Chestnut Horse Names (Gelding, Stallion, And Mare Ideas)

Ranging in color from a sandy brown to a deep, dark, chocolate, the color Chestnut seems to hold a whole rainbow of brown horses. Whether your Chestnut is a khaki or an umber, they are sure to be a stunner deserving of an equally stunning name. No basic monikers here! 

A horse as special as a Chestnut needs a name that represents its sweet and sassy personality as well as its handsome coat coloring. Chestnut horse names need to be unique, but it can be hard to settle on the perfect title for your four-hooved friend.

That’s where we come in! Our list of Chestnut names is an awesome place to start when it comes to picking out what to call your beautiful brown horse.

So without further ado, let’s get to the names!

Chestnut Morgan Horse

Chestnut Stallion And Gelding Names

Stallions and geldings have big attitudes and even bigger personalities to match. These characters need a name that is going to fit their larger-than-life persona.

Stallions command the attention of everyone around them. It’s their world and they know it!

On the other hand, geldings tend to have a more conservative personality. Their confidence is quiet. 

Here we have 50 stallion and gelding names to jumpstart your male horse name search. 

  1. Comet
  2. Big Red
  3. Carrot Top
  4. Copper
  5. Alfie
  6. Alamo
  7. Cider
  8. Adagio
  9. Burgundy
  10. Abrazo
  11. Amadeus
  12. Admiral
  13. Alchemist
  14. Brick
  15. Amigo
  16. Dynamite
  17. Auburn
  18. Arizona
  19. Curry
  20. Acclaimed
  21. Amaretto
  22. Solar Flare
  23. Allegro
  24. Fennec
  25. Apollo
  26. Currant
  27. Brighton
  28. American
  29. Pyro
  30. Ace of spades
  31. Clifford
  32. Bordeaux
  33. Ace
  34. Alto
  35. Crimson
  36. Archie
  37. Chester
  38. Abracadabra
  39. Amado
  40. Chesnut
  41. Iroquois
  42. Beets
  43. Conan
  44. Albert
  45. Ambassador
  46. Eleanor
  47. Bandit
  48. Amos
  49. Adios
  50. Akela

Chestnut Mare Names

The loveliest ladies in the stables are the Chestnut mares. These poised ponies should get names that are as beautiful as they are.

Chestnut mares come with a reputation for being fiery personalities that are as stubborn as they are lovely. These spicy ladies can be a handful, but that’s what we love about them.

Or maybe your Chestnut mare is a gentle girl that just wants a scratch behind the ears? Either way, a fitting name is important. 

Our list of 50 Chestnut mare names has a bunch of great ideas for your female horse to help you chose the most fitting name possible.

  1. Ariel
  2. Hibiscus
  3. Scarlett
  4. Starburst
  5. Pansy
  6. Poinsettia
  7. Valentine
  8. April
  9. Marie
  10. Persephone
  11. Begonia
  12. Foxy
  13. Lady Luck
  14. Angel
  15. Angela
  16. Lily
  17. Ginger
  18. Rose
  19. Sweet Pea
  20. Mistletoe
  21. Carmen
  22. Pebbles
  23. Molly
  24. Atlanta
  25. Raggedy Anne
  26. Lucille Ball
  27. Applause
  28. Verbena
  29. Amore
  30. Artist
  31. Poppy
  32. Siren
  33. Callie
  34. Tulip
  35. Strawberry
  36. Artemis
  37. Maya
  38. Merida
  39. Azalea
  40. Amulet
  41. Scully
  42. Dahlia
  43. Asti
  44. Wilma
  45. Daphne
  46. Iris
  47. Apple
  48. Pippi Longstocking
  49. Peony
  50. Rosy

Chestnut Show Horse Name Ideas

One of the hardest horse names to pick out is a show horse name! You want your horse’s show name to reflect who they are, but still unique enough to catch people’s attention at competitions and shows. 

It might be tempting to go with a generic name for your Chestnut brown horse. Resist the urge! There are so many opportunities for fun, memorable show names. The only limit to what to call your show horse is your own imagination. 

Start here with our 50 Chestnut show horse names and you’re sure to have a better idea for a show name for your favorite horse!

