Crazy Horse Names (309 Awesome Male And Female Ideas)

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Some horse owners want the craziest name they can find for their furry four-legged friend. Whether for the Jockey Club or the Kentucky Derby, finding a funny horse name will be the perfect thing. There’s nothing like having the announcer say all the crazy horse names to get a roaring laugh from the crowd. 

Sift through this ginormous list of names that you could give your horse. Some are cute, others are puns and yet there are few that are naughty.

Crazy Horse Names

Best Crazy Horse Names

The conglomeration and connection of words below are some of the best horse names around. There are some fun ones with others being are a little suggestive.

  1. A Bid Farewell
  2. Alimony Pony
  3. An Appy for That
  4. Ask Nicely
  5. Backstage Drama
  6. Bad Assumption
  7. Bait N Switch
  8. Betta Be Faster
  9. Big Impact
  10. Biscotti the Hottie
  11. Burnt Tostada
  12. Casino Royale
  13. Cat Sass (say it fast)
  14. Cirque Soleil
  15. Citation
  16. Clodhopper
  17. Commanding Presence
  18. Corporate Espionage
  19. Crimson Tide
  20. Critical Cadence
  21. Cryptic Code
  22. Divorce Settlement
  23. Eager Beaver
  24. Endless Anticipation
  25. Exchange My Brain
  26. Executive Decision
  27. Falcon Rising
  28. Fallen Emperor
  29. Fatty McButterpants
  30. Fiscal Impact
  31. Future Investment
  32. Glory Seeker
  33. Gluteus Maximus
  34. Governors Delight
  35. Grand Appeal
  36. Grey Goose
  37. Guess
  38. Heisenberg
  39. Honey Bunches of Oats
  40. Ides of March
  41. In It to Win It
  42. Jalopy
  43. Jamaican Me A Winner
  44. Kicking My Habits
  45. Late Night Tango
  46. Lawful Alibi
  47. Legendary Boysenberry
  48. Lollygagger
  49. Lost in the Clouds
  50. Lostma Cowboy
  51. Mad About Bagels
  52. Mane Attraction
  53. Misguided Adventure
  54. More Cowbell (classic Saturday Night Live skit)
  55. Neigh Sayer
  56. No Soup for You (Seinfeld)
  57. Odds in my Favor
  58. Odor in the Court
  59. Original Dilemma
  60. Over Active Imagination
  61. Panty Raid
  62. Partner in Crime
  63. Peanuts Envy
  64. Pour Me A Manhattan
  65. Purely A Whim
  66. Quite a Mystery
  67. Ransom Note
  68. Rhythm N Blues
  69. Saintly Opinion
  70. Sir Barton Jumps-alot
  71. Sofa Can Fast (say it fast)
  72. Sofa Can Slow
  73. Squirtle the Turtle
  74. Talk Derby to Me
  75. Tax Return
  76. Twenty Grand
  77. Useless Request
  78. User Friendly
  79. Valid Conclusion
  80. War Pig
  81. Where’s The Beef
  82. Xtra Whip Cream
  83. Zero Percent Interest
  84. Zip Code

Crazy Female Horse Names

When you intend to use your mare or filly in horse racing pursuits, see if any one of these will work. Of course, you could make the name their daily moniker too.

  1. Appealing Grace
  2. Babbling Brooke
  3. Bella Donna
  4. Big Mama
  5. Blind Faith
  6. Bloody Mary
  7. Buckle Up Buttercup
  8. Cactus Cowgirl
  9. Cajun Princess
  10. Candy Chase
  11. Daddy’s Little Girl
  12. Dazzling Belle
  13. Deceptive Miss
  14. Defiant Princess
  15. Disco Diva
  16. Diva Dancer
  17. Domestic Donna
  18. Downtown Abby
  19. Duchess of Dreams
  20. Elegant Lady
  21. Elusive Dawn
  22. Exclusive Lady
  23. Famous Lady
  24. Gentle Lady
  25. Girl with a Pearl
  26. Golden Grace
  27. Hailey’s Comet
  28. Harvest the Dawn
  29. Hollyhock
  30. Hurricane Rose
  31. I’m A Lady
  32. Impressive Peach
  33. Jazzy Jane
  34. Jewel of the Sea
  35. Kansas City Princess
  36. Kate Winsalot
  37. Kiss My Asterisk
  38. Lace N Pearls
  39. Lady in Waiting
  40. Lucy Goosey
  41. Madame Lumiere
  42. Magnolia Dreams
  43. Majestic Princess
  44. Mama Knows Best
  45. Marvelous Maxine
  46. Masquerade Belle
  47. Memorable Maiden
  48. Mimosa for Me
  49. Miss Bee Havin
  50. Mother Hubbard
  51. Mount Whinney
  52. Moving with Grace
  53. Mustang Sally
  54. Oh She Hit (say it fast)
  55. Our Little Princess
  56. Pacific Coast Princess
  57. Patriotic Princess
  58. Pearls N Gold
  59. Polka Dottie
  60. Prairie Princess
  61. Princess Consuela
  62. Queen of Hearts
  63. Run Susie Run
  64. September Dawn
  65. She’s Easy Peasey
  66. Spirit of a Lady
  67. Sunshine Cowgirl
  68. Swiss Miss
  69. Victorias Secret
  70. Western Rose

Crazy Male Horse Names

A stallion or gelding may do well with any of the crazy names below. Here you’ll find plays on words and the names of famous people.

