Royal Horse Names (200+ Awesome Ideas)

Whether your horse is destined for pleasure rides or competition, picking the right name is important. As all pet lovers know, the right name can be hard to come by.

This comprehensive list offers names for your horse whether it is male or female, white, black, pinto, or palomino. Pick out a few favorites to try with your new horse.

Royal horse names are some of the most popular names for horses. Make your horse’s name unique by mixing and matching for a truly regal-sounding name.

Royal Horse Names

Royal Names For Mares

A Mare is a female horse older than 3 years. A female horse younger than 3 years is a filly.

When choosing a name for your female horse you can look at unique baby names, fictional character names, and historical names.

Fictional Royal Horse Names For Mares

  1. Aurora
  2. Cinderella
  3. Daenerys
  4. Jasmine
  5. Juliet
  6. Katniss
  7. Khaleesi
  8. Pandora
  9. Rosalind
  10. Sansa
  11. Snow White
  12. Xena or Zena
  13. Zelda

Historical Royal Mare Names

  1. Amina
  2. Anastasia
  3. Baroness
  4. Catherine or Catarina
  5. Cleopatra
  6. Duchess
  7. Diana
  8. Eleanor or Eleanora
  9. Elizabeth
  10. Empress
  11. Gwendolyn
  12. Hatshepsut
  13. Helena
  14. Joan of Arc
  15. Margarita or Margrethe
  16. Mbande
  17. Mona Lisa
  18. Nefertiti
  19. Princessa or Princesse
  20. Pocahontas
  21. Regina
  22. Reina
  23. Sacagawea
  24. Victoria or Victoriana

Unique Regal Mare Names

  1. Alandra or Alondra
  2. Arabella
  3. Aphrodite
  4. Athena
  5. Black Pearl
  6. Diamonte or Diamond
  7. Eclipse
  8. Esmeralda
  9. Esperanza
  10. Fantasia
  11. Gaia
  12. Galaxy
  13. Hera
  14. Illuminada
  15. Isis
  16. Morning Star
  17. Nightshade
  18. Queen of Hearts
  19. Queen of Spades
  20. Queen of Diamonds
  21. Queen of Clubs
  22. Ruby
  23. Sasha
  24. Sakura
  25. Sapphire
  26. Serena
  27. Sky Dancer
  28. Starlight
  29. Symphony

Royal Paint Horse Mare Names

  1. Aida
  2. Ayasha
  3. Bindi
  4. Castilla
  5. Ebony
  6. Isabelle, Isabel, Isabella
  7. Princess Paint
  8. Promise or Promesa
  9. Songbird
  10. Sunset
  11. Versaille

Royal Names For Geldings Or Stallions

Stallions and Geldings are Male horses. Stallions are uncastrated and often used for breeding. Geldings are castrated and often gentler than stallions. A young male horse is called a colt.

Whether you want to name your horse after a famous winner or you are looking for a name inspired by something, look to history and fiction to find the most interesting.

Fictional Royal Horse Names For Males

  1. Aslan
  2. Aladdin
  3. Aragorn
  4. Caspian
  5. Dante
  6. Edmund
  7. Khal
  8. Kronos
  9. Lancelot
  10. Lucifer
  11. Merlin
  12. Mithrandir
  13. Pendragon
  14. Shadowfax
  15. Targaryen
  16. Thorin

Historical Royal Male Horse Names

  1. Alexander or Alejandro
  2. Archimedes
  3. Ashoka
  4. Atilla
  5. Augustus or August Night
  6. Baron
  7. Bonaparte
  8. Caesar or Cesar
  9. Charlemagne
  10. Constantine
  11. Cyrus
  12. Dracula
  13. Gilgamesh
  14. Hirohito
  15. Hammurabi
  16. Khan or Genghis Khan
  17. Maharaja
  18. Marquez
  19. Maximillian
  20. Napoleon
  21. Raja
  22. Roman
  23. Shivaji
  24. Solomon
  25. Sultan
  26. Timur

Unique Regal Male Horse Names

  1. Apollo
  2. Braveheart
  3. Dark Knight
  4. Eclipse
  5. Gabriel
  6. Hades
  7. Hercules
  8. Hunter
  9. King of Hearts
  10. King of Spades
  11. King of Diamonds
  12. King of Clubs
  13. Krishna
  14. Legacy
  15. Legend
  16. Leopoldo
  17. Luciano
  18. Midnight
  19. Odin
  20. Osiris
  21. Patriot
  22. Ra
  23. Thor
  24. Phillip or Felipe
  25. Poseidon
  26. Rafael
  27. Salbatore or Salvatore
  28. Shadow
  29. Thunder
  30. Valentin
  31. Zeus

Royal Names For Paint Horse (Gelding And Stallions)

  1. Anasazi
  2. Camachi
  3. Castillo
  4. Drogon
  5. Leviathan
  6. Mozart
  7. Noche Danza
  8. Obsidian Mystery
  9. Painted Sky
  10. Storm Chaser
  11. Thunderbird
  12. Wakanda
  13. Zorro

Best Royal White Horse Names

When people think of White horses, they think of the prince riding in on a snow-white stallion. Whether your horse is male or female, there are a few places to turn for names.

