Barrel Horse Names (95+ Awesome Ideas)

Barrel horses are most commonly used in races. For horse lovers, one of the most exciting parts of horse racing can be examining the list of horse’s names. 

From cute to completely obscure, the naming of horses is an extremely creative process.

Barrel horses are intelligent, powerful, and fast. Horses deserve names that perfectly match their personalities and characteristics. 

Here’s a list of the best barrel horse names out there, perfect for Mares, Geldings, and Stallions. 

Barrel Horse Names

Best Barrel Horse Names

There are a range of names for barrel horses out there and if their owners do it properly, the names should reflect the horse’s personalities and characteristics. 

Names for barrel horses are often quirky, funny, unique, and most of all memorable.  

Here’s a list of the best names for barrel horses of all time:

  1. Denman’s Call
  2. Effinex
  3. Notacatbutallama
  4. Dr. Fager
  5. Pollard’s Vision
  6. Midnight Lute
  7. Harass
  8. Luv Gov
  9. Arrr
  10. Covfefe
  11. Doremifasollatido
  12. Hoof Hearted
  13. Onoitsmymothernlaw
  14. Yakahickamickadola
  15. Painting the Sky

Names For Mare Barrel Horses

Mares are female adult horses that are over the age of four. When choosing a name for barrel horses, you may want to keep their gender in mind. 

Is there really a difference when it comes to female and male horses?

According to CNN, ‘While male and female thoroughbreds are fairly evenly matched in physical ability, the girls must overcome commercial and even psychological constraints to get ahead in the sporting world.’ 

Sometimes names for barrel horses can be geared more towards male horses, but the mares deserve their fair shot too.

Here’s a list of names for barrel horses that are perfect for mares:

  1. Kleo
  2. Gypsy
  3. Velvet Rose
  4. Mustang Muse
  5. Twilight Glimmer
  6. Wildflower
  7. Flurry Heart
  8. Tempest Shadow
  9. Azra
  10. Sunset Shimmer
  11. Meadow River
  12. Starsky
  13. Cherish
  14. Charismatic
  15. Worth

Names For A Gelding Barrel Horse

Geldings are male horses that have been castrated and are most commonly used for riding.

In comparison to stallions, who tend to be a lot sterner, geldings are typically warmer and calmer.

Therefore, their names should reflect their quieter nature.

Here are some barrel horse name suggestions for geldings:

  1. Titanium
  2. Boaz
  3. Black Jack
  4. Titus
  5. Trooper
  6. Hello, Goodbye
  7. New Hope
  8. Hidden Destiny
  9. Cloud Chaser
  10. Digby
  11. Cher Ami
  12. Uri
  13. Shadow
  14. Dare to Compare
  15. Patriotic Spirit

Names For Stallion Barrel Horses

Stallions are known for their power and strength. Some of these suggestions include some powerful rulers that could be an absolutely perfect match for your stallion.

Stallions won’t always fit these criteria, so if you want a name that reflects their more playful personality, there are also some names in here that are perfect for them too!

Here are some barrel horse name suggestions for stallions:

  1. Patch
  2. Thunder
  3. Caboose
  4. Borak
  5. Wally
  6. Snickers
  7. Huckleberry
  8. Magnus
  9. Kaspar
  10. Gulliver
  11. Bear
  12. Thor
  13. Bandit
  14. Czar
  15. Sheriff

Famous Names Of Barrel Horses

These famous names of barrel horses are the winners of races, championships and some may be considered the greatest barrel horses to exist.

According to SportsCasting, these are the top 5 famous names of barrel horses:

  1. Seattle Slew
  2. Man o’ War
  3. Citation
  4. Seabiscuit
  5. Secretariat

Other famous horse names for barrel horses include:

  1. Phar Lap
  2. Flying Fox
  3. Zenyatta
  4. Red Rum
  5. American Pharoah
  6. Eclipse
  7. Justify
  8. Black Caviar
  9. Winx
  10. Affirmed
  11. Aristides
  12. Spectacular Bid
  13. Lost in the Fog
  14. Kelso
  15. Ruffian
  16. Desert Orchid
  17. Huaso
  18. Barbaro
  19. Sunday Silence
  20. Count Fleet
  21. Holy Bull
  22. Arkle
  23. Dr. Fager
  24. Bold Ruler
  25. Frankel
  26. Big Ben
  27. Native Dancer
  28. Alydar
  29. Kingston
  30. Genuine Risk

Horse Name Inspiration

Part of finding the perfect barrel horse names is to look for inspiration. These lists provide inspiration from all sorts of different places, from historical military horses to Disney. 

Inspiration from Disney:

  1. Angus
  2. Maximus
  3. Khan 
  4. Captain 
  5. Pegasus 

Inspiration from Western TV:

  1. Domino 
  2. Champion
  3. Trigger
  4. Koko
  5. Tarzan

Inspiration from Novels:

  1. Cadoc
  2. Boxer
  3. Flicka
  4. Fury
  5. Argo

Inspiration from Military Horses:

  1. Palomo
  2. Chetak
  3. Blueskin
  4. Comanche
  5. Marengo

Inspiration from Greek Mythology:

  1. Rhaebus
  2. Pegasus
  3. Arion
  4. Sterope
  5. Xanthos

Help Choosing The Right Name

Courageous. Elegant. Majestic. These are just some of the words that we can use to describe horses. Each horse is so unique and their individual personalities shine through. 

Horses are kind, friendly, and loyal, and as owners, you owe it to them to make sure that they have a perfect name fit for them. 

Step 1: Restrictions

You’ll need to check the breed’s association regulation for names as they have certain restrictions that may not allow for something you have in mind. 

If you do this before you start to brainstorm, it gives you a rough guideline of what you can and can’t use for your barrel horse.

Step 2: Purpose

If you’re going to register your barrel horse, then you’ll need to think about how easy the horse’s name will be to say. 

Don’t choose names that could rhyme or are similar to commands as this can be extremely confusing for your horse.

Step 3: Forming The Name

If you look at famous names for barrel horses, they’re quite often short phrases. Firstly, you could write a list of all the characteristics and unique qualities that your horse has.

Think about their color, breed, any unique strengths or physical qualities, and their origin story. You should try and pinpoint anything that makes your horse stand out from the crowd.

Then, you can generate some synonyms for these characteristics. Now, you’ll have a new set of words to work with and hopefully, something sparks your interests.

Alternatively, you may be able to generate a few new ideas by considering your horse’s stable name.

If you have a nickname for your horse, or you can just simply play on their name for inspiration, this could be a great idea for deciding their show name. 

Obviously, your horse won’t understand the meaning behind their name so you may want to add a little bit of your personality in there too. 

If there’s anything that you and your horse have in common, this could be a great way to make a connection between you.  


Hopefully, this should give you some ideas for finding the perfect name for your horse.

You shouldn’t be afraid to get creative with it. After all, you can see from the famous names that others really have gone that extra mile.

Whether you want to find a funny name to match a ditsy, carefree mare or you want to find a powerful name for your bold stallion, the options are practically infinite.

If you’re still looking for more inspiration, check out these awesome lists of horse names!

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