250 Awesome Percheron Names (Male And Female Ideas)

We all know that naming a horse can be difficult. And, if you are looking for Percheron names, it can be even more difficult!

There are so many good options to pick from. So, we created this list of 250 awesome Percheron horse names to help you find the perfect name for your furry friend.

Percheron Horse
  1. Ajax
  2. Alvin
  3. Apollo
  4. Applejack
  5. Atlantis
  6. Atlas
  7. Avalon
  8. Axel
  9. Beau
  10. Belinda
  11. Belle
  12. Betsy
  13. Bill
  14. Bliss
  15. Bonny
  16. Boone
  17. Bradley
  18. Brynhildr
  19. Buffalo
  20. Buttercup
  21. Calvin
  22. Calypso
  23. Candy
  24. Carol
  25. Casey
  26. Casper
  27. Cassiopeia
  28. Cersei
  29. Cesar
  30. Champagne
  31. Charlie
  32. Chaucer
  33. Cherry
  34. Cheyenne
  35. Chloe
  36. Cloudette
  37. Cobalt
  38. Coco
  39. Comet
  40. Cora
  41. Cordelia
  42. Crackerjack
  43. Crispin
  44. Crystle
  45. Cupid
  46. Cynthia
  47. Dancer
  48. Diana
  49. Dionysus
  50. Doc
  51. Duncan
  52. Dusty
  53. Dwight
  54. Emerson
  55. Emma
  56. Emmeline
  57. Eric
  58. Eros
  59. Errol
  60. Falcon
  61. Farah
  62. Fatal Attraction
  63. Finn
  64. Flash
  65. Fleur
  66. Florian
  67. Fonda
  68. Forrest
  69. Fortune
  70. Frankie
  71. Frisco
  72. Fritz
  73. Gale
  74. Gandalf
  75. Genevieve
  76. Gilmore
  77. Glory
  78. Goldie
  79. Goose
  80. Greyson
  81. Gunner
  82. Hades
  83. Hamlet
  84. Harry
  85. Helga
  86. Herbert
  87. Holden
  88. Holliday
  89. Honeybee
  90. Hugo

Female Percheron Horse Names

Percheron Horse

Here is a list of 80 ideas for naming your big girl:

  1. Ace
  2. Acorn
  3. Addie
  4. Alma
  5. Amy (from Amethyst)
  6. Applejaxx (from Applejack)
  7. Ariel (from Ariel, The Little Mermaid)
  8. Artemis (Greek Mythology: Goddess of the Hunt)
  9. Athena (Greek Mythology: Goddess of Wisdom)
  10. Aura (Latin for “Air”)
  11. Azure (Azure, Blue)
  12. Baxter
  13. Betty Boop
  14. Bijoux (“Jewel”)
  15. Bliss (Happy)
  16. Bluebird (Sweet Bluebird of Happiness)
  17. Buttercup
  18. Candy (Sweet)
  19. Celeste (Harmonious, Heavenly)
  20. Celina (Pure)
  21. Chantilly Lace
  22. Cherry (Sweet)
  23. Chloe (“Blooming, Young Woman”)
  24. Cinnamon (“Spice”)
  25. Clover (Trifolium)
  26. Darling (“Beloved, Dear One”)
  27. Dove (“The Holy Spirit”)
  28. Fawn (Young Deer)
  29. Flora (Latin for “Flower”)
  30. Freya (Norse Goddess of Love)
  31. Frosty (“Chilled, Icy”)
  32. Gemma  (“Gem”)
  33. Gracie (“Largess, Grace”)
  34. Hazel (The Color)
  35. Heaven (“Place of Gods and Angels”)
  36. Heidi (High One)
  37. Honeybee
  38. Jewel (“Jewel”)
  39. Joy (“Joie de Vivre, Joy of Life)
  40. Juneau (“Daughter of the Stars”)
  41. Kitty (“Little Kitty Cat”)
  42. Lily (“A Flower of the Genus Lilium”)
  43. Lovely (“Beloved, Dear One”)
  44. Luna (Latin for “Moon”)
  45. Maggie May
  46. Mallory (“Warlike, Resolute Protector”)
  47. Marigold (The Flower)
  48. May (“Month of Blooming”)
  49. Maya (“Illusion, The Divine Play”)
  50. Misty (Mystic)
  51. Molly O’Malley
  52. Nala (The Lion King)
  53. Orchid (“A Flower of the Genus Orchis”)
  54. Peony (“Flower”)
  55. Petunia (“Flower”)
  56. Phoenix (“The Redeemed Soul Who Has Risen from the Ashes of Life’s Trials and Tribulations”)
  57. Poppy (“A Flower of the Genus Papaver”)
  58. Primrose (“First Rose”)
  59. Rosemary (“Dew of the Sea”)
  60. Ruby (“Jewel, Precious Stone”)
  61. Scarlett (“Red Color”)
  62. Sixty-nine
  63. Skye (“Island of the Sky”)
  64. Smokey (“A dark-colored horse with a light-colored face and/or legs”)
  65. Starburst
  66. Sunshine (“The Bright, Radiant One”)
  67. Tansy (“A Plant of the Genus Tanacetum”)
  68. Tigerlily (“A Flower of the Genus Lilium”)
  69. Topaz (“Yellow, Orange Precious Stone”)
  70. Tulip (“A Flower of the Genus Tulipa”)
  71. Unicornio (“Unicorn”)
  72. Violet (“Purple, Flower”)
  73. Willow  (“The Tree”)
  74. Wisteria (“Purple, Flower”)
  75. Xenia (“Pledged to Guests and Travelers Among the Ancient Greeks. A Holy Woman, a Saint.”)
  76. Zelda (“Protector of Home”)
  77. Zinnia (“A Plant of the Genus Zinnia”)
  78. Zoe (“Life”)
  79. Zoey (“Life”)
  80. Zuri (“Beautiful, Radiant”)

