BOTW Horse Names (321 Ideas For Breath Of The Wild)

Horses are an iconic part of The Legend of Zelda, and every Breath of the Wild (BOTW) player is bound to get a horse eventually which is why this comprehensive guide to BOTW horse names will come in handy!  

Keep in mind that you cannot change the name of your horse after you name it unless you release it from your stables and tame them a second time.

BOTW Horse Names

So, you should take time to consider your new horse’s name before registering them so you do not have to go through the dangerous process of potentially losing your horse during the re-release process.

Here are a few of our favorite Breath of the Wild horse names to pick from:

BOTW Horse Names for Geldings or StallionsBOTW Horse Names for Fillys or Mares

Best Names For Breath Of The Wild Horses 

If Ganondorf rings a bell and the name Zelda does not make you think protagonist, then you are likely a true Legend of Zelda fan.

In other words, you really care about what your horse’s name is, and you want a name that sings an Ocarina as old as time…

  1. Fi
  2. Steed
  3. Malon
  4. Ganondorf
  5. Malanya

Good Breath Of The Wild (BOTW) Horse Names 

These names did not make our top five best names for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild horses, but these are still some really good Breath of the Wild horse names that you should definitely check out if you are interested in Zelda-themed names! 

From Link all the way to Toffa, these names include reoccurring characters, unique spots in The Legend of Zelda series, and even easter eggs you may not have known about!

  1. Link
  2. Zelda
  3. Navi
  4. Yodel
  5. Beedle
  6. Maverick
  7. Hyrule
  8. Toffa
  9. Stalhorse
  10. Blynne
  11. Deku
  12. Majora
  13. Remmy
  14. Whinny
  15. Loki
  16. Satori (Lord of the mountain)

Female Breath Of The Wild Horse Names 

If your horse is graceful and majestic, you might be looking to embrace her feminine side.

This list has compiled the most beautiful and sweet names so you can find the perfect name to represent the absolute delicacy and gentle femininity of your new female mare in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

  1. Cutie
  2. Zelda
  3. Ellie
  4. Claire
  5. Princess
  6. Lucky
  7. Donna
  8. Bella
  9. Rose
  10. Willow
  11. Chloe
  12. Hilda
  13. Gypsy
  14. Lady
  15. Juliet
  16. Lacey
  17. Lily
  18. Jennel
  19. Indigo
  20. Fig
  21. Sydney
  22. Natasha
  23. Dawn
  24. Sadie
  25. Lulu
  26. Name
  27. Aurora
  28. Mochi
  29. Clover
  30. Darby
  31. Lovely
  32. Bride
  33. Fancy
  34. Sasha
  35. Merry
  36. Grace
  37. Flower
  38. Fancy
  39. Bubbles
  40. Tinkerbell
  41. Analisa
  42. Peaches
  43. Quart-ney
  44. Morgan
  45. Tootsie
  46. Jingles
  47. Gorgeous
  48. Lilith
  49. Berry
  50. Cowgirl
  51. Medli
  52. Fawn
  53. Biscuit
  54. Beauty
  55. Jewels
  56. Zora
  57. Mystery
  58. Xena
  59. Honey
  60. Ginger
  61. Wendy
  62. Mildred
  63. Patsy
  64. Sahara
  65. Annie
  66. Kylee
  67. Lola
  68. Jolene
  69. Baby
  70. Moira
  71. Blossom
  72. Hope
  73. Sylvia
  74. Gail
  75. Coco
  76. Precious
  77. Rose
  78. Evelyn
  79. Bonnie
  80. Dandelion
  81. Luna
  82. Cupcake
  83. Tabitha
  84. Norah
  85. Starfire
  86. Star
  87. Candy
  88. Malon
  89. Flora
  90. Naomi
  91. Miracle
  92. Lizzie
  93. Emma
  94. Poppy
  95. Firefly
  96. Raven
  97. Dixie
  98. Fiona
  99. Dumpling
  100. Molly

Male Breath Of The Wild Horse Names 

Embracing your horse’s masculinity can be a great idea when naming your horse! A masculine horse is tough and sometimes rowdy which can inspire you to go with a name that represents your horse’s more rugged and dominating side.

This list focuses on delivering you the tough names you want so you can name your male horse something burly and tenacious!

  1. Chuck
  2. Emery
  3. Guinness
  4. Doc
  5. Recon
  6. Mimo
  7. Ernie
  8. Captain
  9. Rex
  10. Hornet
  11. Bruce
  12. Brave
  13. Teddy
  14. Reno
  15. Fletcher
  16. Ryder
  17. Durango
  18. Secretariat
  19. Blaze
  20. Louis
  21. Chevy
  22. Sonny
  23. Chief
  24. Ranger
  25. Elvis
  26. Pierre
  27. Brother
  28. Leo
  29. Douglass
  30. Dawson
  31. Marley
  32. Homer
  33. Stallion
  34. Paddington
  35. Randy
  36. Don
  37. Chester
  38. Buckskin
  39. Max
  40. Barkley
  41. Brody
  42. Angus
  43. Cooper
  44. Arion
  45. Suan
  46. Prince
  47. Pip
  48. Levi
  49. Cash
  50. Mario
  51. Buddy
  52. Dasher
  53. Pharoah
  54. Buck
  55. Jet
  56. Adrian
  57. Lincoln
  58. Ferdinand
  59. Courage
  60. Zeus
  61. Stefan
  62. Rudy
  63. Warrior
  64. Cyril
  65. Billy
  66. Hunter
  67. Jasper
  68. Ace
  69. Sampson
  70. Jack
  71. Rico
  72. BoJack (Horseman)
  73. Percy
  74. Texas
  75. Pegasus
  76. Hero
  77. Charlie
  78. Riley
  79. Colt
  80. Mac
  81. Basil
  82. Franklin
  83. Major
  84. Scout
  85. Cowboy
  86. Sidon
  87. Gulliver
  88. Eustice
  89. Bronco
  90. Brody
  91. Elliot
  92. Arnold
  93. Clyde
  94. Romeo
  95. Link
  96. Shakespeare
  97. Magnus
  98. Napoleon
  99. Trojan
  100. Murphy

Breath Of The Wild White Horse Names 

The aesthetic of your new horse can be a great resource when naming your horse in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 

This list focuses on Breath of the Wild horse names for your white horse so you can take their appearance and run with it (literally)! 

