Appaloosa Horse Names (217 Amazing Choices)

Americans are perpetually in love with the gorgeous Appaloosa horse, irrespective of being horse lovers, ranchers, Native Americans, or cowboys. The Nez Perce Indians bread these horses originally. The American horse is distinctly identified by its stunning spotted coat.

The American breed is easy to train, hardworking, and gentle making it a preferred breed among horse owners. In North America, these horses are utilized for activities such as mounted athletics, general riding, dressage, racing, and farm work among others.

Searching for Appaloosa horse names can be both exciting and great fun. These native American horses are known for their special legacy which makes it particularly more exciting when knowing about the history of their origins. One should also consider the horse’s lineage carefully while choosing Appaloosa names. For instance, naming the horse after its grandparents or parents is a traditional way of choosing a name.

You may also consider the horse’s appearance, its role in life, personal preference, or gender while selecting a name. It makes sense to choose a name, which is simple to pronounce, fits the personality of the horse, and are fun.

Appaloosa Horse Names

Male Appaloosa Horse Names 

These horses are preferred for their lovely coloring, tenacity for hard work, rich legacy, and adorable spirit. The Nez Perce Indians loved these horses and used them to hunt, travel, and promote tribal health. There was a time when North America boasted the biggest herd of this horse breed. 

These horses became popular after they featured in different films and moviegoers were completely smitten by them. A good name for a male Appaloosa horse should be fun but noble.

Check out some of these names below:

  1. X Marks the Spot
  2. Rear Admiral
  3. Phobos
  4. Johnny on the Spot
  5. Pablo
  6. Ricardo
  7. Carlos
  8. Hindsight
  9. Dots and Dashes
  10. Donato
  11. Paco
  12. Raymon
  13. Haleb
  14. Leonel
  15. Monte
  16. Hot Spot
  17. Teo
  18. Indian Summer
  19. Top Dollar
  20. Teodor
  21. Constellation
  22. Jester
  23. Adonis
  24. Oliverio
  25. Freckles
  26. Spot-o-Rama
  27. Starsky
  28. Orlando
  29. Jamaal
  30. German
  31. Splatter Back
  32. Tartarus
  33. Montae
  34. Lakota
  35. Benny
  36. Indian Blanket
  37. Ayaan
  38. Freedom Fire
  39. Galaxy Cruiser
  40. Jokers Wild
  41. Confetti King
  42. Samman
  43. Zahir
  44. Justino

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Female Appaloosa Horse Names

Here are some of the female names of this beloved American breed:

  1. Monica
  2. Emerald
  3. Tia
  4. Paloma
  5. Patricia
  6. Molly
  7. Tierra
  8. Liberia
  9. Cyntia
  10. Earlena
  11. Vanesa
  12. Alegria
  13. Jasmeen
  14. Pia
  15. Ayesha
  16. Nina
  17. Celestina
  18. Estella
  19. Ashley
  20. Iris
  21. Simona
  22. Aleece
  23. Whiskey
  24. Angela
  25. Carola

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Famous Appaloosa Horse Names

These quarter horses have inspired several well-known Appaloosa names. Following are some of the most famous names:

  1. Sprinkle Bars
  2. Hayes Roman Cloud
  3. Arfamous
  4. Clouds Legend
  5. Triple Chick
  6. Hayes Dakota Cloud
  7. Radio Rome
  8. Clouds Fame
  9. Arbright
  10. Ambright
  11. Top Decker
  12. Copper Echos
  13. Triple Chick
  14. Torched
  15. Radio Time
  16. Roman
  17. Everett’s Fame
  18. Chicago V
  19. Three Bars
  20. Dakota Sands

Show Names For Appaloosa Horses

Following are some of the famous Appaloosa horse names after horse shows:

  1. Smooth Sailing
  2. In My Pocket
  3. Into The Night
  4. Into The Sunset
  5. Into The Mist
  6. Flying High
  7. The Sandstorm
  8. Leap Of Faith

Good Names For Appaloosa Horses

Here are some good names for your Appaloosa horse:

