129 Fantasy Horse Names (Awesome Male & Female Ideas)

We all love fantasy, and fantasy horse names are no exception.

In this blog post, we will explore many awesome fantasy horse name ideas for males and females! We can help you find the perfect name that suits your needs.

Let’s get started with some of our favorite fantasy names to inspire you!

Best Fantasy Horse Names

The names below range a host of fantastic horse or equine-like creatures from mythology and ancient legends. This also includes modern movies.

  1. Arianrhod – Celtic goddess of the moon
  2. Arwen – “Lord of the Rings” character; elf king’s daughter
  3. Dryad – mythological wood nymph
  4. Eeyor – donkey from the animation, “Winnie the Pooh”
  5. Homer – ancient Greek historian and father in the animated classic, The Simpsons”
  6. Inanna – major female deity in Babylonian mythology
  7. Indra – Hindu god of storms and horses
  8. Lugh – Celtic god of war and early autumn
  9. Nurah – horse of Pharaoh Ramses in the movie, “The 10 Commandments”
  10. Pegasus – mythological horse that can fly
  11. Thebes – in the movie, “The 10 Commandments,” one of the horses of the Pharaoh

Epic Fantasy Horse Names

The list below has some of the most classic and easily recognizable fantasy names for horses created by the human imagination.

Tall tales, legends, fables, and fairytales provide some of the most epic kinds of names.

  1. Amalthea – the name of an ancient Greek Goddess who nursed Zeus and the name of the unicorn in the animation, “The Last Unicorn”
  2. Bellerophon – the story of the Pegasus in Greek myth
  3. Centaur – half human and half horse creature from Greek mythology
  4. Cinderella – classic fairytale character
  5. Dumuzi – major male deity in Babylonian legend
  6. Epona – Roman goddess of horses
  7. Galadriel – “Lord of the Rings” character
  8. Gunpowder – horse of Ichabod from the “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”
  9. Mara – ancient Spanish Celtic goddess of horses and the sea
  10. Pokey – the horse from the popular clay animation, “Gumby”
  11. Poseidon – ancient Greek god of the sea and horses
  12. Vasillisa – from the classic Russian fairytale about Baba Yaga

Cool Fantasy Horse Names

The list below has a host of names from the realm of dreams and imagination. They’re nondescript but many do appear in stories such as “Lord of the Rings.”

  1. Arien
  2. Arod
  3. Arroch
  4. Belladonna
  5. Berylla
  6. Bree
  7. Brego
  8. Carda
  9. Celebrian
  10. Elanor
  11. Elwing
  12. Eowyn
  13. Firefoot
  14. Gilraen
  15. Gnomish 
  16. Goldberry
  17. Haleth
  18. Hasufel
  19. Hild
  20. Hobbit
  21. Lava
  22. Lightfoot
  23. Melian
  24. Miriel
  25. Morwen
  26. Nahar
  27. Nienor
  28. Pearl
  29. Qeyna
  30. Rian
  31. Rosie
  32. Shadowfax
  33. Snowmane
  34. Star
  35. Tauriel
  36. Windfola 
  37. Yavanna

Famous Fantasy Horse Names

Every name in the list of fantasy names below is notorious and famous.

They provide a good base for exploring literature, movies, and other stories to find something whimsical.

  1. Black Beauty
  2. Black Stallion
  3. Bling Bling
  4. Blizzard
  5. Captain Nemo
  6. Crusader
  7. Diablo
  8. Dr. Jekyll
  9. Hi Ho Silver
  10. Midnight Rider
  11. Mister Ed
  12. Nightmare
  13. Red Riding Hood
  14. Seabiscuit
  15. Sleepy Hollow
  16. The Red Baron
  17. Trojan Horse

Fantasy Names For Racehorses

Racehorses require a name that not only reflects their speed but also their character. It brings luck in victory and promotes wonder when an announcer says their name over the loudspeaker.

  1. Gift Horse’s Mouth
  2. King Tut’s Rebirth
  3. Logan’s Run
  4. Lucky Number Slevin
  5. Luke Skywalker
  6. Montezuma’s Revenge
  7. My Little Pony
  8. Princess Xena
  9. Rollerball
  10. Speed Racer
  11. Superman
  12. The Incredible Hulk
  13. The Last Unicorn
  14. Wild West Cowboy
  15. Windswept Destiny

Fantasy Names For Show Horses

When you want to put a horse in show and it’s of superb character and gorgeousness, only a fantasy-type name will do. See if any of these work for you and your horse.

  1. Black Beard – legendary pirate
  2. Don Quixote – central character in the classic tale, “Don Quixote” who is chivalrous and eccentric
  3. Lady Godiva – a legendary story about a woman who rode naked on a horse
  4. Lancelot du Lac – from the classic tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
  5. Prince Charming – basic hero name in regards to fairytales
  6. Queen of Sheba – the famous consort of King David in Judeo-Christian texts
  7. Shrek the Ogre – from the animation, “Shrek”
  8. Snow White – from the classic fairytale
  9. The Little Mermaid – classic Italian fairytale about a mermaid; produced by Disney
  10. Trigger – Rob Roy’s famous horse

Evil Fantasy Names For Horses

From history to modern animation, there’s a world of evil fantasy names to pick from.