Male Percheron Horse Names

White Percheron Horse

Here are some ideas if you own a male Percheron:

  1. Ace
  2. Adam (“Man”)
  3. Ansel  (“Divinely Created Mountain or Prominent Hill Near Water.”)
  4. Apollo  (“God of Light, Poetry and Music”)
  5. Bandit  (“Rustler, Horse Thief”)
  6. Baron (“Landholder or Nobleman of a Medieval Feudal Barony”)
  7. Blitz  (“Lightning”)
  8. Boomer (“Large, Loud Noise” or “One Who Makes A Large, Loud Noise”)
  9. Boone  (“Brave One”)
  10. Brent (“From the Mountainous Countryside”)
  11. Butch
  12. Buster  (“One Who Crushes With His Hand” or “A Person of Courage, Energy, or Largeness”)
  13. Chance  (“One Who Takes Chances”)
  14. Chancellor  (“Chief Officer of a College or University, Head Of A Medieval Chancery, The Office of Chancellor”)
  15. Chief (“Leader, Head” or “The Most Important Person in a Group”)
  16. Conan (“Strong, Manly”)
  17. Crimson
  18. Crusader  (“One Who Crushes With His Hand” or “A Person of Courage, Energy, or Largeness”)
  19. Cyrus  (“Lord, The Lord Is My Shepherd” or “The Greatest Ruler of His People and Nation”)
  20. Dagger  (“A Knife With A Long, Thin Blade”)
  21. Darwin  (“One Who Stands By The Shore (Dweller on the Shore)”)
  22. Dipper  (“One Who Drinks Deeply, One of The Stars in The Great Bear Constellation, The Plough”)
  23. Dirk  (“A Dagger”, “An Unmarried Man Of Good Social Standing”)
  24. Draco (“Dragon”)
  25. Drake  (“One Who Draws Water From a Well”)
  26. Echo (“Sound That Reverberates Far and Wide”)
  27. Eli  (“God is My Leader”)
  28. Elijah (“My God Is The Lord” or “The Lord Is My God”)
  29. Ethan  (“Stationed, Firm” or “Strong”)
  30. Galileo  (“To Cry Out Loud To The Lord God For Mercy And Grace”)
  31. Flint (“A Stone or Rock Found in The Earth and Resembling a Stone”)
  32. Gideon (“Destroyer” or “One Who Destroyed the Midianites”)
  33. Godzilla  (“Monster King of the Monsters”)
  34. Hawkings  (“The Hawk, A Bird of the Falcon Family”)
  35. Hercules  (“Glory Of Hera, One Bound To The Goddess Hera”)
  36. Iago (“Yew-Tree Valley or Yew Wood”)
  37. Jaguar  (“A Large Cat Related to Lions and Leopards With a Yellowish Coat Spotted with Black Ridges. A Raging, Intensely Jealous Man”)
  38. Jax  (“Short Form Of Jackson”, “Son of Jack or Father Is Exalted”)
  39. Kaiser (“Emperor” or “Leader in Battle”)
  40. Kaleb (“Dogged, Stubborn Or Obstinate. One Who Demands Personal Sacrifice for a Cause.”)
  41. King  (“Title of Ruler” or “Male Monarch”)
  42. Klaus  (“Fame, Praise”)
  43. Knight (“Warrior Equipped for Battle on Horseback”, “One Of The Order Of Chivalry. A Person Who Knows And Appreciates Fine Wine.”)
  44. Knox  (“From the Cottage”)
  45. Lance  (“A Long, Thin Spear”)
  46. Legend (“One Who Is Told About By Word of Mouth” or “Legendary Hero. A Story Or Tale.”)
  47. Lord  (“Master, Owner” or “Ruler”)
  48. Loki  (“A Form Of Loke, A Trickster God In Norse Mythology. One Who Is Guileful At Concealing His True Intentions.”)
  49. Luca (“Light”)
  50. Magnus  (“Greatest” or “The Bear Cub”)
  51. Manly  (“Heroic. Masculine”)
  52. Maximus (“Greatest” or “The Greatest of All”)
  53. Melvin  (“Honey Bee”, “Loves Honey”, or “Battle Chief”)