  1. Al Capony
  2. Ask Him
  3. Bachelor Pad
  4. Beau Bridges
  5. Brave Hawk
  6. Budweiser
  7. Captain Hook
  8. Chester Drawers
  9. Chilly Willy
  10. Cowboy Caper
  11. Cup of Joe
  12. Dennis the Menace
  13. Deputy Dan
  14. Edgar Allen Pony
  15. Gambling Man
  16. General Tso
  17. Handsome Hank
  18. Harry Trotter
  19. His Eminence
  20. Hoosier Daddy
  21. Horsey McHorseFace
  22. Huge Ackman
  23. I Don’t Know, Ask Him
  24. Illusive Warrior
  25. Jedi Knight
  26. Johnny Danger
  27. Justa Plain Mister
  28. Justin Thyme
  29. King of the World
  30. Liam Neighson
  31. Lord of the Lake
  32. Lucky with Ladies
  33. Magical Mister
  34. Magnificent Mister
  35. Major Demands
  36. Man with a Plan
  37. Max A. Million
  38. Mr. McWhinney
  39. Pocket Rocket
  40. Pony Montana
  41. Pony Soprano
  42. Private Ryan
  43. Radiant Mister
  44. Ricky Bobby
  45. Ridgeline
  46. Rushmore
  47. Sam Adams
  48. Scottie Too Hottie
  49. Sgt Wreckless
  50. Shoelace
  51. Sir Tater Tot
  52. Solo, Han Solo
  53. Spongebob Horsepants
  54. Steeltoe
  55. Tommy Haflinger
  56. Two Buck Chuck
  57. Upchuck
  58. Usain Colt
  59. Wicked Warrior
  60. Will Jump for Food

Crazy Unique Horse Names

Any gender can benefit from these fun crazy names. They’re pinpointed to be the most unique, original and unusual for your precious equine pal.

  1. Ace of Diamonds
  2. Additional Demands
  3. Atlantic Elegance
  4. Blueberry Beauty
  5. Biscuits with Ham
  6. Black and Tan
  7. Blue Ballad
  8. Boilermaker
  9. Cabernet
  10. Cafe Ole
  11. Call of Duty
  12. Chardonneigh
  13. Chopped Liver
  14. Civil Justice
  15. Code Blue
  16. Crown Royal
  17. Dangerous Pleasure
  18. Dapple Ganger
  19. Dixieland
  20. Dos Equis
  21. Easy Street
  22. Emperor’s Dream
  23. Faster Than Most
  24. Flying Saucer
  25. Funneigh
  26. Game Changer
  27. Gilded Gamer
  28. Glitter N Gold
  29. Got Hay
  30. Grey Goose
  31. Half Moon Bay
  32. Hammer N Nail
  33. Hay Neighbor
  34. Highball
  35. Holy Diver
  36. Hoof Hearted
  37. Instead of Homework
  38. Irish Car Bomb
  39. Joy of the Challenge
  40. Jungle Cruiser
  41. Kissing Booth
  42. Krispy Cream
  43. Late for Dinner
  44. Lonely Liaison
  45. Making History
  46. Martinis Anyone
  47. Masked Crusader
  48. Miles of Glory
  49. Music to my Ears
  50. National Debt
  51. Nautical Adventure
  52. Not A Problem
  53. Nothing to See
  54. Old Fashioned
  55. Overdraft
  56. Page of Contention
  57. Prospecting for Glory
  58. Quality Check
  59. Rapid Succession
  60. Ready for Anything
  61. Reasonably Late
  62. Red Tide Rising
  63. Robbed Again
  64. Royal Invitation
  65. Rusty Nail
  66. Sapphire Ridge
  67. Saratoga Sweetheart
  68. Scare Tactic
  69. Schnapps
  70. Scotch on the Rocks
  71. Second Mortgage
  72. Secret Confession
  73. Shoulda Been First
  74. Starship Enterprise
  75. State Secrets
  76. Strictly Business
  77. Surprise Me Later
  78. Tactical Alert
  79. Ten Mile Miracle
  80. Tequila Sunrise
  81. That’s What She Said
  82. Triple Threat
  83. Twenty Four K
  84. Unbridled Fury
  85. Unlimited Adventure
  86. Vintage Heirloom
  87. Visitation Rights
  88. Vote of Confidence
  89. Watch Me Dance
  90. Wayward Management
  91. Whisky Sour
  92. Wholy Sheet
  93. Yuengling
  94. Yuletide Cheer
  95. Zippin Around Town

Horse Name Inspiration

Whether you have quarter horses or thoroughbred horses, you want to select a name that matches its unusual and beautiful characteristics. Make mental notes about its behaviors, mannerisms, and daily modes of being.

While you develop a list of adjectives, take a ride through nature and see if anything sticks out. Trees, flowers, plants, or other animals may interact with your horse in a memorable way. Then, watch old horse races and listen to the plethora of names from the past. You certainly shouldn’t use them, but perhaps it will give you some solid ideas.

Help Choosing The Right Name

Of course, if you intend the horse for racing or competitions, you will have to follow the naming guidelines for that particular organization. In order for your horse to qualify, you will, more than likely, not be able to use a name that’s suggestive.

Although finding the perfect name can be challenging, you can make it fun. Let the horse become a part of this process. First, observe and learn about your horse and its personality. Then, select two or three names and affix them onto separate strings. Tie a carrot to each. Whichever one the horse eats first, that will be its new crazy name.


Crazy horse names are a great way to entertain the crowd at horse races. It’s memorable, hilarious, and draws much attention to your furry friend. If the names above aren’t your cup of tea, hopefully, you’ve found enough inspiration to design some of your own.

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