Elegant Horse Names (200+ Awesome Ideas)

A horse’s name says a lot about the animal. It’s important to choose a name that matches your horse, physically or personally. 

We have put together several lists of elegant horse names that are sure to include the perfect name for your horse. We take into account the horse’s appearance, ability, and personality.

Elegant Horse Names

If you’re looking for a unique name for your unique animal, take a look below.

Elegant Horse Names For Mares

Female horse names are abundant, and what you choose depends on your style. Our horse names for mares include both popular and untraditional names to help you find the perfect fit.

  1. Ella
  2. Holly
  3. Dancer
  4. Melody
  5. Ginger
  6. Sierra
  7. Frida
  8. Ellie
  9. Savannah
  10. Lucy
  11. Spice
  12. Emma
  13. Sally
  14. Lexi
  15. Tess
  16. Cheyenne
  17. April
  18. Honey
  19. Jane
  20. Misty
  21. Magic
  22. Hazel
  23. Charm
  24. Clara
  25. Sundance
  26. Silver
  27. Peach
  28. Daisy
  29. Stormy
  30. Twilight
  31. Sugar
  32. Luna
  33. Kylie
  34. Flicka
  35. Poppy
  36. Brandy
  37. Pumpkin
  38. Hope
  39. Cookie
  40. Starlight
  41. Strawberry
  42. Ebony
  43. Lucky
  44. Willow
  45. Tori
  46. Luna
  47. Freckles
  48. Winnie

Elegant Horse Names For Geldings Or Stallions

All horse lovers can be sure to find a name for their male horse below. Try to choose a name that aligns with your horse’s personality, looks, or ability.

  1. Applejack
  2. Cash
  3. Buck
  4. Cupid
  5. Amigo
  6. Cody
  7. Johnny
  8. Jack
  9. Butterscotch
  10. Poncho
  11. Spot
  12. Copper
  13. Rocky
  14. Justin
  15. Trooper
  16. Tex
  17. Yankee
  18. Austin
  19. Rascal
  20. Gizmo
  21. Breeze
  22. Whiskey
  23. Sheriff
  24. Whisper
  25. Dusty
  26. Patrick
  27. Billy
  28. Bailey
  29. George
  30. Harvey
  31. Murphy
  32. Bourbon
  33. Teddy
  34. Jimmy
  35. Turner
  36. Rebel
  37. Danny
  38. Pirate

Elegant Show Horse Names

Show horse names can be as descriptive, creative, and fun as you’d like. You’re looking for something to wow the crowds and introduce your spectacular mare or stud.

  1. Symphony
  2. Shooting Star
  3. Rose Garden
  4. Gloria
  5. Diamond
  6. Shooting Star
  7. Rise and Shine
  8. Dolly
  9. Duchess
  10. Angel Wings
  11. Drifting Ivy
  12. Clover
  13. Prada
  14. Royal Blue
  15. Opal
  16. Ruby
  17. Chopin
  18. Major
  19. Lieutenant
  20. Vanderbilt
  21. Hero
  22. Cold
  23. Legacy
  24. London
  25. Debutante
  26. Deputy
  27. Marquis
  28. Sydney
  29. Dickinson
  30. Mozart
  31. Hercules
  32. Apollo
  33. Beautiful Blonde
  34. Paris
  35. Ice Cold
  36. Dante
  37. Grey Wolf
  38. Beamer
  39. Rising Sun
  40. Calamity Jane

Elegant Black Horse Names

Your black beauty deserves a name that matches its charm. Bring its dark features to light by choosing a name specific to its elegant mane.

  1. Midnight
  2. Soot
  3. Blackjack
  4. Angus
  5. Ebony
  6. Snickers
  7. Midnight
  8. Smokey
  9. Bear
  10. Pepper
  11. Coco
  12. Ace
  13. Cinder
  14. Guinness
  15. Raven
  16. Storm
  17. Ghost
  18. Graphite
  19. Shadow
  20. Velvet
  21. Currant
  22. Ebony
  23. Jaguar
  24. Galaxy
  25. Eclipse
  26. Onyx
  27. Godiva
  28. Nimbus
  29. Wednesday
  30. Mocha
  31. Dalia
  32. Noir
  33. Phantom
  34. Black Tie

Elegant White Horse Names

The color white is associated with elegance and purity, and white horses are no different. These horse names can inspire the same awe as angels would during an entrance.  

  1. Sugar
  2. Pegasus
  3. Arctic
  4. Buttermilk
  5. Moon
  6. Ice
  7. Beluga
  8. Casper
  9. Faith
  10. Coconut
  11. Clara
  12. Cream
  13. Moonbeam
  14. Glory
  15. Cloud
  16. Quartz
  17. Jewel
  18. Cotton
  19. Tornado
  20. Alaska
  21. Siberia
  22. Milky Way
  23. Coco
  24. Glacier
  25. Champagne
  26. Crystal
  27. Polar
  28. Snow
  29. Angel
  30. Blizzard

Elegant Racehorse Names

Whether you’re choosing a name for a Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, or Arabian racehorse, the goal is to impress the crowds. Browse our elegant racehorse list for names that are sure to inspire, intimidate, or both.

