Ultimate Guide To Skeleton Horse Names! (200 Choices)

Skeleton horses are a rare horse from the sandbox game Minecraft which can only be spawned from skeleton traps.

These rare horses can become increasingly difficult to spawn based on your region’s difficulty so novice (and veteran) skeleton riders should consider your new passive mob’s name carefully before fully committing! 

If you are struggling to conjure up something truly skin-crawling for your new skeletal mare, look below for some inspiration. 

Skeleton Horse Names

Good Skeleton Horse Names 

If you are interested in a name that is going to make a statement about skeleton horses like Lightning or Brainless, then look no further.

This list has everything from cliches like Bones all the way down to unique one-of-a-kind originals like Rewind! 

This list is made for skeleton riders who are interested in harnessing the ghostly, skeletal side of their new undead mob. 

  1. Game Over 
  2. Darkness 
  3. Pepper 
  4. Thunder 
  5. Ghost 
  6. Crystal 
  7. Survivor 
  8. Second Chance 
  9. Stormy or Storm 
  10. Rewind 
  11. Ponyta 
  12. Mr. / Mrs. / Nether Portable 
  13. This Time for Real 
  14. Dead or Death 
  15. Star or Starry 
  16. Ghost Rider 
  17. Nightmare “Mare” 
  18. Ghoul 
  19. Corpse 
  20. Fossil 
  21. Lilith 
  22. Back Again 
  23. Midnight 
  24. Jett 
  25. Flash 
  26. Fear the Walking Dead 
  27. Rain or Rainy 
  28. Take-Two 
  29. Echo 
  30. Bolt 
  31. Opal 
  32. Onyx 
  33. Legend 
  34. Starlight 
  35. Striker 
  36. Apples 
  37. Spot 
  38. Flashback 
  39. Oreo 
  40. Warlock / Witch 
  41. Spellcaster 
  42. Bones 
  43. Devil 
  44. Shadow 
  45. Haunted 
  46. Bedrock 
  47. Stronger Now 
  48. Lightning 
  49. Jumper 
  50. Diamond 

Female Skeleton Horse Names

The feminine spirit is soft, gentle, and endearing. If you are looking for a feminine name that gives you the butterflies (or gives you bats), you should check out this list of female skeleton horse names.  

Whether you are looking for a feminine name that contradicts your horse’s grim appearance or one that complements its horrific vibe, this list gives fifty of the best female names for your skeleton horse.  

  1. Mia 
  2. Cleo 
  3. Pepper 
  4. Snowflake 
  5. Mandy 
  6. Honey 
  7. Nina 
  8. Lily 
  9. Minnie 
  10. Epona 
  11. Lady 
  12. Raven 
  13. Mimi 
  14. Tina 
  15. Shelby 
  16. Sadie 
  17. Gum Drop 
  18. Sage 
  19. Stephanie 
  20. Mary 
  21. Oreo 
  22. Daisy 
  23. Trixie 
  24. Vanessa 
  25. Pretty 
  26. Angel 
  27. Dottie 
  28. Apple Pie 
  29. Xoe 
  30. Kiki 
  31. Coco 
  32. Snowdrop 
  33. Princess 
  34. Sugar 
  35. Amy 
  36. Luna 
  37. Carlie 
  38. Olivia 
  39. Ana 
  40. Cloud or Cloudy 
  41. Zoe 
  42. Baby 
  43. Empress 
  44. Serenity 
  45. Melody 
  46. Gigi 
  47. Bella 
  48. Mercedes 
  49. Cutie Pie 
  50. Biscuit
Skeleton horse

Male Skeleton Horse Names

If you are interested in letting your horse live up to his masculine destiny, then you should check out this list for some male skeleton horse name inspiration.

These names cover everything from Doug to King and everything in between. 

