15 Most Beautiful Horses In The World (With Images)

The history is replete with stories of courageous horses that showed bravery on the battlefield. Those were times when horses were considered precious and invaluable. Today, though we don’t see these beautiful creatures on the roads, they are still considered an owner’s pride.

Apart from riding, racing, and entertainment, horses are also bred for exhibitions. The most beautiful horses in the world attract the attention of people. Their color, mane, and entire body structure impart such a beauty that other animals couldn’t match.

Beautiful Horse In The Wild

There are several breeds of beautiful horses in the world. Each one of the breeds has distinct characteristics and appearance. If you were to judge the prettiest horse in the world, you would surely get confused.

Factors like country of origin, surrounding environment, weather, and type of feed affect a horse’s appearance.

If you are looking to own a beautiful horse, we have listed the 15 most beautiful horses in the world for you.

1. Andalusian

Andalusian Horse

The thick mane, long tail, and distinctive mix of black and brown colors make the Andalusian horse a beautiful sight to capture. This Spanish horse breed has a history dating back to the 15th century.

The Andalusian horse breed was bred under strict conditions. This enabled the breeders to preserve its characteristics and beauty for centuries. They accompanied travelers and soldiers around the world, leaving their traces in other breeds. Some of them escaped captivity and became wild horses.

We see Andalusian breeds being used for bullfighting throughout the history of Spain. Though there are several oppositions, they are still being used for bullfighting in some parts of Spain.

If you are looking for a tall and handsome breed with a majestic appearance, then this breed is for you.

2. Akhal-Teke

Akhal-Teke is one of the rarest breeds left in the world. It is estimated that there only around 6500 Akhal-Teke horses left in the world. This breed is originated in Turkmenistan. The breed is estimated to be more than 3000 years old.

The mix of metallic gold and black colors gives the horse a shiny look. We can even see horses with shiny golden coat all over the body. The mane and tail are usually black. Its sturdy body with lean built shows that the horse was made for long rides and battles.

This rare breed has also been used for sports in several English disciplines. Turkmenistan is a country of desert and mountains. Being bred in such conditions makes Akhal-Teke not only a beautiful horse but also a formidable one.

Kambarbay, the horse that was declared the most beautiful horse in the world several times, was an Akahal-Teke.

3. Arabian

Arabian Horse Running

Arabian breed horses are one of the most ancient horses in the world. You would see them mentioned several times in history books and plaques dating back to 3,000 BC.

There was a time when every king and emperor in Asia owned a fleet of Arabian horses. The opponents would gauge the strength of a king by the number of Arabian horses he owned.

This breed was considered to be bred by the nomadic Beduin tribe of Arab land.

The dark brown color throughout its body and black color on it four feet give the horse a majestic look. The sinew of the horse body displays strength and magnificence.

You can find traces of Arabian breed in most of the horse breeds since they were exceptional in stamina and strength.

4. Friesian

Friesian Horse

Originated in Friesland, Netherlands, Friesian breed horses are considered the most beautiful horse breed in the world.

The striking dark black coat and thick flowing mane are the main features of Friesian horses. They were bred for battles and carried heavily built medieval knights into the war zones.

They were also used in agriculture to till the land and sow seeds. Their beauty was so attractive that European Royalties employed them to pull the carriages.

There was a time at the beginning of the 20th century when this breed had only three horses. People thought it would go extinct but after the Second World War, the breed made a comeback.

You would never see a Friesian breed with a color other than black. Every horse is bred according to The Friesian Studbook, which ensures no anomalies in the breed.

5. Marwari

Mare Indian Marwari Horse

The Marwari horse breed is known for its distinctive inward folding ears. These horses were native to North-Western India. All the erstwhile dynasties of the Rajasthan and Gujarat region had the Marwari breed horses in their army.

The mix of black and brown coat, elegant mane, and long-tail enhances this horse breed’s beauty. They are considered close relatives of another famous Indian breed Kathiawari, which also has almost the same features. 

Well known for their ability to remember the way back home, these horses were considered the pride of royalty. Their bravery had made them a formidable companion of a soldier in wars and battles.

Later, these horses were being used in sports like equestrian and polo.

6. Lipizzaner

Lipizzaner Horse

Lipizzaner horse has the distinction of being the national horse of Slovenia. They were created in the 16th century by crossing Arabian, Spanish, and Barb horse breeds.

They are mostly used in sports and entertainment. They have a dedicated school in Vienna, Spanish Riding School. The school trains these horses to perform classical dressage. The horses’ training starts at the age of four and by the time they turn ten, these horses are fully trained.

Their athletic build makes them the best candidates for showjumping and other sporting and entertainment events.

Most of the Lipizzaner horses are born black but turn into a light grey color as they grow.

7. Percheron

Percheron Horse

A Percheron horse could be recognized from a long distance. This heavily built and tall horse can intimidate you, but it is as beautiful as any other horse. The horse breed gets its name from the place it originates. It was bred for wars in the Perche province of France.

Farmers started to use them for agriculture in the late 19th century, owing to their strength and stamina. The United States also imported them for the same reason.

The Percheron horses come in two main colors – black and white. They appear heavily muscled, but they are considered delicate and agile. They are the best draft horses among all the horse breeds due to their muscle power and stamina.