  1. Thunder
  2. Omen
  3. Man o’ War
  4. Blaze
  5. Seabiscuit
  6. Hunter
  7. Bonnie
  8. Bolt
  9. Outlaw
  10. Goliath
  11. Secretariat
  12. Ruffian
  13. Mercedes
  14. Assault
  15. Voodoo
  16. Jet
  17. Patriot
  18. Torpedo
  19. Pharoah
  20. Citation
  21. Cowboy
  22. Clyde
  23. Kelso
  24. Lambo
  25. Winx
  26. Victory
  27. Panther
  28. American Pharoah
  29. Trigger
  30. Phantom
  31. Zenyatta
  32. Bandit
  33. Cash
  34. Wrangler
  35. Admiral
  36. Indy
  37. Challenger
  38. Fleet

Horse Name Inspiration

Before choosing a name, it’s important to spend time with your horse and note its characteristics. You can then get inspiration for your horse’s name from your personal experiences, famous people or events, or through simple observation.

You’ll want to make sure that the name matches your horse. The goal is to make the name resonate with your horse and vice versa.

Here are some sources of inspiration to meet this goal.

1. Funny Names

One option would be to choose a name that brings smiles to peoples’ faces. It could be a humorous name that refers to the horse’s abilities – or lack thereof! This is one instance where you may name your horse something to the contrary of how it actually is.

Some funny name examples include naming a giant horse “Tiny”, or other names such as “Silly Goose, Penny Loafer, or Pinto Bean”.

Check out some funny horse names here!

2. Nature

Mother nature has provided us with a bucket-full of names. These range from natural disasters to powerful movements within the earth.

You can also find name inspiration from plants and other animals. For example, if your horse as majestic as the Red Woods, draw inspiration and names from that forest!

3. Names In Other Languages

Who said your elegant name had to be in English? There are plenty of commonly used names in other languages that are easily pronounced in English as well.

Here are a few:

  1. Palma
  2. Cortez
  3. Victoria/Victor
  4. Paloma
  5. Gregorio
  6. Sol
  7. Bonita
  8. Leonardo
  9. Matias
  10. Chico
  11. Santos
  12. Montenegro
  13. Marisol
  14. Rosa
  15. Bonny
  16. Alba

4. Famous Athlete Names

What’s better than taking the power of your favorite athlete and gifting it to your favorite horse? This is particularly relevant if you are working with a racehorse or a larger breed of horse. Consider past, current, and up-and-coming athletes known for their skills.

5. Fitting Names

These names match your horse’s physical appearance. You may choose a name based on its color, size, pattern, mane, hooves, eyes, etc.

These can also include irregularities that make your horse unique. If it has spots or lines, potential names include “Spot” or “Tiger”. If it seems to hop more than normal when it trots, you may flirt with the name “Hopper” or “Trotter”.

6. Human Names

We all have our preferences of normal human names, and there’s no reason we can’t apply these to our mares or studs. Names go in and out of style just like clothes, so pick one that represents the time or memory that suits you best.

Another option is to name your horse after someone you look up to. Before doing this, make sure you have the same regard and respect for your horse as you do the person.

7. Short Names

Short, simple, and to the point will always be a great option. The same is said for names. Try out a few one or two-syllable short names on your horse.

Imagine how it would feel calling to them when you enter the stable or from across the field. The name should roll off of your tongue.

8. Personality Names

After being around your horse for enough time, you’ll be able to see how horses have personalities resembling people. Observe your animal and take note of its behavior.

Personality names will be the description of how your horse behaves. If it is serious and calm, you may name it “Lieutenant”. If it’s unpredictable, on the other hand, you may prefer “Wild West”.

9. Childhood Nicknames

Fond childhood memories are great sources of inspiration. Pick out a few nicknames that bring you happy memories, and see if one sticks as a name for your horse. These may be nicknames you had for certain things, people, or even yourself.

10. Exotic Pet Names

Exotic names have been used to call attention to products for decades. Car names are a great example of this. Go the same route and choose an exotic name for your horse. It will be sure to raise eyebrows upon announcement!

11. God And Goddess Names

If your horse is the apple of your eye, what better way to say so than by naming it after a god or goddess? Greek mythology is the best source for these names, and you can choose the name depending on the quality that the god/goddess represents.

12. Fictional Character Names

Books, movies, series, and folktales are all great sources for inspirational names. Choose a character whose qualities resemble that of your horse’s or one from your favorite novel or show.

You can even choose a horse name from a fictional horse!

Here are a few popular options:

  1. Pied Piper
  2. Rival
  3. Gypsy
  4. Trotsky
  5. Stardust
  6. Flicka
  7. Black Beauty
  8. Smoky
  9. Whirlwind
  10. Ginger
  11. Trojan
  12. Rocket
  13. Blaze
  14. Fury
  15. Acorn

Help Choosing The Right Name

With all of the names out there, you’ll need some help in choosing the right one. Ask others in the horse field about their opinions. Then, ask other individuals that may make up an audience, such as your friends or family.

Come up with a few alternatives, especially if you plan to register your horse’s name. Test out these names in front of your horse and see if you feel any connection to one over the other. If you still need more inspiration and information, check out our awesome lists of horse names.


Choosing an elegant name is no easy task. You can draw inspiration from your horse’s personal or physical characteristics or even from unrelated, outside sources. Family members, historical events, or current discussions can also be used to help brainstorm names.

The important thing is to make sure the name clicks not only with you but with your horse. What are you trying to convey through this name? What impression would you like to make on others when they first meet your horse?

Browse our lists a second time and spend some more time with your animal. Which name sticks out to you the most? Does your horse seem to respond more to one name over the other?

Mull it over for a couple of days and you’ll be sure to pick out the perfect horse name in no time!

If you’re still looking for more inspiration, check out these awesome lists of horse names!

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