  1. Star Power
  2. Spot Price
  3. Dotted My Eyes
  4. Polka Dot Prince
  5. Fancy Pants
  6. Spangled Glamour
  7. Celestial Collision
  8. Cozy Blanket
  9. Big Bang Theory
  10. Spotlight Diva
  11. Spagladesh
  12. Dotstream
  13. Dotted Dream
  14. Spotopia
  15. Velvet Blanket
  16. Dotted Rest
  17. Blanket Immunity
  18. Big Bang Theory
  19. Confetti Confection
  20. Spot Goes Hollywood
  21. Spotsylvania
  22. My Electric Blanket
  23. Sweet Dotted Swiss
  24. Spot Test
  25. Polka Dot Party
  26. Solar Spots
  27. Splatter Painted
  28. Beach Blanket Baby
  29. Great Red Spot
  30. Spotted Speeder
  31. Count Hot Spot
  32. Security Blanket
  33. When Stars Collide
  34. Star-Spangled Banner
  35. Spotorama
  36. Bubbles
  37. Spotted Eagle
  38. Harlequin Romance
  39. Dotted Note
  40. Connect The Dots
  41. Spot Race
  42. Spot Market
  43. Back Splatter
  44. Satin Blanket
  45. Spot On
  46. In The Spotlight
  47. Blanket Hog
  48. Spot Check
  49. Fanny
  50. Baby Blanket

Indian Appaloosa Horse Names

Check out these Indian names for Appaloosa horses below:

  1. Montae
  2. Donato
  3. Teo
  4. Teodor
  5. Haleb
  6. Samman
  7. Pablo
  8. Leonel
  9. Ricardo
  10. Carlos
  11. Tartarus
  12. Phobos
  13. Ayaan
  14. Oliverio
  15. Justino
  16. Adonis
  17. Zahir
  18. Orlondo
  19. Benny
  20. Raymon
  21. Badger
  22. German
  23. Jamaal
  24. Monte
  25. Paco

Native American Appaloosa Horse Names

Native American names are not the usual names that we see in our ponies and horses.

Here are some of them listed below:

  1. Isha
  2. Ahone
  3. Kame
  4. Keri
  5. Raweno
  6. Tamuchi
  7. Wakanda
  8. Kujuri
  9. Jamul
  10. Kipitaki
  11. Menilly
  12. Shiok
  13. Raven
  14. Whiskey-Jack
  15. Silver Fox
  16. Windigo
  17. Stonecoat
  18. Kolowa
  19. Uktena
  20. Asin’
  21. Manetowa
  22. Chenoo
  23. Caddaja
  24. Pomola
  25. Culloo
  26. Sasquatch
  27. Thunderbird
  28. Canotina
  29. Stoneclad
  30. Nianthaw
  31. Coyote
  32. Wanderer
  33. Sibu
  34. Azeban
  35. Wisaka
  36. Crazy Jack
  37. Bluejay
  38. Mink
  39. Napi
  40. (Trickster) Rabbit

Horse Name Inspiration

If you want an elegant and strong horse name, you can get inspired by these words, which mean king in different languages. These names sound regal and are also perfect for your male Appaloosa horse. 

  1. Kral 
  2. Errege
  3. Roi
  4. Regem
  5. Boqor

Help Choosing The Right Name

You may look into ancient Norse, Indian, and Greek religions if you want good names for your Appaloosa horse. Go to any search engine and type in the words “mythological goddess and god names.” You may also go to Wikipedia and look for a list of deities. 

You can look to ancient Greek, Indian, and Norse religions for horse names. Just search Google for mythological god and goddess names or search up Wikipedia’s. We have even created a list of mythical horse names which you can check out too.


No matter what name you select for these mottled skin horses, it will reflect the kind of relationship you share with them and their spirit. Irrespective of why you have decided to keep the horse, this gentle spirit will keep you company. You only have to be good to him, and he/she will reciprocate the same behavior towards you.

If you’re still looking for more inspiration, check out these awesome lists of horse names!

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