They have been crossed with Warmblood horse breed to produce horses for showjumping and dressage.

8. Haflinger

Halflinger is another breed of horse that gets its name from its place of origin. The horse was originated in Haflinger of North Italy and Austria.

The horse was bred mainly for agriculture and forestry. It was later used for riding and driving. Austrian army used them in the mountainous region as Halflingers are considered very diligent and careful while negotiating tough terrains. The Austrian army continues to use its service in such terrains.

Its chestnut color and flaxen mane distinguish this breed. Their calm and composed nature makes them good horses for therapies. These horses are employed to treat patients suffering from psychological problems.

9. Clydesdale


Clydesdale is a Scottish breed and originated in the Clyde river valley of Lanarkshire. This breed was mainly used for forming. They were exported to Australia, the United States, and New Zealand in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

The horses of this breed became popular around the world when they were featured in a Budweiser commercial. Their features include white blaze and thick and flowing feathers. They look elegant and are docile.

Apart from being used in agriculture and forestry, the Clydesdale horses are trained for royal parades and ceremonies. They have also participated in equestrian events and entertainment shows.

10. Black Forest

This breed is often called golden retriever of horse breeds. This is due to the horses of this breed show similar characteristics to golden retriever dogs. Like the dogs, the Black Forest horses are gentle, calm, and patient.

The Black Forest horses come from the black forest region of Germany. They are recognized from their chestnut coat and flaxen tail and mane.

In the past, the horses of this breed were used for forestry and agriculture. Today, they are used for riding, driving, and entertainment.

The German government has listed this breed as a protected animal since very few of the horses of this breed are left.

11. Appaloosa

Appaloosa Horse

This is one of the breeds purely belonging to the United States of America. The Nez Perce people native to America are responsible for creating this breed. The name is originated from the Palouse River. In the beginning, the breed was called Palouse Horse and later it became Appaloosa.

The horse could be distinguished from other breeds by its white spots on the coat with brown color. The mane and tail are largely black or light brown. This sturdy and beautiful horse was used in wars and battles.

The wide use of this horse in the Nez Perce War in 1877 had almost wiped out the breed. After the war, some native and dedicated breeders took interest in breeding the horse and brought it back to life.

Today, it is one of the most popular breeds in the United States. Appaloosa was named the state horse of Idaho in 1975.

12. Knabstrupper

Knabstrupper Horse

Knabstrupper is another breed of horse that has a spotted coat of black and white. It is often confused with Appaloosa but it is altogether a different horse breed.

This breed is known for its beautiful leopard-like spots on its beautiful coat. The black and white spots make it very attractive and pleasing to the eyes. You might compare it to the Dalmatian breed of dogs.

This breed was developed in the early 19th century and used by the Danish army for the cavalry brigade. They were soon removed from the army due to their conspicuous spotted appearance.

Knabstrupper could be seen both in horse and pony sizes. They are mainly used for entertaining people in the circus and other events.

13. Gypsy Vanner

Gypsy Vanner Playing In The Snow

Gypsy Vanner is one of the modern breeds recognized in the year 1996. Within a few years of its inception, the horse found itself in the charts of beautiful horses in the world. There are also speculations that the horse was bred during the Second World War.

This horse is native to Ireland and the British Isles. It is a common sight to see this horse in Ireland. They are used for riding and traveling.

Gypsy Vanner horses are found in the black or white coat. They have flowing manes along the length of the neck and all four legs.

These are the friendliest horses and the ponies are used to teach children horse riding. These horses were widely used by Romani families to pull wagons.

14. Morgan Horse

Morgan Stallion Palomino Horse

Morgan breed is one of the early breeds to be created in the United States. They are known for their service in America’s civil war.

Distinguished by their mix of black and brown coat, long tail, and slightly curved ears, these horses are formidable companions.

During the civil war they served as riding horses, coach horses, and even participated in the war as cavalry horses.

15. Mustang

Mustang Horse

Mustang horses are generally considered as wild horses. But they are decedents of domesticated horses.

They were native to Spain but later spread the world over and mixed with other horses.

Mustangs have a brown color coat and their legs are black below the knees.

These horses are best among the surefooted horses. They are used for negotiating tough terrains and long rides since they have high stamina and endurance. 

Which Is The Most Beautiful Horse?

An Akhal-Teke horse is considered the most beautiful horse in the world due to its shiny golden coat. The coat shines in sunlight making it appear like a golden horse.

In China and other parts of Asia, these horses are considered to have descended from paradise.

Which Country Has The Most Beautiful Horses?

Turkmenistan is a country that has the most pretty horses. It is a place where Akhal-Teke originated.

How Much Does The Most Beautiful Horse In The World Cost?

A horse named Totilas was considered the most expensive dressage horse sold for 11 million euros.

The most expensive horse of all time is a horse named Fugaichi Pegasus sold for 70 million dollars.


Horses are considered heavenly creatures by many cultures around the world. They are part of so many historical events.

Today, these animals are mostly kept in studs for racing or riding. Several horses have become part of famous events and parades due to their beautiful appearances.

Owning a horse is like having a beautiful animal around you. Horses are also the most expensive animals in the world.

You have to take thorough care of these beautiful beasts to receive the love back from the animal.