character from 101 Dalmatians
  18. Maleficent – Evil, cold-hearted fairy who places petty curses on people
  19. Cersei – Lannister, the evil queen from Game of Thrones
  20. Ursula – Sea witch from The Little Mermaid

Evil Stallion Horse Names

There are many names you can give your stallion based on breed and type. A stallion usually requires a strong and powerful name to really convey its personality. Names inspired by evil characters and mythology can fit stallions really well.

Below we’ve compiled a list of evil stallion horse names to give you inspiration for your new horse.

  1. Salvatore – The Vampire Diaries
  2. Seth – Egyptian God of chaos and storm
  3. Nuckelavee – Horse-like demon from Orcadian mythology
  4. Orpheus – Meaning’ darkness of the night’, an excellent name for a black horse
  5. Emmett – An animal-eating vampire from the Twilight movie series
  6. Fury – Extreme, violent anger
  7. Aeron – Celtic God of war
  8. Ubel – a German word that means evil
  9. Anwir – Welsh name for a liar
  10. Abaddon – King of the Locusts
  11. Diabolos – A Greek mythological name meaning slanderer or accuser
  12. Ripley – Tom Ripley, a murderer from the 50s book The Talented Mr Ripley
  13. Ganon – Giant pig from Legend of Zelda game
  14. Begbie – A psychotic thug from Trainspotting
  15. Krampus – Scares misbehaved children during the Christmas season
  16. Herman – The Munsters
  17. Chucky – Murderous children’s toy
  18. Incubus – Male demon
  19. Vader – Well-known Star Wars Villain
  20. Kratos – God of War

Cool Evil Names For Horses

Cool evil names are great if you’ve got a unique horse. Perhaps you own a black mare that oozes evil, or maybe you have some white horses that are snow queens. Whatever horse you own, if your horse has a cool name, it’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd.

We’ve picked out some cool evil names that work for any breed, color, or gender.

  1. Pyro – Fire
  2. Thana – Death
  3. Hundun – Faceless Chinese deity who was the personification of chaos
  4. Zilla – Meaning shadow
  5. Requiem – Meaning “mass for the dead”
  6. Lily of the Valley – Poisonous flower
  7. Blair – Inspired by the Blair Witch Project
  8. Foxglove – Name of a poisonous plant
  9. Vidal – Pan’s Labyrinth villain
  10. Freyja – Goddess of death
  11. Candyman – Halloween character
  12. Moros – God of doom
  13. Loki – Teutonic devil
  14. Scar – Evil Lion from Lion King
  15. Misfit – Outcast, usually because of their behaviour or attitude
  16. Naamah – Hebrew female devil of seduction
  17. Hyde – Evil boy from Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
  18. Wednesday – Addams family daughter
  19. Harley Quinn – The Joker’s girlfriend in Batman
  20. Jigsaw – Main character in Saw films

Horse Name Inspiration

Finding the perfect evil name for your horse can be challenging. If you are wanting to give your horse an evil name, consider drawing inspiration from the below sources:

  • Mythology – there are plenty of exciting stories in mythology to draw evil and unique horse names from
  • Movies and series – think about it; how many evil characters do you know? Probably lots! So draw on some of your favourite scary movies for inspiration 
  • Theology – many religions have stories of scary and evil creatures, spend some time researching religious texts for evil names, and you’d be surprised what you’ll find!
  • Pop culture references – art and popular culture are great references for clever, evil names
  • Baby name books – many popular baby names have deeper meanings, spend some time researching, and you’ll be sure to find some evil and unique names for your new horse

Help Choosing The Right Name

Getting a new horse is very exciting, but before you dive right into selecting a name, keep these important tips in mind:

  • Select a one or two-syllable name; anything longer may be harder for your horse to recognise
  • Don’t pick a name that sounds like a command. For example, ‘Hawk’ can sound like ‘walk’, and ‘Poe’ can sound like ‘whoa’. The last thing you want to do is confuse your horse
  • Only consider names you would feel comfortable entering into competitions or when shouting your horse in a field
  • If you plan on entering your horse into races, ensure their name complies with local rules and regulations
  • Try avoiding the most common horse names as you will run into other horses with this name, and it can often lead to confusion at the stables


There’s no right or wrong choice when naming your horse. The most important thing to remember is that the name you choose should feel comfortable to you and your horse. Try to choose something that suits their personality, and if you’re planning to enter your horse into races, remember there are strict rules and guidelines you must adhere to, so take this into consideration before naming.

It is often a good idea to pick your three favorite horse names to see which one fits your horse’s personality best. You can try calling your horse it next time you are at the stable to see if your horse responds or not. 

There are plenty of fantastic resources online for inspiration for evil names for horses. One popular way is through social media or horse forums. You can post a photo or video of your horse and the names you’ve chosen and see what everyone else thinks fits your horse the best. 

Whatever name you choose, make sure it represents who they are, is catchy, and that you will still love in many years to come.

If you’re still looking for more inspiration, check out these awesome lists of horse names!

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