Horse Names That Start With G (113 Incredible Choices)

There are many horse names that start with the letter G.

Horse owners sometimes choose horse names to match their horse’s color, but it is also common for horse owners to find a name that reminds them of something special or fits their horse’s personality.

The following list contains 113 incredible horse names that start with the letter “G.”

Young Bay Mangalarga Marchador Horse

Best “G” Horse Names

The best horse names that begin with the letter “G” include:

  1. Gable
  2. Galadriel’s Fjord (after the horse in Lord of the Rings)
  3. Galadriel (after a character in Lord of the Rings)
  4. Galapagos (a great original name for an island horse)
  5. Galileo Galilei (a famous astronomer and mathematician from Renaissance Italy)
  6. Gallant
  7. Gandalf (after the wizard from Lord of the Rings)
  8. General Lee (after a horse from the classic TV show “The Dukes of Hazzard”)
  9. General Patton (after the famous World War II general)
  10. Genghis Khan (if the horse is a male)
  11. Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney (a famous horse owner/breeder from America’s early 20th century gilded age)
  12. Gingerbread Man
  13. Ginger Rogers (a famous actress and dancer from America’s Golden Age)
  14. Gizmo
  15. Gladiator
  16. Godiva
  17. Gold Dust (if the horse is gold in color)
  18. Goldfinger
  19. Goldie
  20. Goldilocks
  21. Goliath (if your horse is large in stature)
  22. Goliathus Rexx (a powerful dinosaur from the classic 1985 arcade game “Rampage”)
  23. Gotham
  24. Grace
  25. Graceland (if the horse is a male)
  26. Grand Slam
  27. Grease Lightning (after John Travolta’s character in “Grease”)
  28. Great Gatsby
  29. Greta
  30. Grey Goose (if the horse is grey)

Female Horse Names Starting With G

If you own a filly horse, we have a list of the best horse names for females that start with G:

  1. Grace: This is one of the most common female horse names and means “graceful”.
  2. Gloria: There are many meanings to this horse name, including “glory”, which perfectly describes your horse when in action!
  3. Gloriana: If you want a regal horse name that is not too common, this horse name may be for you.
  4. Goldie: This unique horse name means “golden”.
  5. Goody: This horse name is one of the most popular horse names for females that start with G.
  6. Graciella: A combination between “Grace” and “Isabella”, this unique horse name means “graceful”.
  7. Graceful
  8. Graciee
  9. Gail
  10. Genevieve
  11. Graciela: A lovely alternative to Grace or Gracie.
  12. Grazie
  13. Gala
  14. Glory: If your horse loves to be in the spotlight, we recommend this horse name.
  15. Glitter: If you like stars and glitter, we think this horse name will suit your horse best!
  16. Graceful: One of our favorite horse names for females that start with G because it perfectly describes your filly.
  17. Georgina: If you want a short and sweet name, this horse name may be perfect for you!
  18. Ginger
  19. Giselle
  20. Glory: If you want your filly to shine, we recommend this horse name.
  21. Gabby: A fun and unique choice for a mare or filly.
  22. Gloriana
  23. Giselle
  24. Gloria
  25. Graciella
  26. Goldilocks: If you like fairytales and love horses, we think this unique choice will suit any mare best.
  27. Grizzel: This is one of the more unique female horse names and means “a small, weak bear”.
  28. Glimmer
  29. Glory Days: You might not want to give up when life gets tough – and neither does your pal! We love the positive energy behind this horse name.
  30. Golden Dreams: Another beautiful choice if you like golden colors or stars in general. Its meaning (“golden dreams”) makes it an excellent option as well.
  31. Goldie San Badger: This unique, one-of-a-kind choice is perfect for your pal.
  32. Goin’ Postal: If you’re going to deliver mail (or anything else), we think this fun and the spunky pick would be a great option!
  33. Gidget Galore: Looking to give your pal an old Hollywood vibe? We recommend this name which was popular in the 1950s.
  34. Geneva

Male Horse Names That Start With G

Now onto some male G names for horses.

