Demon Horse Names (235 Awesome Ideas)

You can name a horse almost anything and base it on a plethora of characteristics. Things like coat color, behavior, attitude, and mannerisms all play a part. But, sometimes, we come upon horses that have an almost demonic quality.

Only you can decipher and interpret that characteristic within your equine pal. Take a look through this extensive list of demon horse names to see if they fit.

Demon Horse Names

Best Demon Horse Names

This list was specially selected for those demons with the coolest sounding names. Most are unisex, so any gender could have one of these.

  1. Abaddon (Christian)
  2. Abraxas (Gnosticism)
  3. Agares (Christian)
  4. Agiel (Jewish)
  5. Ahriman (Zoroastrianism)
  6. Akvan (Zoroastrianism)
  7. Alal (Chaldean)
  8. Alastor (Christian)
  9. Allu (Akkadian)
  10. Anammelech (Assyrian)
  11. Andras (Christian)
  12. Andromalius (Christian)
  13. Angra Mainyu (Zoroastrianism)
  14. Antichrist (Christian)
  15. Apollyon (Christian)
  16. Apophis (Egyptian)
  17. Archon (Gnosticism)
  18. Asmodeus (Jewish, Christian , Islamic)
  19. Azazel (Jewish, Islamic)
  20. Baal (Jewish, Christian)
  21. Baku (Japanese)
  22. Balam (Christian)
  23. Baphomet (Christian, Islamic, Jewish Mysticism, Satanism, Thelema)
  24. Barbatos (Christian)
  25. Beelzebub (Jewish, Christian)
  26. Belphegor (Christian)
  27. Botis (Christian)
  28. Bukavac (Slavic)
  29. Chort (Slavic)
  30. Cimejes (Christian)
  31. Danjal (Jewish)
  32. Dantalion (Christian)
  33. Demiurge (Gnostic)
  34. Dev (Persian, Islamic)
  35. Drekavac (Slavic)
  36. Eligos (Christian)
  37. Flavros (Christian)
  38. Focalor (Christian)
  39. Forneus (Christian)
  40. Furcas (Christian)
  41. Gaki (Japanese)
  42. Gamigin (Christian)
  43. Glasya-Labolas (Christian)
  44. Grigori (Jewish)
  45. Gusion (Christian)
  46. Haborym (Christian)
  47. Halphas (Christian)
  48. Havres (Christian)
  49. Ifrit (Islamic)
  50. Jikininki (Japanese)
  51. Kukudh (Albanian)
  52. Leviathan (Jewish, Gnostic, Christian)
  53. Lucifuge Rofocale (Christian)
  54. Mammon (Christian)
  55. Marthim (Christian)
  56. Mazoku (Japanese folklore)
  57. Mephistopheles (Christian, German)
  58. Moloch (Jewish, Pagan, Christian , Scientology)
  59. Morax (Christian)
  60. Oriax (Christian)
  61. Ornias (Jewish)
  62. Paimon (Christian)
  63. Pazuzu (Babylonian)
  64. Phenex (Christian)
  65. Pocong (Indonesian, Malaysian)
  66. Rahab (Jewish)
  67. Saleos (Christian)
  68. Shedim (Jewish)
  69. Shinigami (Japanese)
  70. Solas (Christian)
  71. Tengu (Shinto)
  72. Ukobach (Christian)
  73. Valac (Christian)
  74. Vepar (Christian)
  75. Xaphan (Christian)
  76. Yeqon (Jewish)
  77. Zagan (Christian)

Demon Names For Female Horses

If your mare or filly shows a particular streak of diabolical quality, perhaps a demon name will suit her best. Some are male demon names, but they sound feminine.

  1. Abyzou (Jewish)
  2. Aeshma (Zoroastrianism)
  3. Aka Manah (Zoroastrianism)
  4. Akuma (Japanese)
  5. Al Ana (Turkish)
  6. Ala (Slavic)
  7. Amdusias (Christian)
  8. Amy (Christian)
  9. Andhaka (Hindu)
  10. Anqa (Arabian)
  11. Apaosha (Persian)
  12. Arunasura (Hindu)
  13. Astaroth (Christian)
  14. Asura (Hindu , Buddhism, Shinto)
  15. Azrael (Jewish, Islamic)
  16. Babi Ngepet (Indonesian)
  17. Banshee (Irish)
  18. Berith (Phoenician, Christian)
  19. Bhūta (Hindu)
  20. Bushyasta (Zoroastrianism)
  21. Caacrinolaas (Christian)
  22. Circe (Greek)
  23. Classyalabolas (Christian)
  24. Daeva (Zoroastrianism)
  25. Decarabia (Christian)
  26. Demogorgon (Christian)
  27. Eisheth (Jewish)
  28. Euryale (Greek)
  29. Foraii (Christian)
  30. Ghaddar (Islamic)
  31. Gomory (Christian)
  32. Gorgon (Greek)
  33. Guayota (Guanche)
  34. Gusoyn (Christian)
  35. Hauras (Christian)
  36. Jinn (Islamic)
  37. Kali (Hindu)
  38. Kara İye (Turkish)
  39. Kasadya (Jewish)
  40. Killakee Cat (Hell Fire Club)
  41. Kimaris (Christian)
  42. Kore (Greek)
  43. Kulshedra (Albanian)
  44. Lamia (Greek)
  45. Leyak (Indonesian, Balinese)
  46. Lilin (Jewish)
  47. Lilith (Akkadian, Jewish)
  48. Ljubi (Albanian)
  49. Mara (Buddhist)
  50. Marid (Islamic)
  51. Medea (Greek)
  52. Medusa (Greek)
  53. Merihem (Christian)
  54. Morrigan (Celtic)
  55. Murmur (Christian)
  56. Naamah (Jewish)
  57. Nar as-samum (Islamic)
  58. Ninurta (Sumerian, Akkadian)
  59. Oni (Japanese folklore)
  60. Onoskelis (Jewish)
  61. Pontianak (Indonesian, Malaysian)
  62. Preta (Buddhist, Taoist, Chinese and Vietnamese)
  63. Pruflas (Christian)
  64. Rakshesa (Hindu)
  65. Rangda (Indonesian)
  66. Rusalka (Slavic)
  67. Scylla (Greek)
  68. Selkie (Celtic)
  69. Semyaza (Jewish)
  70. Siren (Greek)
  71. Sitri (Christian)
  72. Sthenno (Greek)
  73. Stihi (Albanian)
  74. Succubus (Christian, Jewish)
  75. Tannin (Arabian, Cannanite, Christian, Phoenician, Jewish)
  76. Tokata (Indonesian)
  77. Tuchulcha (Etruscan)
  78. Vanth (Etruscan)
  79. Vapula (Christian)
  80. Zabaniyya (Islamic)

