Fast Horse Names (239 Awesome Ideas For Speedy Steeds)

Choosing a name for your brand new horse can be just as frustrating as selecting a name for a human baby. But, if you know your horse is fast, swift, speedy, or quick, then only a name reflecting these adjectives will do.

Check out our complete lists of fast horse names for males, females, and geldings. If anything, hopefully, it will inspire you to invent your own.

Let’s dive in.

Fast Horse Names

Names For Fast Mare Horses

In the event you have a fast female horse, also called a mare or a filly, consider a mythological name if she has that special spark of divinity.

Epona or Artemis may just do the trick, especially if she has a way with other animals.

  1. Achira
  2. Achiraprabha
  3. Aeva
  4. Amara
  5. Artemis
  6. Asuga
  7. Cammi
  8. Celerity
  9. Constance
  10. Constanza
  11. Daya
  12. Deanne
  13. Dianna
  14. Didion
  15. Epona
  16. Fleta
  17. Flyta
  18. Gijima
  19. Ginger
  20. Hearth
  21. Mad Madam Mim
  22. Maira
  23. Mari
  24. Mehira
  25. Merlene
  26. Niamha
  27. Pim
  28. Ranhita
  29. Rhiannon
  30. Sarama
  31. Sayua
  32. Thistle
  33. Yona

Horse Names For Fast Geldings Or Stallions

There are two types of horses that are male: geldings and stallions. The difference between the two is that geldings are no longer able to reproduce because they underwent surgery for neutering. Stallions have all their sexual organs.


These names and the ones listed for stallions are interchangeable if you think those are most suited to your horse.

  1. Acceleration
  2. Barrel
  3. Boaz
  4. Boost
  5. Brisk
  6. Capala
  7. Catapult
  8. Comet
  9. Crazy
  10. Dahy
  11. Daithi
  12. Eachann
  13. Efra
  14. Eimar
  15. Eimhin
  16. Embarr
  17. Evinrude
  18. Flash
  19. Fleda
  20. Fleet
  21. Gwydion
  22. Hasty
  23. Mustang
  24. Nimble
  25. Quick
  26. Shanahan
  27. Sherwyn
  28. Skeat
  29. Skeeter
  30. Spring
  31. Tamir
  32. Traveler
  33. Tu


The following list contains common names for virile male horses that are also fast. You may notice some are from famous horses in movies, literature, and mythology.

  1. Artax
  2. Buzz
  3. Dispatch
  4. Etor
  5. Gait
  6. Harley
  7. Hector
  8. Hustler
  9. Javanila
  10. Javin
  11. Javlin
  12. Joust
  13. Kansan
  14. Kohana
  15. Lautaro
  16. Legerity
  17. Mad Max
  18. Miles
  19. Min
  20. Rhaebus
  21. Rustle
  22. Ryker
  23. Sail
  24. Seether
  25. Trente
  26. Trojan
  27. Tulpar

Horse Names That Mean Fast

The names mentioned here are all variations and synonyms for the words “fast,” “speed,” or “swift.”

You may be able to add these with other words and come up with a more complete name that matches your horse’s personality, temperament, and demeanor.

  1. Advancement
  2. Agility
  3. Apace
  4. Blaze
  5. Bluster
  6. Bullet
  7. Clipper
  8. Express
  9. Faster
  10. Gallop
  11. Jet
  12. Racer
  13. Rapid
  14. Rocket
  15. Rush
  16. Speedy
  17. Streak
  18. Taz

Cool Fast Horse Names

If you have a quick quarter horse or a special horse with legendary quality, a cool name will only suffice. See if anything below fits your furry, frolicking friend.

  1. Alacrity
  2. Apache
  3. Blue Streak
  4. Cougar
  5. Dasher
  6. Double Quick
  7. Double Trouble
  8. Electric
  9. Expeditious
  10. Falcon
  11. Flight
  12. Ground Cover
  13. Hasten
  14. Hightail
  15. Hypersonic
  16. Impel
  17. Momentum
  18. Presto
  19. Pronto
  20. Sea Breeze
  21. Sonic
  22. Speed of Light
  23. Speedball
  24. Subsonic
  25. Supersonic
  26. Tempo
  27. The Quickening
  28. Trade Wind
  29. Urgency
  30. Velocious
  31. Velocity
  32. Voyager
  33. Whirlwind
  34. Wildfire
  35. Zephyr

Fast Black Horse Names

If you have a black horse that runs like the wind, try on any of these names for size.