Check them out:

  1. Gale – This name is perfect for a very strong horse.
  2. Gabriel – For those who like their horses angelic and divine, Gabriel might be your best pick! It means “God is my strength” and can definitely give your male horse some power behind his herculean build.
  3. Galileo
  4. Gandalf – Tolkien nerds and horse enthusiasts alike will love this one! Gandalf is not only a cool wizard’s name but it also means “staff and cane” so if your stallion has some wizard-type qualities about him, go ahead and use this pick for his name.
  5. Galahad – The Knights of the Round Table had many great names that would work well for horses (Percival was another favorite).
  6. Goliath
  7. Grimm – If you’re looking to give your horse a name that sounds scary or intimidating then Grimm might do the trick!
  8. Gladiator – Gladiator is a name that could not only work for your stallion, but it also has the added bonus of being a pretty cool occupation.
  9. Graham – If you’re looking to give your stallion a Scottish-sounding name then Graham should definitely be on your list!
  10. Goldie – Goldie could easily become the nickname of any golden-colored horse out there so make sure that he or she lives up to their potential by choosing this awesome choice.
  11. Grayson – If you’re looking for a more modern twist on the classic “Gray” name, we think Grayson would be a really nice fit.
  12. Google – While this might not necessarily fall into the category of “traditional” horse names, Google can easily become an awesome nickname if nothing else works out so don’t forget about it just yet.
  13. Grande – If you’re looking to give your stallion a Spanish-sounding name then Grande could definitely work out well! It means “large or grand” so I think that speaks for itself in terms of what qualities you want him to have as well.
  14. Grant – For those who love historically significant names, Grant should totally be on your list of options! General Ulysses S. Grant was my personal favorite president during history class so I would consider naming any horse after him since he did such a fantastic job leading our country through difficult times.
  15. Grizzly – If you’re looking for a name that is more on the wild side then Grizzly should definitely be your first choice!
  16. Gideon
  17. Gregory – If you love old-fashioned sounding names then Gregory should definitely be on your list of options!
  18. Granger – It might not be too common but Granger could definitely become a great option if you’re looking to give your horse some sort of occupation-related name.
  19. Granite – Granite is another one that falls more on the side of being wild than traditional, so while it might still sound like an awesome choice we would only recommend it for horses who are especially burly and strong!
  20. Gunner
  21. Gus
  22. Gabriel

Racehorse Names Starting With G


Now let’s explore the sounds of the letter G to find an incredible name for your racing horse:

  1. Gallant Fox
  2. Gato Del Sol
  3. Gayego
  4. Ghazi
  5. Ghostzapper – won the 2004 Breeders’ Cup Classic and finished in fourth place for his first try at a Triple Crown race.
  6. Giant’s Causeway – winner of three Eclipse Awards including Horse Of The Year 2001, 2002 & 2003.
  7. Gold Digger – won the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies in 2003. Also, she was the only three-year-old filly to win a Grade I stakes in 2004 and is one of just fifteen horses who have ever completed the Triple Tiara of Thoroughbred Racing, which consists of winning two Eclipse Awards plus an award from all three U.S. Classics for fillies: The Kentucky Oaks, Acorn Stakes and Mother Goose Stakes
  8. Golden Horn
  9. Gun Runner
  10. Gus – Gus was a bay horse, foaled in 1875 and named for the child of his owner, Philadelphia Athletics manager Harry Wright.
  11. Go For Wand – won an Eclipse Award as a two-year-old filly at the 1989 Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies race held at Keenland Race Course in Lexington, Kentucky. Also known as “The Iron Lady”. She retired with career earnings of $956,820 (a record for sophomore fillies).
  12. Goldikova – French champion race mare who has won 16 Group One races.
  13. Grindstone – became the first horse to win the Breeders’ Cup Classic, (Grade I) and was voted American Horse of the Year & Eclipse Award for 1999. Also went on to become a very successful sire with progeny earnings of over $25 million as at 2016
  14. Ginger Punch – this mare is one of only two horses ever to complete both The Triple Crown Of Thoroughbred Racing and The Grand Slam of Harness Racing: winning both Kentucky Oaks (for three-year-old fillies), Hambletonian Stakes (three-year-old colts/geldings), Meadowlands Pace (three-year-old pacing colts), Little Brown Jug (three-year-old pacer/geldings) & The Adios Pace during her racing career.