  1. Frosty
  2. Impa
  3. Bones
  4. Snowflake
  5. Fairy
  6. Blanco
  7. Dusty
  8. Avalanche
  9. Chardonnay
  10. Spirit
  11. Pinot
  12. Shimmer
  13. Sterling
  14. Miso
  15. Snowfire
  16. Blizzard
  17. Sailor
  18. Sugar
  19. Coconut
  20. Angel
  21. Archer
  22. Blondie
  23. Stalhorse
  24. Sage
  25. Diamond

Breath Of The Wild Black Horse Names 

Not all black horses have to be named something dark and dreary (although most people do tend to embrace their gothic side).

For new owners of black horses, this list will help you find the absolute perfect name for your black horse in Breath of the Wild!

We have everything from classic spooky names like Darkness all the way to sweet names like Flicka!

  1. Flicka
  2. Mischief
  3. Fury
  4. Fearless
  5. Starry
  6. Dante
  7. Rogue
  8. Eclipse
  9. Storm
  10. Reaper
  11. Devil
  12. Bullet
  13. Shadow
  14. Darkness
  15. Diesel
  16. Soot
  17. Midnight
  18. Rebel
  19. Blaze
  20. Lightning
  21. Outlaw
  22. Dragon
  23. Mercy
  24. Nightmare
  25. Rocket

Breath Of The Wild Brown Horse Names 

From beautiful tan to dark chocolate brown, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has a mystical array of brown horses that will leave you enchanted!

If you are looking to name your brown horse something related to its flawless appearance, this list of Breath of the Wild brown horse names is perfect for you.

  1. Peanut
  2. Toffee
  3. Spinches
  4. Snickers
  5. Chocolate
  6. Syrup
  7. Biggoron
  8. Mudslide
  9. Scotch
  10. Tim Tam
  11. Timber
  12. Spirit
  13. Bear
  14. Cookie
  15. Acorn
  16. Honey
  17. Scooby
  18. Hennesy
  19. Brownie
  20. Dusty
  21. Coffee
  22. Nutty
  23. Gunner
  24. Maple
  25. Cinnamon

Names For Giant Horses In Breath Of The Wild 

Giant Horses are rare, black, and orange horses with a strong resemblance to Ganondorf’s beloved -and intimidating- Steed.

These names are exclusively dedicated to names for giant horses in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and I hope will inspire you to name your giant horse!

  1. Steed
  2. Majesty
  3. Thor
  4. Ferocious
  5. Emperor
  6. Deku
  7. Creeper
  8. King / Queen
  9. Ember
  10. Punisher
  11. Treasure
  12. Ganondorf
  13. Midna
  14. Ocarina
  15. Soldier
  16. Dragon
  17. Fi
  18. Dominator
  19. Twilight
  20. Ganon
  21. Goliath
  22. Warrior
  23. Epona
  24. Tao
  25. Gerudo

Horse Name Inspiration 

If you are struggling to draw inspiration during the naming process, it can be helpful to look back on your experience taming your horse and how your new companion makes you feel.

Naturally, it can be helpful to spend time together and get to know your horse before you name them. In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, each horse has a unique temperament as well as varying skill sets. You can use these to get to know your horse better and find a name that suits their personality! 

Drawing your horse’s appearance can be very helpful too which is why this guide included plenty of aesthetic references for you and your Breath of the Wild horses. 

But, you do not always have to use their appearance as a guide so if that is not something for you, do not fret!

Referencing books, favorite shows, and other hobbies can be another helpful way to find names. I personally enjoy referencing The Legend of Zelda easter eggs and other video game references which I think make names unique.

When you feel at a complete loss, just take a step back and take a break (if possible). Stressing yourself out can just cause problems and sometimes clearing your head, filling your stomach, and getting a good night’s sleep is the best way to find some good inspiration!

Help Choosing The Right Name 

When choosing your new horse’s name you want to keep your name simple and memorable. Ideally, you will want to choose something that is short, simple and that means something to you.

You can only name your horse once which means you should be careful selecting your horse’s name and take time to consider the right name instead of just going with the first name you stumble across.  

It can be helpful to ask friends and family for help or even post a poll on your social media feed to enlist others for help. Even if you do not agree with what they say, just seeing and hearing their opinions can be a helpful way to eliminate or add options to your list of potential horse names!

You can also research horses on official websites and look through horse name guides like this one for reference. Name guides help narrow down your search and make identifying your name preferences easier! For instance, it can help you decide whether you are interested in naming based on appearance, gender, and so on.


In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, taming a new horse means you are welcoming a new companion to your adventures! You will be spending a lot of time together so you should take some time to consider their name! 

The naming process is entirely up to you and if you get stressed out, just take a step back and relax. You may only get one chance to name your horse but there is no rush to do so! 

Take your time when deciding on your new horse’s name and always remember, the only thing that really matters is that you like your new horse’s name. 

You two will be spending a lot of time going on adventures together and you want a name that the two of you can both enjoy!

If you’re still looking for more inspiration, check out these awesome lists of horse names!