Horse Riding By The Coast

10 Amazing Horse Riding Holidays in the UK

The vast UK countryside is brimming with vibrant natural beauty which is yet unexplored. If you are ready to explore the picturesque outdoors, why not explore the beautiful countryside on horseback? These beautiful areas are perfect for a horse riding holiday.

Riding Horses At Sunset

5 Incredible Horse Riding Holidays In Spain

Flamenco music and dance, fantastic beaches, beautiful cities, spectacular coastlines, bullfights, and lots of sunshine – Spain has all this and more to offer. For horse lovers, Spain offers endless tracks, untamed and rugged stretches of coast to ride on, and wild sierra to explore. There’s no better way to explore Spain’s diverse countryside than on horseback.

Horse Riding By A River

The 10 Best Horse Riding Holiday Destinations in Europe

Equestrian lovers the world over have found a new horse riding holiday destination – Europe! From the flower-laden Kupres Plateau in Bosnia to the rocky Mijas Mountains in Southern Spain and the green fields in Croatia, now you can choose a horse-riding holiday experience that suits you.