Show Names For Horses That Start With G

Show horses need imaginative names that will wow the judge.

If you are looking for ideas, here’s a list of incredible horse names to get your mind started!

  1. Gladys – As in “the good witch”.
  2. Genghis Khan – There may be parts of the world where Genghis is not considered a great name but it has been used on horses before. It might make more sense if this was named after his grandson Kublai Kahn who ruled over China and Mongolia from 1260 until 1280 when he became Emperor of China. For some reason he liked being called khan instead though.
  3. George Washington – One of our most famous presidents with an equally famous half-Arabian steed during the Revolutionary War era, Nelson, also known as Blueskin.
  4. Gloria – A Latin name meaning “glory”. It is also the feminine form of the word Gloria which means glory in Spanish as well as other languages such as Italian and Portuguese. You can’t go wrong with this one!
  5. Glenda Goodwitch – If you prefer something more witchy then Glenda may be your girl.
  6. Gloria Gaynor – A name that will definitely get the judge’s attention! The singer’s signature song is “I Will Survive” which might be a great choice for an older mare who has been around and seen it all but still manages to keep going strong.
  7. Glory Be
  8. Glory Days – A great name for an older mare that has seen it all but still manages to keep going strong (or some other horse with a similar story). This would also make an excellent broodmare name if you are looking for something more unique than just plain old Glory.
  9. Golden Girl – A great name for a palomino, gold coat, or buckskin.
  10. Gloria Swanson
  11. Goldie
  12. Gold Rush – The California Gold Rush began in 1848 and attracted hundreds of thousands of fortune seekers to the region by 1850 which is when many people actually started arriving at San Francisco where they hoped their luck with panning for gold might pay off.
  13. Ginger Rogers

Horse Name Inspiration

Inspiration is all around us in nature, the media, people throughout history, and our day-to-day lives.

There are many ways of finding inspiration but sometimes it’s good to come up with some new ideas on what might make a great name for your horse.

A few other ideas to search are in books (fiction and non), movies, music lyrics, friends’ names, or even places you’ve visited.

Help Choosing The Right Name

Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect name for your horse.

1. Consider Your Horse’s Personality When Choosing A Name

Choose something that will fit their personality. If you have a shy horse, for example, one with an outgoing or bold name might not be the best choice!

If your horse is stubborn then it would probably work well to choose a strong-sounding name like “Justice” while if they are more laid back and easy going then consider choosing names that sound less harsh but still denote strength such as “Athena”.

2. Keep The Name Short And Easy To Pronounce

This is especially important if you are planning on showing your horse.

If you’re not sure what names people will have trouble pronouncing then try and ask around and see how they respond when practicing saying the name out loud yourself!

3. Avoid Any Names That Sound Like Commands Or Might Be Confused With Another Word

This is very important if you are planning on training your horse to do any kind of work.

There are many horses who have been trained to follow commands until they hear them and if you name your horse something like “Stop” or even worse “No!” then this might be a problem.

You don’t want people thinking that every time the word comes up it’s actually what you’re asking of your horse!

4. Check The Availability Of The Chosen Name On Social Media Sites Such As Facebook, Twitter, And Instagram Before You Finalize It

This is a good idea especially if you’re looking to use something unique as there are many people on social media who might have the same name.

5. If You’re Naming More Than One Pet, Keep Them In Mind While Naming Each One So They Don’t Have Similar-Sounding Names

If you choose a name like “Goldie” and “Goldielocks” for another you will be embarrassed when both pets respond to your call when you only meant to call one of them.

6. Avoid Using Words From Other Languages Unless You Are Fluent In That Language Or Know What It Means

Having an understanding of the name allows you to avoid any misunderstandings that might arise from using a word or phrase in a different language.

If you are not sure about what it means then it’s best just to stick with English names!


If you are looking for the perfect name, there is no shortage of choices to choose from. Whether your horse has a unique story or just needs an unusual name because their old one was getting boring, these G horse names should give you plenty of inspiration!

If you’re still looking for more inspiration, check out these awesome lists of horse names!

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