  54. Merlin  (“A Wizard King in Arthurian Legend, A Wild Animal With Reddish Brown or Gray Fur”)
  55. Moses (“I Am Who I Am” or “Saviour Of The World)”)
  56. Nero  (“Strong Characteristics. Male Ruler”, “One who is Keen and Accurate”)
  57. Oz  (“Enchanter”)
  58. Pax  (“Peace”, “Pacifyer”, “Tranquilize”)
  59. Perseus (“Destroyer Of Evil Monsters. One Who Is Valiant and Fearless”)
  60. Peter  (“Rock. Stone. One Who Holds the Keys to Heaven”)
  61. Pillar  (“One who Stands by The Shore (Dweller on the Shore)”)
  62. Prince (“A Male Ruler, Monarch” or “Leader of The First Rank or Class. A Member Of Royalty or Nobility.”)
  63. Quentin  (“Fifth”)
  64. Rinaldo (“Skillful”)
  65. Saber  (“A Swordsman. A Blade With a Single Cutting Edge.”)
  66. Samson (“Sun”, “Lion of God”)
  67. Scorpio (“The Scorpion, One Of The Zodiacal Signs (October 24 to November 22)”)
  68. Shane  (“God Is Gracious”)
  69. Sidney  (“Cultivator Of Seed. One Who Lives By A Sign or Milestone”)
  70. Sirius (“Brightest Star In The Sky, Doggy Star” or “The Blazing One”)
  71. Spike  (“One With Sharp Points Or Needles”, “A Short Form of Nicolas Which Means ‘Conqueror of People'”)
  72. Stinger  (“One With A Sting, Sharp Pain”)
  73. Stuart  (“Dweller At The Place By the Stream”)
  74. Sullivan (“Grandson Of The Dark One. Son Of Sally.”)
  75. Thor (“Thunder God in Norse Mythology”, “A Short Form of Thomas Which Means Twin”)
  76. Vladimir  (“Ruler of the World” or “World Ruler”)
  77. Wesley (“West Meadow”, “Field Of The Springtime”)
  78. Xerxes  (“One Who Is Possessed Of A Dry Mind”)
  79. Yuma  (“One Who Wrestles With God, The Creator” or “The Lord is My Strength”)
  80. Zeus  (“God of the Sky and Ruler of Olympus”, “Sky Father”)

Horse Name Inspiration

Naming a horse is a very personal decision. There are several ways to choose the name for your horse. It might be a lovely location, a legendary figure, an item you enjoy, or other successful or famous horses.

Baby name lists can also assist you in choosing the ideal name for your horse. Horse names from literature, pop culture, and television shows are other great sources that you can use to create a fantastic horse name.

If all else fails why not try a horse name generator like this one!

Help Choosing The Right Name

Here are a few tips to assist on your Percheron naming quest:

  • Look for something unique and unforgettable. Don’t use names that are too common as your horse is one in a million.
  • Keep it simple. Stick to shorter names as they are easier to remember.
  • Make it mean something special to you, your horse’s personality, or your career goals.
  • Pick something that’s easy to pronounce and remember.

The perfect name is personal, special, and meaningful. It should represent your horse’s character well.


A Percheron horse is a large and powerful animal. The size of this breed makes it difficult to find the perfect name.

We hope that our guide has helped in finding the right fit for your furry friend.

If you need any more help or inspiration on naming ideas for any horse breed or anything else related to horses, check out our horse blog!

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