An Awesome List Of 13 Famous Fictional Horses

Horses are one of the most popular animals in fictional literature. They have been used as characters in stories for centuries, and they are an integral part of many famous books.

This list of fictional horses includes all sorts of equines from different genres. There is a horse that has appeared on TV, another who was once a book series, and even one who had its own movie!

Let’s dive into the list!

Pegasus In The Clouds

#1 Pegasus (Disney’s Hercules)

Pegasus is a winged horse from Disney’s Hercules, who also appears in the original Greek myth.

The story of how Pegasus was born starts with Zeus and Poseidon making a bet about who could give mankind the best gift.

Zeus makes fun of his brother by giving him a normal horse to offer up instead of something more extravagant.

Poseidon sends the horse to Earth with Poseidon’s daughter, and she tames it – eventually giving it wings!

The fictional Pegasus is incredibly fast and can fly through clouds without getting wet. He also has a mighty roar that makes everyone around him freeze in place.

Later on, Hercules would use this power to defeat Hades and make him release the Titans!

Pegasus is a fictional horse with many great abilities. From flying to using sound waves as an attack, he does it all!

But his personality isn’t quite as grand – Pegasus can be incredibly vain at times and has no problem showing off his skills for other people’s admiration.

#2 Rapidash (Pokemon)

Rapidash is a fictional horse from the animated series Pokemon and was also introduced in the very first generation of games.

It’s actually one of the fastest monsters you can capture, and it also happens to be one of the most beautiful.

Rapidash is a Fire-Type Pokemon, and in the video game it can learn powerful attacks like Stomp as well as Take Down. It can also learn a few other useful moves, such as Ember and Fire Spin.

Ponyta is Rapidash’s pre-evolution, which is actually one of the first horses you can catch in Pokemon!

#3 Twighlight Sparkle (My Little Pony)

Twilight Sparkle is the main fictional protagonist of My Little Pony. She’s usually depicted as a unicorn who can use magic, and she also has an assistant named Spike that follows her around everywhere!

Besides being one of the most iconic fictional horses ever created, Twilight Sparkle was even featured on TV!

She appeared in several episodes of another popular cartoon called My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

From what we’ve seen so far, Twilight Sparkle seems like a pony with manners! This makes sense since all unicorns are known for their intelligence. They’re often portrayed as scholar-like creatures who spend all their time studying spells and other forms of magic.

#4 Seabiscuit

Seabiscuit is a famous real horse from history made into adaptations of fictional books and movies. It follows a thoroughbred racehorse during one of its most successful years in racing history!

Through determination, perseverance, and grit this fictional horse became an icon for American people everywhere.

In fact, it even inspired other horses to get up off their knees after falling down due to injury or illness – which means that you can thank Seabiscuit for helping many horses recover while being cheered on by crowds across America.

He becomes one of the most famous horses in history and has a statue erected to honor him for his contribution to the world of horseracing!

#5 Bullseye (Disney Pixar’s Toy Story)

Bullseye is a fictional horse from Disney Pixar’s Toy Story, and he also appears in the sequel film as well.

The first movie sees him serve as Woody’s main rival for dominance of Andy’s toys. He was even originally intended to be killed off during an unfortunate event where he gets thrown out on top of a moving truck!

However, Bullseye was so popular with audiences that they decided to keep him alive instead – which means you can see this heroic horse appear in several more movies after Toy Story ended!

He lives up to his name by being incredibly fast when it comes right down to it too. Just like Pegasus above, finding any way possible to win is what makes both these horses special!

#6 Roach (The Witcher Series)

Roach is a fictional horse that appears in The Witcher series. Geralt can actually acquire Roach as his new steed, and he’s able to ride him through vast fields and even into battle.

Besides being incredibly useful, Roach also happens to be one of the cutest horses ever created by CD Projekt Red. He’s always shown wearing a lot of armor that makes him look like a warrior himself – which fits perfectly since Geralt spends most of his time slaying monsters and other baddies.

#7 Comet (Supergirl DC Comics)

Comet is a fictional white horse that first appeared in the Supergirl series. She’s actually one of Kara Zor-El’s closest friends and can keep up with her speed when flying through space!

Supergirl often uses Comet to travel across planets, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that this fictional horse knows how to fly as well – or at least float for short periods of time thanks to his superpowers.

This makes him ideal for any kind of situation where Kara might need help from an ally who can also provide transportation services whenever necessary.

He was originally introduced into the DC Comics universe way back in 1997 by Karl Kesel during “The Supergirl From Krypton” story arc before being adapted into other media properties such as the TV show, animated series, and video games.

#8 Achilles (Disney’s The Hunchback Of Notre Dame)

Achilles is a fictional horse that appears in Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame. He belongs to Captain Phoebus, and he’s shown to be incredibly loyal towards his master.

Achilles is also known for having a lot of speed when it comes to getting his rider out of trouble. His most notable moment happens when he saves Quasimodo from being killed by jumping on top of him and offering protection instead!

There are also several other heroic moments where Achilles proves that loyalty and is what makes this horse one of the best horses ever created for a Disney movie.

After all, who else could save their master’s life while remaining completely calm in any situation?

#9 Shadowmere (Elder Scrolls)

Shadowmere is a fictional horse that first appeared in the Elder Scrolls series. There were several versions of Shadowmere throughout history, but all of them have been incredibly powerful due to their association with Hircine as well as Sithis!

In fact, it’s possible for you to actually summon this amazing horse into battle – which means he can also come back from the afterlife whenever necessary.

#10 Arion (Greek Mythology)

Arion is a Greek mythological horse that was first introduced into the legend of Hercules. He’s often considered to be one of the fastest and most beautiful horses ever created in Greek mythology. In fact, he’s often described as being able to travel across the ocean without getting tired!

Since this horse is so incredibly powerful and fast, it should come as little surprise that Hercules used Arion whenever he needed a good steed.

In other words: if you have any need for speed or strength in dangerous situations, then summoning Arion can be an excellent option for making sure nothing goes wrong.

#11 Epona (The Legend of Zelda)

Epona is a fictional horse that first appeared in the Legend of Zelda series. She’s actually been around since The Ocarina Of Time, and she’s famous for being Link’s main mode of transportation across Hyrule – as well as other lands once he was old enough to explore them!

In fact, it could be argued that Epona deserves credit for helping save the lives of both Link and Princess Zelda on multiple occasions throughout this video game franchise.

There have even been several remakes over the years where players can use her again despite previously having to say goodbye at some point during their journey through time.

#12 Hasufel and Arod (Lord Of The Rings)

There are two horses in Lord of the Rings that belong to Aragorn, and they’re both incredibly useful whenever he needs a good steed for any type of journey.

After all, Hasufel is known for being able to travel through rough terrain with no issues while Arod is famous for not spooking easily when facing dangerous creatures such as orcs or warg!

In other words: if you need an excellent horse who can get you out of any kind of trouble then these horses should be your first choice.

#13 The Black Stallion

This horse is a fictional one that first appeared in the book “The Black Stallion” by Walter Farley. It’s also been adapted into various movies and TV shows, including being turned into an animated series in Japan!


If you’re looking for a horse that has the ability to fly, fight in battle, or is incredibly loyal towards its master, then these fictional horses are perfect.

Whether it’s Roach from The Witcher Series who can also help Geralt with his questing duties, Comet from Supergirl DC Comics who possesses superpowers, or if you want something more powerful yet speedy like Arion from Greek Mythology these 13 famous horses should give you some inspiration or fictional delight learning about them!

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