These range from actual characters in stories to famous actors.

  1. Bella Lugosi – famous actor notorious for classic vampire films
  2. Boris Karlov – famous actor known for playing evil creatures in movies
  3. Cruella – evil woman in the animation, “101 Dalmatians”
  4. Darth Vader – evil character denoting the dark side of the force in “Star Wars”
  5. Dr. Evil – a character from the movie “Austin Powers”
  6. Ereshkigal – Babylonian underworld goddess
  7. Kelpie – ancient Scottish Celtic myth about a water horse that drags children to their deaths and eats them
  8. Lucifer – fallen angel from the Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism)
  9. Moloch – ancient Babylonian/Semitic god who feasts on children
  10. Mr. Hyde – Dr. Jekyll’s evil side in the timeless story, “Dr. Jekyll; Mr. Hyde”
  11. Nuckelavee – the old Scandinavian myth about a man-eating demon horse
  12. Orc – a soldier in the goblin army of Mount Doom in “The Lord of the Rings”
  13. Sauruman – the evil eye of Mount Doom in “The Lord of the Rings”
  14. Skelator – the wicked skeleton tyrant in the animated series, “He-Man”
  15. Vincent Price – famous actor known for macabre movies

Heroic Fantasy Names For Horses

Throughout myth, fairytales, and other legends there’s always a hero with his trusty steed.

The list of horses here are all those that capture imaginations and hearts.

  1. Aldebaran – from the movie, “Ben-Hur” 
  2. Altair – from the chariot scene in the movie, “Ben-Hur” 
  3. Antares – from “Ben-Hur” 
  4. Aragorn – “Lord of the Rings” hero and king
  5. Artax – ill-fated horse of Atrayu in the movie, “The Never-Ending Story”
  6. Bucephalus – Alexander the Great’s notorious steed and also in the movie, “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen”
  7. Embarr – Lugh’s horse in Celtic mythology
  8. Hengroen – horse of the great King Arthur 
  9. Legolas – heroic elf part of the Fellowship of the Ring in “Lord of the Rings” 
  10. Rigel – from the chariot scene in the movie, “Ben-Hur”
  11. Rocinante – The great, triumphant steed of Don Quixote
  12. Sleipnir – Odin’s notorious eight-legged horse

Horse Name Inspiration

Inspiration can come from anywhere, from tv shows to movies, books, and mythology.

If you are still struggling here are a few areas to draw ideas from:

  • Nature: trees, flowers, the ocean, etc.
  • Cities: New York City, London, Paris, etc.
  • Mythology: Greek, Roman, Norse, etc.
  • Fairy Tales: Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, etc.
  • Animals: lions, tigers, bears, etc.
  • People: celebrities, friends and family members, etc.
  • Places: beaches, mountains, forests, etc.
  • Things: cars, trains, planes, etc.
  • Food: pizza, tacos, Chinese food, etc.

Help Choosing The Right Name

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best name:

1. Consider Your Horse’s Personality

What type of personality does your horse have?

Are they friendly, goofy, laid back, or quirky?

While all horses are different you can probably determine what kind of name would suit them best.

For example, if your horse is energetic and loves to run you might consider naming him something fast like Lightning! Or Thunder for a boy.

If they are a little more serious then something with an elegant tone might be better.

You can also consider how you want them to feel when they hear their own name being called.

Do you want them to feel excited, proud, or perhaps even loved?

Naming your horse is a very important task and it’s definitely not something to take lightly.

2. Use A Meaningful Word In The Name

A meaningful word for your horse’s name can help connect you and your horse on a deeper level. When you say your horse’s name, it should feel like an important word, one that has significance to both of you.

Naming your horse is one of the most special things you’ll ever do as a horse owner. Picking the perfect name is essential in creating that strong connection between you and your horse.

3. Make Sure It Is Easy To Pronounce

When choosing a name for your horse, you’ll want to make sure it is easy to pronounce.

It can be difficult for people to remember names that are difficult to say.

So, while you’re brainstorming name ideas, think about how they would sound if said out loud by your friends or family members!

4. Avoid Using Words That Sound Similar

Similar sounding names can cause confusion and are often difficult to remember.

When choosing a name for your horse, avoid using words that sound similar to each other. For example, don’t use the names ‘Buddy’ and ‘Paddy’.

5. Be Creative!

It’s important to be creative when it comes to naming your horse. Think of a name that will stick in people’s minds and make them think about the meaning behind it.

A great way to do this is by using words or names with meanings related to their characteristics, likes, and dislikes, etc.

For example; ‘Bella’ means beautiful in Italian, ‘Grace’ means elegance and ‘Apollo’ was the Greek god of the sun.

Pick a unique name that matches your horse’s personality and you won’t be disappointed!


Naming your horse is a very important task and it’s definitely not something to take lightly.

You’ll want to consider your horse’s breed, personality, the meaning of the name, and how easy it is to pronounce.

Be creative when choosing a name for your horse and make sure it is something special that will stick in people’s minds.

Using words with meanings related to your horse’s characteristics is a great way to come up with a unique name.

So, take your time and don’t rush the process! Naming your horse is something you’ll be grateful for in the long run.

If you’re still looking for more inspiration try a horse name generator, or check out these awesome lists of horse names below!

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