  1. Toffee Chew
  2. Coffee N’ Cream
  3. Malted Milkshake
  4. Chocolate Chippy
  5. Love You A Latte
  6. Whiskey Sour
  7. Bourbon Bonanza
  8. Winny-Fred Sanderson
  9. Annie Up 
  10. Tequila Sunrise
  11. Honey Buns
  12.  Wings of Fire
  13. Flame On
  14. Dancer on the Wind
  15. Colors of the Wind
  16. Storm Surge
  17. Annie Oakley
  18. Polly Pocket
  19. Brown Sugar
  20. Blazing Saddles
  21. Willy Wonka
  22. Electric SLide
  23. Oatmeal Cookie
  24. Quicksand
  25. Heart of the Prarie
  26. Kiss of Amber
  27. Hot Cocoa
  28. Fire in the Sky
  29. Rendevous
  30. In the Limelight
  31. Waves of Grain
  32. Amber Waves
  33. Tater Tot
  34. Captain Jack Sparrow
  35. Mocha Latte
  36. Craving Cappuccinos 
  37. Root Beer
  38. All That Glitters
  39. Stay Gold Ponyboy
  40. Eye of the Tiger
  41. Hot Blooded
  42. Cocoa Butter
  43. Coo Coo for Coconuts
  44. Prince of Persia
  45. Sahara Storm
  46. Autumn Leaves
  47. Jack O’ Lantern
  48. Will O’ The Wisp
  49. Reese Cup
  50. Nutty Buddy

Cool Chestnut Horse Names

Maybe your Chestnut horse is a cool character. He always seems to be chill, unbothered by the day-to-day inconveniences.

Some horses can be high-strung, frightened by every airplane that passes. Not your cool Chestnut. No plane, train, or automobile can scare this horse. 

If that’s the case, here is a list of 50 cool Chestnut names for your easy-going pony pal. 

  1. Limelight
  2. Jimminy Cricket
  3. Kuzco
  4. Lunatic
  5. Fernando
  6. Atreyu
  7. Magic
  8. Jedi
  9. Junior
  10. Lotus
  11. Gelato
  12. Legolas
  13. Jingles
  14. Ludwig
  15. Jazzman
  16. Lancelot
  17. Jetset
  18. Kelpie
  19. Aztec
  20. Maize
  21. Kipper
  22. Joker
  23. Magnum
  24. Nutella
  25. Louis
  26. King
  27. Leo
  28. Majestic
  29. Knight
  30. Sandy
  31. Lemon
  32. Maestro
  33. Joey
  34. Lex
  35. Hershey Kiss
  36. Legend
  37. Lord
  38. Magic carpet
  39. Lestat
  40. Pegasus
  41. Lorenzo
  42. Lincoln
  43. Kiwi
  44. Leonardo
  45. Jupiter
  46. Fire Light
  47. Peanut Butter
  48. Jelly bean
  49. Jimbo
  50. Shadowfax

Good Chestnut Horse Names

Maybe your Chestnut horse is just a good soul. He never bites or kicks, is always happy to see you, and is as loving and affectionate as can be.

A sweetheart like this should get an equally as sweet name. It can be hard to find a horse that isn’t constantly trying to kick the stable door down, and when that wonderful horse comes along you aren’t going to want to let them go. These are the kinds of Chestnuts you sneak an apple to every morning. 

Our list of 50 good Chestnut names is full of names for an amiable Chestnut just like yours.

  1. Rhubarb
  2. Anakin
  3. Enzo
  4. Merlot
  5. Peter Parker
  6. Cayenne
  7. Hestia
  8. Flare
  9. Tomato
  10. Rojo
  11. Pepperoni
  12. Saffron
  13. Carrots
  14. Radish
  15. Suri
  16. Firecracker
  17. Skelton
  18. Raspberry
  19. Shortcake
  20. Francisco
  21. Hong
  22. Caliente
  23. Tabasco
  24. Flinstone
  25. Ironman
  26. Cabernet
  27. Rosso
  28. Twizzlers
  29. Testarossa
  30. Peppermint
  31. Aka
  32. Tahiti
  33. Electra
  34. Sumac
  35. Flash
  36. Rouge
  37. Ceres
  38. Zenzero Crunchy
  39. Goji
  40. Zepplin
  41. Habanero
  42. Pluto
  43. Frizzle
  44. Ferrari
  45. Paprika
  46. Pula
  47. Gingersnap
  48. Mars
  49. Keegan
  50. Mango

Red Chestnut Horse Names

Is your Chestnut a little on the fiery side? Whether that fire comes from their coat color or their personality, a red Chestnut name is going to be the perfect fit.

One of the best things about a Chestnut horse is how many different shades of Chestnut that there are. It’s strange to think of a horse as being red, but when the light hits the coat of some Chestnuts just right you could almost be convinced they were covered in ruby dust!

Ranging from firetruck red to burnt sienna, our list of 50 red Chestnut names is sure to have the inspiration you are looking for when it comes to horse monikers. 