  1. Arion
  2. Black Beauty
  3. Black Lightning
  4. Black Stallion
  5. Black Widow
  6. Blackjack
  7. Breeze Demon
  8. Dark Knight
  9. Flight Knight
  10. Fury
  11. Gunpowder
  12. Hell Spawn
  13. Kelpie
  14. Mid Knight
  15. Midnight
  16. Midnight Madness
  17. Midnight Rider
  18. Moon Shadow
  19. Night Flight
  20. Nightingale
  21. Nightmare
  22. Nuckelavee
  23. Shadowfax
  24. Spawn
  25. Storm
  26. Stormchaser
  27. Swift Onyx
  28. Tornado
  29. Wind Smoke

Fast White Horse Names

Precious white horses with amazing speed and agility deserve a name that not only presents their personality but also their beauty.

Perhaps a winged horse in Greek mythology, like Pegasus, will work. Or, if it’s female, naming her Eos, after the Goddess of the Dawn, might be perfect.

  1. Alabaster Blaster
  2. Arctic Breeze
  3. Creamy Breeze
  4. Dawnlight
  5. Eos
  6. Frosted Lightning
  7. Frosty Morning
  8. Frosty the Snowman
  9. Ghost Rider
  10. Ivory
  11. Lightning
  12. Lumi
  13. Moonlight
  14. Pale Fury
  15. Pearl
  16. Pegasus
  17. Quick Frost
  18. Quicksilver
  19. Snow Flurry
  20. Snowfire
  21. Snowstorm
  22. Summer Breeze
  23. White Knight
  24. White Lightning
  25. Winter Sparkle

Funny Names For Fast Horses

If your newly acquired equine friend is a silly clown but as fast as anything you’ve ever seen, then give him or her a name that’s funny.

  1. Accelerated
  2. All Get Out
  3. Bat Out of Hell
  4. Bentley
  5. Bomber
  6. Breakneck
  7. Chop Chop
  8. Dashing
  9. Double Time
  10. Eager Edgar
  11. Fast ; Furious
  12. Flat Out Fast
  13. Fleeting Fancy
  14. Frenetic
  15. Gone with the Wind
  16. Greased Lightning
  17. Hair Trigger
  18. Headway
  19. Hurried
  20. Jiffy
  21. Lickety Split
  22. Lil Whip
  23. Nothing Flat
  24. PDQ
  25. Pony Express
  26. Posthaste
  27. Precipitous
  28. Quickie
  29. Runaway
  30. Shake A Leg
  31. Shooter
  32. Short Order
  33. Snap
  34. Spanky
  35. Steam
  36. Tasmanian Devil
  37. Whiz
  38. Zippy
  39. Zoom

Horse Name Inspiration

If you didn’t find any of these names suitable for your horse, think about all the things you like or take an interest in.

For instance, you could refer to history like the Battle of Little Big Horn and name them after proud Native American warriors like Crazy Horse or Black Elk.

You could also refer to a baby-naming guide, search through a thesaurus or hit up your followers on social media for suggestions.

Help Choosing The Right Name

Whatever you end up picking, consider the job you intend your horse to do and let the name also reflect it.

As an example, if you have a white female horse for winter sleigh rides, a name like Snowfire has a nice ring to it. It may be a good idea to select a few names and see which one the horse best responds to.

About Race Horses

In the event yours is a racehorse, you must abide by strict rules in order for your horse to qualify. It’s best that the horse’s name has no more than 18 letters and it shouldn’t be all initials. This means names like PDQ will not work.

The horse’s name shouldn’t be vulgar, suggestive, or obscene along with not being in poor taste or be offensive to any particular political, religious or ethnic group. You will have to refer to the rules specific to the racing organization’s regulations.


Horses are beautiful, majestic creatures that deserve a good, solid name. It should represent their personality, activity, and demeanor. Selecting a name that surrounds or is a variation of the word “speed” is one way to do this. Regardless of which name you pick, make sure the horse responds to it before settling.

If you’re still looking for more inspiration, check out these awesome lists of horse names!

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