What Is A Group Of Horses Called? (A Complete Guide)

Countless terms can be used to call a group of horses. The terms range from “group of horses” to “team”. The term “team” is very popular when referring to horses pulling items together or participating in “team-like” activities together. The term has been used for decades and is still popular to date.

There are many other names in use today, some of which are more popular than others.

Names can also vary depending on the context, the gender of the horses in question, among other factors like the purpose of the horses. The location of the horses also determines the term used.

  • A group of horses (made up of colts) is usually known as a rag.
  • A group of horses solely kept for breeding is known as a stud.
  • A group of horses used by one person or belonging to one person is commonly known as a string. The term string can also be used to refer to ponies.
  • A group of horses can also be called a harras. However, the term is rare but still used in ranch settings in some English-speaking countries.
  • A group of domesticated horses in a stable can be called a stable of horses.
  • A group of horses serving in the Army or as horse guards is called a troop of horses.
What Is A Group Of Horses Called

Is A Group Of Horses Called A Herd?

The term “herd of horses” is sometimes used to refer to horses interacting with each other outdoors while grazing, like cows. The term is also used to describe horses engaging in other herd-like behavior, like moving from one place to another in a group.

What Collective Nouns Can Be Used For A Group Of Horses?

1. Rag of horses
2. String of horses
3. Harras of horses
4. Stable of horses
5. Stud of horses
6. Herd of horses
7. Troop of horses
8. Team of horses

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