  1. Thunder Bird
  2. Raleigh
  3. Roana
  4. Burgandy
  5. Marmite
  6. Adar
  7. Quartz
  8. Russell
  9. Clancy
  10. Rufina
  11. Nemo
  12. Cliff
  13. Spice
  14. Orangina
  15. Sunshine
  16. Claret
  17. Chuck
  18. Cheeto
  19. Gilroy
  20. Rogan
  21. Maraschino
  22. Sunflower
  23. Pomegranate
  24. Elmo
  25. Tangerine
  26. Pumpkin
  27. Terra
  28. Marlboro
  29. Cardinal
  30. Ed (Sheeran)
  31. Miaka
  32. Rowan
  33. Anne (of Green Gables)
  34. Sweet Potato
  35. Marigold
  36. Peaches
  37. Carmine
  38. Peach
  39. Rufus
  40. Idouma
  41. Sherbet
  42. Maple
  43. Saffy
  44. Tang
  45. Fagan
  46. Carrot Cake
  47. Sunny
  48. Flann
  49. Pomme
  50. Persimmon

Horse Name Inspiration

When you first get your new Chestnut horse home, you may want to name them almost immediately so you have something to call them, but you are stumped when it comes time to pick a name. It’s difficult to choose a name that will last a lifetime, and you want to be sure you get it right.

Picking something meaningful is a fantastic place to start. Perhaps you have a favorite video game series that you want to draw inspiration from. Geralt always calls his horses Roach in The Witcher. While that may not be the most appealing name, considering your favorite kinds of media can help you come up with stellar horse names.

You could also take inspiration from beloved family members that are still here or that have passed. If your late grandfather was called “Pops” by the family, “Poppy” would be a sweet name for a Chestnut mare in memory of your grandfather.

The personality of the horse is also a great source of ideas. If your brown horse has a sweet and spicy personality, Cinnamon is a name that is as fiery as your mare is. Maybe your new stallion is the stables’ number one boss. In that scenario, Zeus would be an appropriate name for the pack’s leader.

There is also a huge number of famous horses that you can name your Chestnut after. From the fictional Shadow, Lord of the Horses, to the very real Seabiscuit, famous horse names are everywhere. 

The classic children’s book, “Misty of Chincoteague”, is stuffed to the brim with dozens of amazing horse names. Phantom Wings, Wisp O’ Mist, and Stormy are just three of these names, and should give you an idea of the goldmine of ideas in this novel!

If it’s your horse’s show name you’re struggling with, start with their stable name and work from there. Stable names are short and sweet, and therefore usually easier to decide on. The longer show names can seem intimidating, but not to worry! 

An example would be if your horse’s stable name was “Honey”. You can simply incorporate the stable name into the show name to come up with names like “Sweeter Than Honey” or “Little Honey Bee”, The possibilities are endless!

Inspiration for Chestnut names for horses is everywhere around you, even in the most unexpected places. From a garden full of blooming flowers to a favorite classic novel, unique and beautiful names are everywhere. Sometimes you just have to look!

Help Choosing the Right Name

If you have exhausted all your options and still no horse names seem to be the right fit, do not fear! There is help to be found!

The first thing is not to box yourself into any single category. Just because your new Chestnut is a gelding doesn’t mean you can only look at gelding name lists for inspiration. Peruse all the different horse name lists, and maybe one from the stallion category will pop out and be the perfect name. Every horse is different!

You could also crack open a book of human baby names. Even if you don’t go with any names you find within, the book might spark an idea.

Maybe your Chestnut horse doesn’t strike you as an Annie, but that name combined with her ability to hit a fly every time with a flick of her tail might remind you of another lady with the perfect aim: Annie Oakley!

Consider that you’re going to have to be yelling your horse’s name across the stable and pasture sometimes. Don’t pick a name you would be embarrassed to yell in front of your peers. No one wants to be screaming for a horse named “Ding Dong” around other riders that you want to impress!

There is also nothing wrong with classic horse names. Trigger was the name of the famous Cowboy Roy Roger’s horse and is a name that will be nostalgic for older riders. The senior riders at your stables are sure to love that name!

The last, and best, place to go for help in choosing your Chestnut horse’s name is your horse themselves! Your horse might not be able to tell you exactly what they want their name to be, but they can give you hints in little, subtle ways.

A goofy, silly horse is going to need an equally silly name, and a serious, stoic horse requires something a little more reserved. Maybe your Chestnut is a social butterfly, a picky eater, or a loud neigher. All of these personality traits lend themselves to unique names that are fitting for your particular horse. 


Nothing is quite as exciting as adding a new horse to your family. A new Chestnut horse will be a valued member of your stable for many years.

We hope that our comprehensive list of Chestnut names, organized by category, will make naming your horse a bit easier. We understand how stressful it may be for a new horse owner to come up with the perfect name!

You’re well on your way to picking the perfect name for your Chestnut horse if you use our list of Chestnut names as a guide.

Have fun choosing and congratulations on your new Chestnut horse!

If you’re still looking for more inspiration, check out these awesome lists of horse names!

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