Common naming conventions include winter, weather, ghostly names, and nature-derived names.

  1. Albus
  2. Angelo
  3. Blizzard
  4. Casper
  5. Frost
  6. Ghost
  7. King Snowfire
  8. Pegasus
  9. Phantom
  10. Prince Charming
  11. Romeo
  12. Royal Lightning or Royal Thunder
  13. Siberian Summer
  14. White Flash
  15. White Knight
  16. Zodiac
  17. Angel
  18. Angelique
  19. Ariana or Arianna
  20. Blanca or Blanche
  21. Dove or Paloma
  22. Duchess Snowflake
  23. Fleur
  24. Ivory
  25. Lily Queen
  26. Moon or Luna
  27. Moon Beam
  28. Moondancer
  29. Moonflower
  30. Moonstone
  31. Misty Morning
  32. Nova
  33. Opal
  34. Princess Snow Angel
  35. Tiara
  36. Twilight Dancer
  37. Venus
  38. Arctic Light
  39. Cloud Walker
  40. Dragonborn
  41. Quicksilver
  42. Racing Snow
  43. Siberian Storm
  44. Skyfall
  45. Shooting Star
  46. Spirit
  47. Stargazer
  48. Stormcloud
  49. Winter or Wynter

Royal Ascot Inspired Horse Names

The names in this list are inspired by the names of famous horses that have raced in at the Royal Ascot track and by racing events that happen during the Royal Ascot Horse Races.

Names For Male Horses

  1. Butler (inspired by Yeats)
  2. Caviale Di Oro (Inspired by Black Caviar)
  3. Dread Pirate Roberts (Inspired by The Flying Dutchman)
  4. Flashby (Inspired by Scenic Blast)
  5. Suenos de Paz (Inspired by Oasis Dream)
  6. Royal Rey
  7. Duke of Britannia
  8. Prince of Princes

Names For Female Horses

  1. Mar de Estrellas (Inspired by Sea the Stars
  2. Solaria (Inspired by Solario)
  3. Stella Alpina (inspired by Alpine Star)
  4. Tierra Madre (Inspired by Mother Earth)
  5. Valkyrie (inspired by Gladiator)
  6. Buckingham Beauty
  7. Duchess of Britannia
  8. Queen’s Move

Horse Name Inspiration

You can look in a few different places for horse naming inspiration.

One way to find the perfect name for your horse is to look to ancient words. These words may be rarely used and often sound elegant. This will give your horse a unique and beautiful name.

Another way to create a unique name is by taking two words and combining them. For example, Diamond, Crystal, Sky, and Cloud. When combined these words give many name options: Sky Crystal, Diamond Sky, Clouded Crystal, Diamond Clouds, and more.

Lastly, look at words and names for elegant and expensive items. For instance, Gold or Pearl. Then you can change the name slightly by adding a suffix or prefix or by combining the words. For example, Golden Pearl, Pearla, Goldiana, and more.

Additional Inspiration

  • Castle Names
  • Names of Remote or Rare Locations
  • Historical People
  • Unique Baby Names
  • Historical or Mythical Places

Help Choosing The Right Name

If you are registering your horse, you may need to create a long name that is a combo of names. Most registries do not allow duplicate names. If you are attached to a name that is already in use, try translating it to another language.

Picking a name that is easy to shorten into a nickname is also important. Longer names while elegant and fun are not always easy to remember and can be tiring to say.

Tips For Choosing A Name

  • Choose a color-themed name
  • Choose a name that describes your horse (such as twiggy)
  • Choose a name that fits your horse’s personality
  • Choose a name that fits your horse’s heritage
  • Name your horse after a God or Goddess from Mythology
  • Make sure you check the requirements and restrictions at the registry you plan to register your horse


Whether you are looking for something short and sweet or elegant and official-sounding, this list is just the beginning.

For a truly unique name try mixing and matching the names from the lists. Do not worry too much if you like a name and it falls under the wrong gender. You can either genderize it (Christopher to Cristina) or de-genderize it (Angelo to Angel or Angelwings).

If you’re still looking for more inspiration, check out these awesome lists of horse names!

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