Demon Names For Male Horses

When your male horse is a clear and sheer bat out of hell, only a demon name will do. These are some of the most masculine from theology and mythology.

  1. Achlys (Greek)
  2. Adrammelech (Assyrian, Christian)
  3. Akoman (Zoroastrianism)
  4. Allocer (Christian)
  5. Amaymon (Christian)
  6. Anzu (Sumerian)
  7. Apep (Egyptian)
  8. Armaros (Jewish)
  9. Asag (Sumerian)
  10. Asakku (Babylonian)
  11. Azi Dahaka (Zoroastrianism)
  12. Bakasura (Hindu)
  13. Balberith (Jewish)
  14. Bali Raj (Hindu)
  15. Barbas (Christian)
  16. Barong (Indonesian)
  17. Bathin (Christian)
  18. Beherit (Phoenician, Christian)
  19. Beleth (Christian)
  20. Belial (Jewish Christian)
  21. Bifrons (Christian)
  22. Boruta (Slavic)
  23. Caassimolar (Christian)
  24. Camio (Christian)
  25. Charun (Etruscan)
  26. Chemosh (Moabite)
  27. Choronzon (Thelema)
  28. Corson (Christian)
  29. Dagon (Semitic)
  30. Dahak (Zoroastrianism)
  31. Dajjal (Islamic)
  32. Div-e Sepid (Persian)
  33. Eblis (Islamic)
  34. El Tío (Catholicism)
  35. Erlik (Turkish)
  36. Flauros (Christian)
  37. Forras (Christian)
  38. Gualichu (Mapuche)
  39. Gusoin (Christian)
  40. Haagenti (Christian)
  41. Ibris (Islamic)
  42. Incubus (Christian)
  43. Ipos (Christian)
  44. Krampus (Germanic-Christian)
  45. Kroni (Ayyavazhi)
  46. Lechies (Slavic)
  47. Lempo (Finnish)
  48. Leraye (Christian)
  49. Lucifer (Christian)
  50. Malephar (Christian)
  51. Malthus (Christian)
  52. Marchosias (Christian)
  53. Maricha (Hindu)
  54. Mastema (Jewish)
  55. Naberius (Christian)
  56. Namtar (Sumerian)
  57. Orcus (Roman, Christian)
  58. Ördög (Hungarian)
  59. Orobas (Christian)
  60. Penemue (Jewish, Christian)
  61. Pithius (Christian)
  62. Puloman (Hindu)
  63. Ronove (Christian)
  64. Salpsan (Christian)
  65. Samael (Jewish, Gnostic)
  66. Satan (Jewish, Christian, Islamic)
  67. Seir (Christian)
  68. Set (Egyptian)
  69. Shaitan (Jewish, Islamic)
  70. Shax (Christian)
  71. Shuten Doji (Japanese)
  72. Stolas (Christian)
  73. Surgat (Christian)
  74. Titivillus (Catholicism)
  75. Valefar (Christian)
  76. Vassago (Christian)
  77. Zepar (Christian)
  78. Ziminiar (Christian)

Horse Name Inspiration

If your horse is wild or exudes ill behavior, choosing a demon name could be a wise choice. After perusing this list of possible monikers, be sure you do a bit of research on the meaning and stories of the demon(s). You could also refer to some characters from games like the Legend of Zelda.

As you can see from the list, many of these come from Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In the event that none of these nab you, try looking through a demonology encyclopedia. Hinduism and Buddhism have huge pantheons of demons too.

Help Choosing The Right Name

When deciding on a demon name for your horse, there are a couple of things to consider. Unless your horse is a definite hell on wheels, use a demon name only as an occasional nickname. Regardless of your personal spiritual or religious leanings, be careful in saying some of these.

Many ancient belief structures place a great deal of importance on the annunciation of words and the pronunciation of names. And this is not superstition. Without getting too specific, during the writing of this, certain strange events occurred that necessitates mentioning people being mindful.

That said, not all demons are malevolent. Some have an explicit purpose in the service of God. Mastema, for instance, is one such demon who tempts humankind to keep their faith intact. In ancient Greek mythology, daemons were not evil entities per se; they were spirits that can be both beneficial and maleficent.


No matter if you have a white horse or a black horse and you’re still hell-bent on using a demon name, hopefully, something here piqued your interest. Select a few names, do some digging about what they mean, and try them out on your horse.

If you’re still looking for more inspiration, check out these awesome lists of horse names!

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