  1. Promise 
  2. Dakota 
  3. Roman 
  4. Henry 
  5. Punk 
  6. Teddy 
  7. Mikey 
  8. Chris 
  9. Sargeant 
  10. Bronco 
  11. Emperor 
  12. Skyler 
  13. Maverick 
  14. Charger 
  15. Gerald 
  16. Chance 
  17. Hayden 
  18. Baxter 
  19. Rex 
  20. Pete 
  21. Valentine 
  22. Joe 
  23. Nightmare 
  24. Lance 
  25. Zed 
  26. Hussein 
  27. Shadow 
  28. Flash 
  29. Kent 
  30. Avalanche 
  31. Reaper 
  32. Noland 
  33. Dave 
  34. Captain 
  35. Nelson 
  36. Ruffian 
  37. Dame 
  38. Lincoln 
  39. Max 
  40. King 
  41. Patrick 
  42. Stallion 
  43. Twister 
  44. Kody 
  45. Steve 
  46. Breach 
  47. Ryder 
  48. Hank 
  49. Bolt 
  50. Brent 

Famous Names Of Skeletons For Your Skeleton Horse

This list is full of famous, intriguing, and catchy names that you may or may not recognize.

Take for instance Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas or the famous white horse named Pegasus, aid to the God Hercules.  

If you are interested in naming your horse after someone or something famous, you should look at this list of famous skeletons and horse names. 

  1. Skeleton in my Closet 
  2. Bichon Man 
  3. Secretariat 
  4. Skeleton 
  5. Haunter 
  6. Bones 
  7. Frosty 
  8. Bonejangles 
  9. Cowboy 
  10. Arkle 
  11. Ninja 
  12. Grim 
  13. Dracula 
  14. Pancho 
  15. Lucifer 
  16. Vertebrae 
  17. Nocturnal 
  18. Scraps 
  19. Ghost Rider 
  20. Skeleton Key 
  21. Red Rum 
  22. Postie Pete 
  23. Dakota 
  24. Bullseye 
  25. Pegasus 
  26. Jack Skellington 
  27. Dry Bones 
  28. Plague 
  29. Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen 
  30. Xin Zhui 
  31. Nocturne 
  32. Punisher 
  33. Exoskeleton 
  34. Skull Trooper 
  35. Uncle Hector 
  36. Ghostface 
  37. Mob 
  38. Death 
  39. Steve 
  40. Skeletor 
  41. Hercules 
  42. Batman 
  43. Halloween 
  44. Wildfire 
  45. Wight 
  46. Brook 
  47. King Tut 
  48. Naia 
  49. Cubone 
  50. Pinhead

Horse Name Inspiration

Let your imagination run wild as you think of a horse name that reflects you!

If you are more cliché, you might want to look into famous names and names from horror movies. If you are more interested in traditional names, maybe it would make more sense to check out male and female alterations.  

You may want to use your horse themself as a source of inspiration. Getting to know your horse can offer powerful insight into its rightful name.  

If personality is not much of an interest for you, you should try to take into consideration some of your favorite things like your favorite hobbies, your favorite people, and even your favorite colors.

These are small places to start that can lead to much bigger ideas. 

Take these base ideas for instance to get you started to name your skeleton horse:  

  • Horror Movies 
  • Fictional Characters 
  • Role Models 
  • Family Members 
  • Favorite things 

With these things in consideration, you might have an easier time finding a name that you enjoy and are comfortable with! 

Help Choosing the Right Name

Choosing the right name can be a difficult and lengthy process. As you name your horse here are a few things you should take into consideration: 

  • Appearance 
  • Gender 
  • Experience Taming Them 

If you are still struggling to find the right name, it can be helpful to reach out to someone for help.

This might be a family member or a friend for advice who you ask for advice. Sometimes, a fellow player may also be able to offer helpful suggestions. 

Contact other players’ Minecraft forums for friendly advice and check what names they have come up with. After all, there is no better place than the Minecraft community for advice about, well, Minecraft! 


Before choosing a name forever, you might want to observe your skeleton horse for a moment (if possible).

Always remember, there is a time limit for how long your horse can remain untamed before it will disappear. These horses will not automatically respawn, and you will be required to go through the whole process again.  

Taming a wild skeleton horse is a major accomplishment for any Minecraft player. An even larger accomplishment is finding the right name for your new mob.

It can be a difficult and lengthy process but once you land upon the right name, it makes your gaming experience that much better! 

Whether you are looking for a goofy name like Red Rum or something more serious and demented like Caroline, you will know once you find “the” name.

It is important you select a name you feel is deserving of your new horse and that reflects you as a person and your experience as a gamer.

If you’re still looking for more inspiration, check out these awesome lists of horse names!

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